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In light of unmasking news, why is Wray and the FBI still so silent?

Written By | May 14, 2020
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WASHINGTON: Christopher Wray, the current FBI director, is being very silent in light of the recent FISA court – Russia Hoax revelations. Particularly the release of information regarding the unmasking of General Flynn. Particularly Vice President Joe Biden’s request for the “name” of the surveilled American just eight days before President Trump took office.

The timing is an indication that the Obama administration had every intention of continuing their intelligence agency pursuit, started when he was a candidate, of President Donald Trump once he took office.

It is time that Americans began to fully look at the timelines – who did what when – of the assault on President Trump and those who support or supported him, like General Michael Flynn and his advisor KT McFarland.

Why doesn’t the mainstream media care?

Wray has been the FBI director since 2017, replacing Jim Comey who was fired by President Trump in May 2017. And he is at the center of the coup de’etat response. It is the center of the biggest intelligence scandal since J. Edgar Hoover kept his secret files. It makes Watergate look like a playdate.

It does seem like Wray would have said something, sometime?

Under Wray, there were promises of transparency and reform.

Unfortunately, there have been false promises as Wray oversaw the cover-up of FBI malfeasance in the Trump-Russia investigation. Additionally, Wray has repeatedly defied Congress by refusing to produce documents that may expose wrongdoings of former director James Comey and the coup d’etat attempt.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

Additionally, Wray is alleged to have suppressed evidence of innocence in the criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.   (Source Says FBI Director Christopher Wray Pushed To Withhold Exculpatory Evidence In Mike Flynn Case)

Explosive new documents prove that Comey, together with then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and senior counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, conjured up a pretense to interview Flynn on Jan. 24, 2017, in a plot to invent a crime they knew he did not commit. And Christopher Wray needs to open those files to the sunlight.

There was no legitimate reason for agents to talk with Flynn.

General Flynn had done nothing wrong in speaking with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition. Yet, armed with a recording of that conversation that the FBI had secretly recorded, the FBI fabricated a reason to meet with Flynn. They deceived him about their true intent and set a trap to “get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

This was unconscionable and, quite likely, illegal. Mr. Wray, what will you do about this?

Previously, from 2003-2005, Wray was the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the George W. Bush administration Criminal Division. He obviously knows the law and what is morally right in applying that law.

Why isn’t he asking and answering more questions? A Google search of Wray reveals minimal information beyond that he recently appeared at a recent event to honor police officers.

Wray, Comey, the FBI and the FISA Court

In December 2019 the FISA court’s statement addressing the finding of the IG report did take issue with the “lies and omissions” the Jim Comey led FBI relied on applying for FISA court permission to spy on the Trump presidential candidacy team.

Judge Rosemary Collyer’s reprimand of intelligence over FISA abuse

The FISA court claiming that they were given what amounts to incomplete and false information in the FISA applications.

In a bit of CYA (cover your a**) the court’s response was:

“The FBI’s handling of the Carter Page applications, as portrayed in the OIG report, was antithetical to the heightened duty of candor described above. The frequency with which representations made by FBI personnel turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession, and with which they withheld information detrimental to their case, calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable.”

The FBI response to the FISA court being questioned

Comey has stated that “he was wrong” on allowing the FISA errors. But is an “I’m sorry” enough to explain the actions of a group that, starting with the FISA applications, began a correlated attempt to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump?

Disgraced coup plotter J. Edgar Comey’s phony outrage

An attempt that has been repeated over and over from the development of the Steele Dossier to the 2020 Democrat Impeachment hoax.

Targeting President Trump through General Michael Flynn

With the revelations of the FBI concentrated efforts to destroy Trump via Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and KT McFarland, a respected Washington intelligence guru, deputy to Flynn and a former national security advisor.

McFarland is speaking out against the actions to destroy them as collateral damage in their quest to destroy the President.

Ms. McFarland telling Fox News:

“In General Flynn’s case, they did the same thing. They lulled him into thinking ‘Well, you’re not a subject, you’re not somebody under investigation. The whole time, they were targeting him, they were targeting me, and they were really targeting President Trump,” McFarland said.
“They set Flynn up, they set me up, they set other people up, but the real goal for them was to go after President Trump. We were collateral damage. They didn’t care about whose lives they ruined. They wanted to go after President Trump.”
Joe Biden “I know nothing”

Out of the release of three pages, 61 names, of persons requesting the “unmasking” of the persons under FBI investigation is Joe Biden.  Biden being the very last name on the list.  Biden’s request dated January 12, just eight days before the inauguration of President Trump on January 20, 2017.

Yet the former Vice President lies to George Stephanopoulos during the May 12 GMA broadcast

George Stephanopoulos:

I do want to ask you about Michael Flynn and the move by the Justice Department to dismiss the case against him for lying to the FBI.  The President said yesterday that that move was justified because President Obama targeted General Flynn calling it the biggest political crime in US history. Your former Senate colleague Charles Grassley has added that Flynn was entrapped and asked on the Senate floor what did Obama and Biden know when did they know, when did they know about it.  So what did you know about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn and was there anything improper done?

Former Vice President Joe Biden:

I know nothing about those moves to investigate Flynn, number one.  Number two, this is all about diversion.

George Stephanopolous:

I do want to press that you say you didn’t know anything about it but you were reported to be at a January 5, 2017 meeting where you and the president (Obama) were briefed on the FBI’s plan to question Michael Flynn over those conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador Kislyak.

Joe Biden:

No, I thought you asked whether or not I had anything to do with him being prosecuted. Okay, I’m sorry. I was aware that there was, that they had asked for an investigation but that’s all I know about it,”

“This is all about diverting attention from the horrible way in which he has acted,” Biden said. “We don’t have coronavirus because of him, but we have the devastating impact of it because of his lack of a policy, because of his lack of action. It’s all about diversion.”

Note that Stephanopolous clearly asks, with little room for misunderstanding or misuse of words:

I do want to ask you about Michael Flynn and the move by the Justice Department to dismiss the case against him for lying to the FBI. Biden then says  No, I thought you asked whether or not I had anything to do with him being prosecuted. 

It is very clear what Stephanopolous asked, and when Biden was caught in his lie, that he attempts a classic abstract/distract move.

We know that Obama and Biden are lying about their involvement in their quest to obstruct Donald Trump from being President.  That the only goal of the Democrat Deep State is to protect the DOJ and FBI in their quest to remove President Trump from office.

FBI, Wray, Biden, Flynn, Unmasking, Democrats

The General who knew too much: Silencing Flynn to protect FBI, Obama

Repeating that this unmasking coinciding with the FBI, under the direction of the Obama/Biden White House, attempt to discredit the Presidency and President Donald J. Trump.

Interviewing Michael Flynn

On January 24, the FBI first approaching General Flynn, in his position of National Security Advisor, to interview him about communications with Sergey Kislyak, a Russian ambassador.  Flynn resigned on February 13, 2017, because he was accused of misleading multiple White House officials, including Vice President Pence, about those previous communications with Kislyak.

The White House, still naively believing that the FBI was a non-partisan enforcement agency who would work with the President. In other words, the FBI lied, Obama spied and General Flynn’s life was destroyed.  All in the hopes of getting the General to lie about the President in order to discredit his presidency and remove him from the White House.  This is proven over the next three years as Democrats went back to the trough with the Russia Dossier, the FISA abuse, the Mueller Report, the Kavanaugh Hearings, and then the Impeachment proceedings, which were nothing more than a distraction without basis.

But now, maybe the basis for that impeachment proceedings are known. It was a distraction to keep the President and his administration from responding to the China Virus, a goal Democrats would hope would destroy any chances for his reelection in 2020.

Fortunately, the President is able to multi-task and they failed. And they will continue to fail. We pray.

Judge Emmett Sullivan keeping the narrative alive

It is nothing short of very odd for a judge to ask another judge to “co-pilot” a case, but that is what Judge Emmett Sullivan is doing. Judge Sullivan has tapped former prosecutor and judge  John Gleeson to argue against the Justice Department in its effort to drop the case. He will further lobby to further investigate whether Mr. Flynn committed perjury.

In the Forbes article Judge Sullivan Disregards Two Controlling Precedents By Appointing Amicus In Flynn Case writer Mark Chenworth, Executive Director and General Counsel of the New Civil Liberties Alliance, a civil rights organization devoted to protecting constitutional freedoms, writes:

“U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan disregarded two controlling precedents from higher courts with his decision to appoint John Gleeson as amicus curiae in the U.S. v. Michael Flynn case this week.”

This is nothing short of an unprecedented move in a case with acute political overtones. What it proves is that Sullivan, despite his being a bully, is afraid of the Democrat machine and does not want to drop the case against Flynn.

So he will waste the court’s time and taxpayer money knowing that Flynn’s attorney, Sydney Power will appeal any ruling against the general and it is almost certain that an appellate court would dismiss the case if President Trump does not pardon him first.

The unmasking of General Flynn is yet another erasure of our Constitutional rights.  Democrats have come after our rights of free speech (1A), to arm ourselves (A2) and now our right to be protected against illegal search and seizure (A4).

If Democrats prevail in November, America will become a failed state.  They have done a dry run with the Coronavirus, intentionally or not. And they now have a plan to destroy America in order to control the country’s riches for their own benefit. (Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal – New York Times)

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