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Impeachment Mania takes over The Media Swamp. But what about Biden?

Written By | Sep 30, 2019
Impeachment Mania, Joe Biden

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with grrrgraphics. (See link after article)*

WASHINGTON – Gather ’round the TV, kids, and get ready for the next episode of Impeachment Mania. It’s the media’s latest exciting reality show! Watching Democrat poor losers have an epic temper tantrum each week when things don’t go their entitled way is not a new development. But it makes for nightly thrills and chills that sell commercials on America’s fast-failing entertainment channels like CNN. Hey, there’s even a rumor that Slow Joe Biden may make a cameo in a future episode. Kind of sends a thrill up your leg, doesn’t it?

Remembering Election Y2K

By way of comparison, America’s newest and most uninformed voters likely have no memory of the scheisse* storm that followed the Y2K election. You know, the one where George W. Bush and his team, with the help of the Supremes, turned back a selective vote recount in Florida to win that state and the Federal election for the GOP.

The loser of that contest, pompous crybaby Al Gore, has been fuming about this “rigged” election now for nearly 20 years while gaining his revenge as the hypocritical Pied Piper for the warmists climatistas. Like the Hilldebeeste, Algore’s tantrum will never end. But now, we’ll have fresh episodes of Impeachment Mania to help us all get over this. (Shh! Secret. It’s likely we’ll get precisely the opposite.)

Democrats want one-party “Democrat” rule firmly established in the US. Now.

The Democrats evolved their “progressive” 21st-century electoral dogma somewhere around 1992. That’s when, courtesy of a 3rd party candidate, the priapatetic Bill Clinton won the first of his two terms – by less than 50% of the popular vote, BTW. (Which happened twice for Bill — which should be a lesson for all those wishing to dismantle the Electoral College.)

As for that now firmly established a bit of “progressive” cult dogma: It has been decreed that no Republican president can ever again be a legitimately elected president. Should that horrible possibility became reality in any given election year, as it did in Election Y2K and again in 2016, something must have gone terribly wrong with the Democrats’ vote-creation machinery. Somewhere. Maybe not enough tombstone votes or fake votes were cast for Democrats. Or maybe there was some lack of vigor in the Democrats’ fraudulent, unconstitutional, post-election day “vote gathering” exercises in the People’s Republic of California and elsewhere. (We’re specifically referencing the latest criminal endeavor that did a 180 on a number of California Republican congresspersons-elect in 2018.)

Biden crime family tries to muzzle mob prosecutor Rudy Giuliani

In such freak cases, when the Democrats’ permanent-victory dogma has been violated, thus handing victory to some GOP interloper of predictably inferior intellect, it follows that the permanent Democrat-dominated government employee bureaucracy in permanent control of The Swamp — hand-in-hand with the (usually) Democrat-dominated or controlled Congress — must reflexively slow-roll or otherwise thwart any and all Republican presidents. They were, after all, accidentally elected by America’s non-coastal stupid classes (aka, Deplorables).

Deplorables make electoral mistakes. Deep State Democrat elitists must correct them

Non-Ivy League-educated Americans, lacking the proper Ivy League social pedigrees, coastal mansions, or wealthy relatives can occasionally misfire a synapse or two on election day. In so doing, they somehow manage to elect Republican presidents. Democrats must always do their best to execute vigorous counter-measures limiting such conservative and libertarian damage to the legal fortresses America’s Marxist party has surreptitiously built over the past 80 or 90 years.

In other words, since the time of FDR, Democrats have come to view the American presidency as an established Democrat entitlement. Which makes any duly-elected Republican interloper an unconstitutional accident. Therefore, he (or she) must be stymied and thwarted on all fronts and at all costs until the Democrats can run out the clock on that presidency. Or get rid of that president entirely. (See Richard Nixon.) And when something happens that upsets the forward momentum stemming from this bizarre notion, Democrats – now entirely in the thrall of the Marxist-Leninists controlling the party – go bat-scheisse* crazy.

HRC’s guaranteed victory in 2016

Which is what happened in 2016. “Everyone” knew that HRC was going to win that laugher of an election by upwards of  95%. The New York Times and nearly all polls said so. So it must have been established truth. Hillary would win in a landslide of epic proportions. It would dwarf both the FDR landslide of 1936 and the (illegitimate by definition) Reagan landslide of 1984.

Looking forward to a massive HRC victory and reestablishing their Gaia-given political dominance, 2016’s Democrats – and America  at large – figured they would gain the country’s first historic female president. And the country would get the virtual 3rd and 4th terms of Barack Obama by proxy. MSNBC said so, so it must have been true.

Impeaching Trump: This endless quest is redundant, repetitive and insane

This epic landslide victory would green-light the left to complete Obama’s “fundamental” socialist transformation of America into a top-down, one-party-led banana republic heading down the Road to post-Margaritaville Venezuela.

95%! It was in the bag! What a thrill!

Unfortunately, the majority of the phony polls proved somewhat inaccurate. Which meant that watching 2016’s election night rundown on TV a real party.  For the Deplorables. Unlike the legion of cable news cheerleaders, all those sub-normal Deplorable idiots knew that Donald J. Trump would actually triumph, beating the longest electoral odds in modern history.

And lo and behold! He did. And Big Time, too, via the Electoral College vote count wisely concocted by the Founding Fathers to prevent national rule by the few.

Wrong answer for the Elitist left

The “spontaneous” and violent reaction that erupted after Donald J Trump’s impossible victory should have been our first hint that a pilot for Impeachment Mania would soon be greenlighted by CNN.

Because that victorious November night was when the Deep State machinery cranked into motion. When all the best-laid Deep State and progressive backup systems auto-initiated the series of Rube Goldberg schemes (or “insurance policies”) they’d carefully prepared for many months in advance. Just in case. Their “insurance policies” were intricately designed to negate any unpredictably stupid outcome voted in by the Deplorables. And they had a good reason. When the impossible actually happened, the Deep State elites knew they had no control over America’s new, surprise, pro-Deplorable President-elect.

That outsider, Donald J Trump, openly vowed to dismantle the massive, Marxist machinery carefully built over the decade by a growing legion of left-wing, Marxist-tainted Washington Establishment Elites under the direction of America’s first (secret) Communist president, Barack Hussein Obama. And his Deep State, socialist, globalist friends as well. For decades, these socialists-in-name-only had routinely re-allocated vast amounts of taxpayer money to the Party, to their friends, to their relatives and to themselves on the Federal, state and local level. That left the vast majority of America’s working-class taxpayers to foot the bill even as they lost their jobs, their homes, their livelihoods, and their dignity. All of which the Democrat-compliant media blamed on the hapless GOP.

Ask Joe Biden about that. He already explained how this graft stuff works.  On video, no less. Check it out:

The Deplorables Strike Back

But unexpectedly, the Real America, caught in-between the mega-wealthy, powerful coastal states running the country’s dominant northeast and new, high-tech Robber Barons running the west coast finally asserted itself via the leveling mechanism of the Electoral College. They were determined to fight their pre-ordained downward trajectory. And they elected a real fighter, a genuine bull-in-the-China-closet brawler, to lead that fight. Stunned, the Deep State decreed that this would not stand. And they already had a series of plans in place, ready for serial detonation.

Today, in the fall of 2019, the Democrats, led by their mad-dog Marxist wing, are hell-bent on impeaching the Deplorables’ president on a ginned-up non-scandal that. That non-scandal, in fact, has opened the window on a real scandal involving the Democrats’ currently front-running 2020 presidential hopeful, Slow Joe Biden. Deep State Democrats embedded in the US intelligence community detonated this pre-prepped Plan C (or is it Plan D?), once their party realized they could never  revive the thoroughly discredited Steele Dossier or the Mueller Report they’d counted on as Trump-killers.

The Ukrainian angle

Today, we clearly understand that Slow Joe and his feckless son who strong-armed the Ukrainian government while Slow Joe was still Obama’s Veep, even though the media continues to ignore this inconvenient fact. Biden pushed the Ukraine government to fire a Ukranian prosecutor who was getting too close to revealing the sweet deal he’d concocted for his feckless son, Hunter Biden. Slow Joe threatened to cut off US funds promised to Ukraine’s beleaguered government if they didn’t comply with his wishes the very day he made his threat. It was Biden, not Trump, who explicitly threatened to withhold funds from the Ukraine government. And later bragged about it on video we’ve posted above.

Which makes Trump’s obviously routine phone conversation with the current Ukrainian president a joke when it comes to characterizing that call an impeachable offense. That’s because Joe Biden and his actual offense are on video record. Both Biden’s international interference for personal family gain and the attempt to misdirect his crime by blaming it on Trump involves an international criminal conspiracy of considerable complexibility. But it didn’t involve Trump.

You’re not hearing about this on the Cable Snooze networks. Ever wonder why?

The art of misdirection

Biden’s machinations and others in which he and the Obama administration were involved are likely Federal crimes – felonies bordering on possible sedition and treason. These are quaint concepts, of course, when it comes to the Stalinists running the Democrat party and its media concubines. For Stalinists, the law is what they say it is. So shut up, they explain.

Right now, on flimsy evidence, the Democrats claim that Trump is eminently impeachable for making a phone call to a fellow head-of-state. Given Biden’s earlier, unreported machinations, we are observing first hand the fine art of political misdirection, a trick well understood by professional magicians. Like those magicians, the Democrats are attempting to effectively misdirect the voting public to imagine that crimes actually committed (and admitted to) by Slow Joe Biden were really committed, after the fact, by President Trump.

Good luck with that.

Why all the lies?

The reasons for this trumped-up Democrat Impeachment Mania reality show (no pun intended) are:

  1. To prepare the Election 2020 battlefield against Trump by smearing him nonstop for the next 13 months.
  2. To give the Democrats an excuse to use both years of their House majority term to destroy and/or prevent any achievement whatsoever by President Trump. Including the achievements he promised his voters. They think this will help them in 2020
  3. Use the whole process, plus the smearing and continued impeachment threats toward Justice Kavanaugh as a warning shot aimed at any individual Trump may wish to appoint to the nation’s highest court when the next vacancy occurs. Or to any influential post for that matter.
  4. Blitz the airwaves now before the perpetually expected indictments are handed down against the Deep State / Democrat seditionists and coup plotters for their arrogant attempt to nullify the legal electio of the current president. Or, at the very least, prevent him from accomplishing much of what he’d been elected to do.

The no-longer Mainstream Media will assist the Stalinists all the way to preserve their salaries and prerogatives and the ad revenue that funds them. We’ve seen this in action over the last several days.

Another failed Deep State coup?

But in the end, this latest ongoing Deep State coup attempt will fail. As spectacularly as all the insider skullduggery failed our Federal Stalinists during their initial coup attempt in 2016.

The real danger to our weakening republic, however, is this. What happens when Trump actually wins Election 2020 due in part at least to rising voter outrage against the left’s criminal activities? Given the growing legion of Soros-paid radical opposition organizations, including the violent, fascist, Stalinist thugs of Antifa, will Trump’s next victory transform the Cold War phase of America’s Civil War II into a full-blown and murderous open conflict?

Be on the lookout for something just like this to unfold in 2020, particularly if the odds favoring Trump’s re-election continues to increase. Which is one big reason why the Stalinists want our weapons. Now. And why we won’t give them up.

But that thread awaits another column. In the meantime, let’s get ready to binge-watch Impeachment Mania on cable. It’ll make for great TV. Trust me.

And (spoiler alert): Wait for that surprise Joe Biden story arc a bit later in the series.


*Scheisse. Look up your German vocab. You can find this one online. Leftist-dominated search engines constantly upgrade their algorithms to identify terms they don’t like and demonetize the ads that might get associated with them. So we’ll occasionally revise some of our satirical vulgarities to stay a step ahead of the Thought Police. Puritanism apparently did not die away after the Salem Witchcraft trials.


– Headline image:  Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with grrrgraphics.


Terry Ponick

Terry Ponick

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