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Impeachment Kangaroo Court smears the honor of Congress

Written By | Dec 9, 2019
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Branco Articles of Impeachment

WASHINGTON: The Democrat impeachment farce became a full-blown Kangaroo Court.  Democrats dishonored themselves and soiled the reputation of the Congress with a clown show chock full of Emmet Kelleys. Rules were ignored, staff members, like GOP counsel Barry Berke, acting as witness, and questioner of witnesses.

A questionable turncoat of events.

A farcical Kangaroo Court with no rule or procedures

The chance for Republicans to call witnesses was denied. Points of order were ignored. Democrats resembled a spoiled snotty student council that does what it wants because it can. Not a single fact witness testified while two Democrat staffers repeated the Democrat narrative talking points.

They made assertions about the abuse of power while abusing the powers of congress.

John Durham contradicts IG Report: indictments are coming

The Impeachment debacle is a thinly disguised distraction from omnipresent Democrat fears about the Russia hoax being uncovered and the coming revelations from the Durham investigation. It is also about the fact that Hunter Biden is not alone using his parent’s governmental position to enhance their career.

On the very day, the IG Report was issued impeachment was counterprogramming. It all results in a glaring neon sign of democrat corruption and willingness to do anything to sabotage our own government, protect their own and bring down this president.

Democrats and Ukraine

Democrats bleat on and on about Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine when it was a CIA Brennan Obama coup in 2014 that ousted the Ukrainian government and led to the Russian intervention. The first action of the next Ukrainian government canceled the pensions of ethnic Russians in Ukraine and deprived them of the right to vote.

Obama WH corruption: Rampant pay to play by Clinton, Kerry, and Biden

45% of Ukraine is ethnically Russian. Especially in Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia go back thousands of years in the complexity of their relations. Ukraine receives 95% of its energy from Russia. Several leaders of the old Soviet Union, including Kruschev, were Ukrainian.

The poorly executed “Revolution of Dignity” in 2015 led to successive corrupt governments, the revolution in the east of the country, and the loss of Crimea. Nice going, Obama. Good job Brennan. You fomented revolution, Split a country. Lost the eastern provinces to insurrection. Crimea, by the way, was given to Ukraine by Kruschev in 1954.

From the Brookings Institute, Five years after the Revolution of Dignity: Ukraine’s progress and Russia’s malign activities, Alina Polyakova Director, Project on Global Democracy and Emerging Technology testifies (July 2019):

The bad news is that Ukraine’s new president inherits embattled anti-corruption institutions which have been under constant political attack. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) is meant to investigate high-level corruption and is supported by Ukrainian civil society watchdogs. Since 2015, NABU has sent 189 cases to court, but convictions remain elusive because Ukraine has failed to reform its judicial sector. Former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch has rightfully called for replacing the head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO), who was recorded coaching suspects on how to avoid corruption charges.
Blaming Trump for Obama’s failure

But now Ukraine is the single greatest problem we have to face. According to Democrats, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. But its not. Trump is the one who gave Ukraine military aid while Obama sent blankets and MRE food boxes. But Trump is responsible for Ukraine. Trump is the only one who has helped Ukraine.

Obama is responsible for what it faces today.

Schiff uses illegal Stasi/KGB tactics to spy on Solomon, Giuliani, Nunes

The reality is that the Trump administration provided far more assistance than its predecessor. Trump providing Ukraine with lethal weapons it requested before the Zelensky phone call. In 2017, Trump announced his intent to provide the Javelin, and Congress approved an assistance package of 210 missiles and 37 launchers, together worth $47 million.

“When Trump was elected, the first thing they did was send in the Javelin. It wasn’t exactly high-end, but we were very happy, and they built on a very firm foundation,” said Jim Townsend, who spent eight years as U.S. deputy assistant secretary of defense for European and NATO policy and is now with the Center for a New American Security think tank. – Defense News

Democrats have made the face of everything they have done today. It was surreal when a man who had just finished testifying then assumed the podium and questioned his colleague who had also just testified.

When Republicans objected, citing House rules, Nadler shut them down. It is a Kangaroo court that would make Stalin or Beria proud.

Rep. Collins clarifies the issue

When Rep. Doug Collins finally got his chance to question the Democrat staffer he left a blister across the podium. Adam Schiff, who refused to testify, had included information gleaned from surveillance of journalist John Solomon, Rep Devin Nunes, and Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani in the official report. Violating their civil rights, 1st Amendment and 4th amendments in the process.

He has abused his subpoena power to glean metadata from Verizon and ATT (who owns CNN) and had smeared these three in what Collins labeled a drive-by shooting. Gratuitous abuse of power. Collins wanted to know who ordered it. The witness would not answer.

The abuses of Adam Schiff: Spying, lying, and the “whistleblower”

It was clear that Adam Schiff is including information to intimidate his opponents. The shameless behavior of the committee staff made clear that the abuse of power was on the Judiciary Committee. The abuse of power was by Adam Schiff.

Impeachment farce butchers due process, rule of law, democracy, decency

Spying on Americans. Journalists. Fellow Congressman. Violating attorney-client privilege. Coordinating with the ‘whistleblower”. Then lying about and hiding that coordination.

Democrat Staffer and GOP counsel Barry Berke had given thousands of dollars and in one case hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates. Yet here he was at what is to be, per Speaker Pelosi, a non-partisan hearing acting as witness, jury, and judge questioning GOP counsel Steven Castor on behalf of the Intelligence Committee.

Republican members of the Kangaroo Court committee raised repeated objections to Berke’s questioning of Castor as Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) gaveled and censored them.

“I’ve been a judge and I know that you don’t get to be a witness and a judge in the same case,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said during Berke’s questioning of Castor.
“That’s my point of order. He should not be up here,” Gohmert added, to which Nadler replied: “It’s not a point of order.”

Democratic staff members partisan leanings

Barry Berke, counsel for the Democrats, then lawyers for the Intelligence Committee, Daniel Goldman opened the hearing after Nadler’s remark. Following questioning from Nadler and Republican ranking member Collins, the Intelligence Committee lawyers were queried by the assembled committee.

Proving the partisan leanings of Berke and Goldman, Republicans brought up past social media posts and donations from the Democratic counsel, Barry Berke. Rep. Greg Steube, R-FL saying Berke is an “unelected New York lawyer” and “a politically biased consultant who has given thousands to Hillary Clinton.”

Earlier in the hearing, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., brought out a printout of one of Goldman’s tweets from August 2018 that was critical of Trump and mentioned the Steele Dossier.

No one wonder they let him be both a witness and a prosecutor. Its kangaroo court. There are no rules.

But Democrats, led by Schiff, are shameless. They will go through with the impeachment charge because otherwise, they would have to admit to their own corruption Their own criminality. Their willingness to do anything to stop Donald Trump is readily apparent.

Democrat corruption and McCarthyism

Representative Stensinbrenner called it out for what it is. McCarthyism. Smearing without merit, abusing the rules, and using the Congress to do it. All to divert attention from the crimes of the Russia hoax. Abusing FISA 702 authority. Unmasking. Spying on Americans. Vice President Biden’s corruption. Uranium One. The Clinton Foundation.

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

On the very day the IG Report came out attempting to whitewash the Russia Hoax, John Durham announced that he was still pursuing any criminal activity in the FBI, CIA and the Obama White House. That is what impeachment is all about.

Since the start of the Trump Presidency Democrats are desperate to destroy him because they know they will be unable to beat him in 2020.

They have hung impeachment on the flimsiest of hooks and expect it to hold the weight of there lies and deceit. It’s not to going to happen.

Impeachment: A deflection from the Durham probe and the Russia Hoax

Impeachment is a thin cover for hiding and distorting from a criminal establishment that spent the last three years staging a coup against the President. Sabotaging their own government. If you want high crimes and misdemeanors we have them. John Durham is uncovering them. Impeachment is just a joke that even Democrats know is a desperate ploy to stop what is now inevitable.

John Durham indictments: Brennan, Clapper, Deep State reckoning coming

In the process, the Schiff Kangaroo Court has destroyed due process, rule of law, constitutional and civil rights, the 1st and 4th amendments and sense of decency. Democrats have shamed the Congress, smeared the reputation of the House, and soiled themselves and the public for a generation.

Impeachment isn’t just a farce. Its a stain on the American people.

Add Adam Schiff’s spying to the crimes of the Russia Hoax and John Brennan. They may be able to divert from the IG report. Democrats will have a harder time dealing with what John Durham has in mind.

Lead Image: Democrats are moving ahead with articles of impeachment but what does this mean for their political future? Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019 –


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