Immigration makes America stronger than whining liberals do

Send Diane Feinstein to Honduras - Fix that gun problem
Send Diane Feinstein to Honduras - Fix that gun problem

OAKLAND, July 11, 2014 — They gather by the thousands, disrespect American laws, openly defy American culture, and drag down this great nation.  Illegal immigrants? How about American liberals?

President Obama is opening America’s Southern border to illegal immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and other third world nations.

Obama seems prepared to flood the country with illegal immigrants and ply them with “free” services, solely to increase the number of Democratic votes. If third-world people risking life and limb to come to the United States are stuffed into internment camps and left to die, that is the cost of doing business for Obama.

The ends justify the means.

Obama wants to break the Republican Party ahead of the 2016 election. If the country suffers, that is not his problem.

Liberals will not speak out because that would require that they put country over party. Besides, its not the first time Obama got innocent Mexicans and others killed to advance his liberal political agenda. The Fast and Furious scandal unfolded the exact same way. 

Increasing the number of government dependents is the last step toward creating a permanent liberal governing majority and destroying the Republican Party for good. Liberals are fine with this strategy since it benefits them. Conservatives detest the strategy since it hurts them and the nation they love. Given the toxic current political environment headed into an election year, compromise is elusive. Yet there is one illegal immigration compromise that could and should take place once conservatives are in charge again.

We might send all illegal immigrants to Detroit or Chicago, but that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment; giving children the death penalty is not a wise political strategy. And it is wrong.

If anything, airlifting children out of those cities would be an act of compassion. There is a better solution.

Conservatives should take a page out of Al Gore’s playbook. Gore favors carbon offsets. Perhaps America should start doing people offsets.

Yes, amnesty is the solution.

For every illegal immigrant given amnesty in America, deport one American liberal activist. Deport radical feminists, radical vegans, anti-gun zealots, and community organizers. They can then go organize the drug cartels in Honduras, and get them to give up their guns while they are at it.

As an extra inducement, 50 lucky amnestied illegal immigrants should be given $100,000 jobs in the California legislature and United States California Congressional delegation.

In exchange, America can deport Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Sandra Fluke, Nancy Pelosi, and every other liberal basket case. Replacing them with Mexicans would increase diversity, a just and good liberal agenda item.

Given how self-loathing many guilty white liberals are, this program is perfect. By deporting only white people, conservatives would avoid the charges of racism, sexism, homophobia, and taking pleasure in kicking puppies and kittens.

We could make sure that most of the white liberals deported are men, and that most of the Hispanic and Latino entries are women. This ends the phony “war on women” while making America a more physically appealing nation; Latina women are far more beautiful than bald white guys.

Liberals keep saying that illegal immigrants are not the ones harming America. They are right for once. Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans did not mess up California. White liberal legislators born and bred in San Francisco and other cities America cannot sell off are the ones who destroyed the once Golden State.

Latinos and Hispanics want to work hard. Sometimes they do tough jobs white Americans do not want to do. Without Latinos and Hispanics, McDonalds would close its doors.

Who benefits America more: a person who sneaks into America to work hard or a white upper-middle-class college girl who protests all day, demands free contraception, and gets a degree in lesbian vegan grievance studies?

Immigration strengthens America. Spoiled brats born in America who spit on this country and blame it for all of the world’s evils do not. For those who deride Mexicans and other South Americans as unskilled labor, have you seen the Millennial generation? They are not brimming with useful skills or an admirable work ethic.

Mexicans would probably not be texting or updating their social media platforms in the middle of a job interview.

So let us make America stronger. America needs more people from Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador and fewer people from San Francisco, the Upper Westside of Manhattan, Malibu and Hollywood. America deserves people who risk their lives to enter America rather than people who were born into privilege and never stopped complaining about America

Bring in the illegals. Deport the white liberals. Get America back to work. Support the Great Illegal Immigration Compromise.

We can do this.

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