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Illegal Immigrants today, American patriots tomorrow

Written By | Dec 8, 2014

TEXAS, December 8, 2014 – I have been one of those that strongly opposed the influx of Illegal Immigrants, and I have been one of those that believe President Obama overstepped his authority by sidestepping the existing immigration laws set into motion by the Congress when he decided to write a new law essentially giving millions a free pass to enjoy the benefits that are afforded to those that are in this country by legal terms, but, will it be that these illegal people may become some of our strongest patriots?

After seeing the riots in Ferguson , Mo. And the street mobs in New York and other major cities decrying the rule of law, and the courts, seeking to undermine all the civil laws that are instituted for the protection of all the people, I find myself wondering, where are all the patriots that still love America? Do they think that they can stay silent, and the problem will just go away? (Not a chance!!)

As I look at the masses demonstrating on the streets, burning businesses, disrupting traffic, and standing on the street corners shouting “burn this b….h down, I see people that have been given so much by this nation. Black, white, Brown, and those of diverse religions, and political persuasions, all have been given the gift of freedom, and this gift hasn’t come without blood, sweat and tears, and years of social change which has benefited all people, but with all this, the answer is to riot.

Why are they unhappy? Simple, They want stuff, but they aren’t willing to work for their stuff, they had rather steal, and when they steal, they feel it is their right, and when arrested, they listen to the likes of Al Sharpton and other agitators filling their pockets with social unrest and mistrust, like wolves leading the sheep to the slaughter.

Again, much of this begins at home.

When parents are tired of seeing their children slaughtered in the street, and led by street gangs, teach them to respect law. When they learn to respect the men and women that have the mandate to keep them safe and their stuff safe, and when they finally learn to say “yes, sir” when being stopped by an officer of the law, they will find that the law and the officers of the law will be more apt to listen to their complaints.

But they will have to learn this at home, not from the local gang leaders of those that seek to preach hate for all laws, especially those laws that protect the rights of minorities.

Patriots and lovers of civil law are not born, they are molded by strong family teachings, and without any doubt, this seem to be missing in America.

Your probably thinking by now that I am not aware of the true American patriots, on the contrary, I see them every day, but what may come as a surprise to many, I see much of the great American spirit and the willingness to work, and those that keep the family intact and teaching family values coming from those that are here illegal.

Yes I live in Texas, a border state, and I have argued for years to close the border, because I honestly believed that jobs were being lost to the American worker, but, now after having seen and read about the free-loader rioting the American streets, I realize now that these Mexicans that are here working and following our laws aren’t taking jobs from these disloyal rioters, they have no intentions of working and becoming profitable citizens, one can’t work all day and riot all night.

I am also aware of all the patriots from all points of America, regardless of race or religion or political party, but their voices aren’t being heard. The majority also has right, but they are being eroded away by those that believe being political correct overshadows the rights of those that contribute to the better and law abiding Americans, regardless of minority or majority.   When the rights of those that adhere to the laws are forgotten and not heard by those that riot in the streets the nations is in deep trouble.

But to get back to the point, the millions of illegal’s are here, and it is not possible to deport them no matter of Presidential pardons or any sorts or wording.

Yes, those that break our laws should be deported, and that the gate should be slammed behind them, but, the greatness of America has been shaped by immigrants, my great-great grandparents are one of them, so I surmise that if these legal immigrants became patriots and lovers of America, it just could be that those that are here illegal may become the future patriots.

As I travel the roads of Texas, I see people from Mexico working in the fields, I see them working on repairing the highways, one can also see them working in the oil fields, they are also working in our supermarkets and hardware stores, and on Sunday, one can see the making their way to church, with their children, I might add, so is it to much to believe that someday these same people from the south just might be the next patriots of America?

But we are now at the point that the border needs to be sealed from any more illegal immigrants, but to seal the border from those that are standing in line to attribute to the American workforce, I say yes, But we do need to know just who is entering our nation.

What I have seen in my small town in Texas is this, those that have decided to make this town their home has repaired old homes and made them look nice, otherwise they probably would have crumbled with time. From where I live I can see a business owned by Mexicans, they arrive early, and work late, and one of them drives a church bus on Sunday.

Those that I know will not be rioting, they are too busy making a living for their family’, and as far as I can see they are more patriotic than those that are blocking traffic and burning business just for kicks.