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Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Ilhan Omar White Hate leader wrong on Boulder

Written By | Mar 28, 2021
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Cartoon by Al Goodwyn

MARYLAND:  People, for religious or racial, or just mental health issues, too often grab a weapon – a gun, a knife, or even a car – in order to cause harm to other people.  Regardless of any label, we place on the shooter – from color to political or religious ideology – at the end of the day, you have a person with hate in their heart. A mind who feel others must die to assuage the pain they are feeling. No other racial or religious identity need to be applied. Only we have Democrat leaders like Ilhan Omar leading the anti-White parade that blames the largest population in America, approximately 70% when not counting White Hispanics, for any gunmen that flips a switch and kills.

For Democrats, mass shootings are one more reason to rally around what they call “gun control” but that is really a call for gun confiscation. In order to steal America, as they did the 2020 election, they have to first disarm the American public.

An inability heightened by the Woke Cancel Culture that demands we hate each other because of our skin color, political or religious identities. It is time, after a spate of killings during March 2021 for Omar and others, like Pressley, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, and Ocasio-Cortez to decide that hate will kill America.  And they need to remove it from their rhetoric.  But the Tweets tell the story.

Remember John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, the DC snipers? 

Though it was 20 years ago, and before Twitter, for those of us living in the DC metro area, it could have been yesterday.  The fear of the snipers kept us hiding in our homes, afraid to go to the gas station or wait for the bus. Between October 2nd and October 24th, 2002, Muhammad and Malvo, a Jamaican national, randomly shot fourteen people, killing 10 and critically injuring three.  Each murder unconnected to another. An FBI agent or a mom waiting for the bus, there was no connections for race or religion.  It was simply hate in its purest form.


DC Snipers Muhammad and Malvo victims.

What we did not see following these horrific killings was this rampant hate among Americans as a result of the rhetoric of politicians assigning blame to progress a narrative.  Instead, in 2002 we were all concerned for each other. When we knew who the killers were, we did not blame the areas African American population for the actions of a man who was a monster that was able to mold a young, impressionable child (Malvo was 18 at the time) into killing people.  No reason for the killing other than Malvo was angry over a wife who wanted nothing to do with the man anymore.  My pain. You die.

When it comes to tragedy and guns, the Democrat’s narrative is based on grabbing guns to protect them from out-of-control, conservative Domestic terrorists.

A group manufactured and perpetuated by Nancy Pelosi and the #BlueAnon movement. The number of people killed by young men with guns since March 14 includes the Springfield, MO. killings of three people, injuring a fourth at a convenience store.  Two officers responded one, Christopher Walsh, an Army Reserves veteran, dying while the other Josiah Overton is recovering from his injuries.

The Atlanta Spas, killing eight people, including six women of Asian descent, was immediately labeled a racially motivated hate crime.  Before anything was known, the killer, Robert Aaron Long, 21, was identified as a White, Asian hating, Trump supporter spurred on by the President’s instance that COVID 19 is a product of China.  Experts were quick to blame “white male supremacy” and crimes against Asians as spurred by the former President.

However, the monster in these killings told the police that his motive was his “sexual addiction” and the shootings were to combat temptation and as a form of vengeance.  They had nothing to do with COVID or the President.  But they did express in real life the vitriol of our Democrat leaders.

Joe Biden was quick to question the motivation, going to Asian hate as a possible motivator.

“Whatever the motivation here,” he said, “I know Asian-Americans are very concerned. Because as you know I have been speaking about the brutality against Asian-Americans for the last couple months, and I think it’s very, very troubling. “

Biden chooses race dividing speech about brutality against Asian America, However, he could have put his focus on those, that were killed. offering words of solace. Taking on the role of “counselor in chief.” Instead, Biden promotes systematic hate and racism as a cause.  Sending a very dark message to Americans.  And despite very real statistics that show that crimes against Asians is not a “White” issue:

Ilhan Ohman, one of Washington D.C.s, most prolific anti-American race-baiters dividing “we the people”, a phrase she does not understand.

Following the Boulder, Colorado killing of ten people, including police office Eric Talley, the go to Tweet was that it was obviously a White Christian Supremacist.

Their proof to liberals is that the shooter survived.  Had he been black, police would have immediately shot him.

The suspected gunman in the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting is a white guy. Seven reported dead!

And then this message from the VP’s niece:

And then this message from the VP’s niece:

Because Liberals must make it about White hate for other races, we then get the virtue signaling

And the justifications that police are racist as the shooter was not killed

And its Trump’s fault

Or Biden’s

And those that are just stupid

And sarcastic

And even some sanity in the masses

And even some reasonable words of advice


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