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Ilhan Omar and the Democrats: Now a full-fledged Jew-hating party

Written By | Mar 11, 2019
Ilhan Ohmar, Jew-Hating, Democrats, Liberals

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TAMPA:  Days after Minneapolis Congresswoman Ilhan Omar made anti-Semitic remarks, President Donald Trump referred to Democrats as “an anti-Israel party, an anti-Jewish party.” The only quibble with Trump’s words should be the tone. He was not harsh enough. The Democrats have moved beyond being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. They are now a full-fledged Jew-hating party.

Omar has made repeated remarks targeting Jews. She trafficks in the worst stereotypes that justify violence against Jews. Whenever she is criticized for her remarks, she resorts to screaming about Islamophobia.

Congressional Democrats had a chance to condemn her for her anti-Semitic bile. Instead, Democrats gave her a pass.

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The anti-Jewish leftists screamed in rage. Some liberal Jewish apologists made excuses for Ilhan. Other liberal Jews offered the meekest, most tepid criticism of Ilhan.

Representative Ilhan is still on the Foreign Services Committee, avoiding even censure.

A meaningless, mealy-mouthed resolution of nothingness condemning all hate was passed by the Democrats. Omar celebrated her victory by vowing to continue her defiance.

The unbelievable audacity of liberals

Far too many liberals have the audacity to claim that IIhan’s remarks were meant to be legitimate criticism of Israel. Criticizing Israel on policy was fair game. Even the worst Bar Mitzvah would not serve these rotten red herrings. Omar’s comments had nothing to do with policy. She attacks Jews. Stereotypes of Jews being obsessed with money are as old as time itself.

Omar also attacked the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, even though the first letter in AIPAC stands for American. This has nothing to do with policy. She is attacking American Jews. As expected, liberal Jews quickly fell in line.

They obediently read the party line script about Trump, Republicans, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his conservative Likud government.

Little Brian Stelter, The Bulwark v Bull Work and other media madness

Terrified Democrat presidential contenders quickly came to Omar Ilhan’s defense, knowing that the penalty for offending Jew-haters was the real threat to their nomination.

As a quick aside, there is zero need for a policy discussion either. There is no such thing as a Palestinian. That is a fictional term invented by Arabs who were kicked out of their homelands of Egypt and Jordan.

It is these displaced Arabs who are illegally occupying the Jewish land of Israel, not the other way around. Jews have existed in the region for nearly 6,000 years. Palestinians invented themselves out of thin air in the 1960s.

President Trump’s Response

Trump’s reaction to the Democrat Party’s gutlessness over Omar was calm, measured and accurate. Democrats now have three groups of people who make up their toxic intersectional coalition. The Democrat Party consists of Islamist and leftist Jew-haters, liberals indifferent to whether Jews live or die, and weak and ineffective liberal Jews who are too powerless to stop the Jew-hatred.

Some of these Jews remain in denial, while others are just too feeble and impotent to stem the tides of change. Everywhere Islamism and leftism rise, Jews are under attack. This has been true from the early rise of Islam to the modern rise of Islamists demographically seizing Europe.

Now the Jew-hating hoardes have come to Michigan, Minnesota, and even Queens, New York. They have political power and plenty of rage.

This hostile rage toward the People of the Book has never been about a tiny nation of Israel. It is about the very essence, the very existence of the Jew.

By refusing to condemn Omar, the message to liberal Jews was clear. They don’t matter.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last week screamed “I’m the boss” at anyone who dares question her.

She is partially right.

She, Omar and Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib are the new Democrat bosses. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has totally lost control. Pelosi correctly calculates that liberal Jews would briefly huff and puff and then do nothing. Liberal Jews expressed “disappointment” in Omar.

Pelosi even compared Omar to a child who did not know what she was doing. If the Catholic Pelosi were any more in denial, she could be an honorary member of the liberal Jewish apologist caucus.

The failing of Democrat Decency

If Democrats had an ounce of decency, they would take a page from Republicans. In the 1950s, conservative intellectual William F. Buckley took on the anti-Semitism in the Republican Party. He called out the Jew-haters by name and marginalized them. Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump all mimic Buckley’s views.

These men are more than just pro-Israel. They are pro-Jewish. Buckley wielded power, and transformed the Republican Party into a pro-Israel, pro-Jewish party.

Ilhan Omar wields a little bit of power, transforming the Democrat Party into an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, Jew-hating party.

The thousands of liberals holding signs that read “We stand with Ilhan Omar” is the evidence. It will be up to the liberal Jews who are not self-loathing to forcefully stand up. Silence is acquiescence, and  expressing mere disappointment is every bit as pathetic as silence.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. demanded that the masses call out bigotry unequivocally and forcefully. Ilhan Omar is a Jew-hating bigot. Republicans condemn her. Democrats were too morally pusillanimous to do so.

Refusing to forcefully condemn Jew-hatred is Jew-hatred. All the hopey-changey intersectional nonsense will not change that.


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