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If sickened by ISIS, why not sickened by Dallas teacher?

Written By | Jan 28, 2017

WASHINGTON, January 27, 2016 — When we see images of small children holding knives or guns pointed at human beings, we should cringe. When ISIS puts guns into the hands of children to kill prisoners of the Caliphate and then puts it in videos, we should be outraged.

When Payal Modi, an art teacher at W.H. Adamson High School in Dallas, Texas stages a mock assassination of President Trump, we should be horrified, then demand her license and immediate resignation.

Modi broke all the rules when she posted an eight-second video to her personal Instagram account on January 20, Trump’s inauguration day. In it, she points a water gun at the image of President Trump projected onto a whiteboard, shouting “Die!” as she shoots the gun.

Screenshot capture by @CommDigiNews

CDN cannot confirm that there were children in the room during Modi’s antics, however, laughter can be heard in the background of the video posted to Instagram with the comment “Watching the #inauguration in my classroom like…#no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday.”

Should a child who comes from a household that respects the office of the President and demands civil behavior subjected to the “teachings” of Modi? Since when is it decent to pretend to kill a president?

The Inauguration Day video has been removed from the teacher’s Instagram account; however, it quickly became available on YouTube. The video, showing Modi lunging and firing at Trump while shouting, “Die! Die! Die!” is disturbing at the least.

As disturbing as when, in 2008, Walter Bagdasarian posted violent, racist messages about presidential candidate Barack Obama to an online message board. One posting said, “Shoot the ____” using a racial slur to describe Obama. Another post said Obama would end up with a “50 cal in the head soon.”

After tracking Bagdasarian down, the Secret Service learned he had a .50-caliber rifle, five guns, and ammunition in his possession. Waiving his right to a jury trial, Bagdasarian was convicted by a federal judge of two felonies for threatening to kill a presidential candidate.

A San Francisco court of appeals overturned the decision in a 2-to-1 ruling, saying his actions were protected by the First Amendment. They further stated that though the postings were “alarming and dangerous,” they were not illegal.

Modi’s action was more than “alarming and dangerous” because of where she did it: on school grounds, during school hours when she is a custodian of our children, and in no less ironic a place than Dallas, Texas to mock assassinate the President of the United States.

Given the failures of American education, the art teacher may have missed taking history classes and is unaware that President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

The Dallas Independent School District statement said:

“Today, we were made aware of a social media posting being circulated involving a teacher at W. H. Adamson High School. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and the district has opened an investigation. This is a personnel matter and, as such, we cannot comment.”

News reports confirm that Modi has been placed on administrative leave; having a gun in school in any form is strictly forbidden. You might remember the seven-year-old Chicago boy who was suspended for chewing his breakfast pastry into a gun-shaped Pop-Tart.  The boy was a child.  Modi is apparently an adult professional.

Modi is using her classroom as an anti-Trump enclave of hate. In the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC students have been required to participate in pre-inauguration marches while a California history teacher has compared Trump to Hitler.

Staging the fake assassination of a President is nothing short of repulsive. The teaching of hate, and teachers like Modi, should never be allowed in schools. Hopefully, parents, students and the school board will permanently separate Modi from its children.

Jacquie Kubin

Jacquie Kubin

Jacquie Kubin is an award-winning writer and wanderer. She turns her thoughts to an eclectic mix of stories - from politics to sports. Restless by nature and anxious to experience new things, both in the real world and online, Jacquie mostly shares travel and culinary highlights, introduces readers to the chefs and creative people she meets and shares the tips, life and travel information people want to read.