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Hurricane King James, Cleveland and the the 2016 RNC Convention

Written By | Jul 12, 2014
Palm trees blowing in the Hurricane

Palm trees blowing in the Hurricane

WASHINGTON, July 11, 2194 – In 2012 it was Isaac, a Category 2 hurricane bearing winds greater than 100 miles per hour, that brought so much rain, wind and flooding to Tampa, Republicans had to open the convention on Monday, and then immediately postpone events until Tuesday afternoon, losing nearly a full day of the three day convention.

Now the storm is named King James as LeBron James has returned to Cleveland, chosen site for 2016 RNC Convention. And it could complicate the Republican’s party.

James has played on teams that have made it to the league finals in five of the last eight seasons. Moving to Cleveland is unlikely to reverse that trend.

If, as hoped, James leads the Cavaliers into post-season play the GOP may find it can’t have the preferred day of June 28 to start the party as it might conflict with basketball.

In order to have the convention, it takes weeks for the center to be set up as the organizers bring in lights, seats, sound systems, and the traditional balloon drop – which all take time.

Which could be impossible if the Cavs make post season play and need to have unencumbered access to the cities new 750,000 square foot convention center and casino located on the shores of Lake Erie.

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“We couldn’t be more excited. It’s a city on the rise,’ said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, quoted by the Dallas Morning News, heaping praise on the host city.

Priebus added: “If you haven’t been to Cleveland lately, it’s a real surprise how beautiful it is down by that lake.

Priebus has said that the backup date, July 18, is possible, and while it is still earlier than the convention is usually held, getting the nominee crowned early means that they can access general elections funds and start the campaign in earnest.

“The candidate can be broke, but they’re not able to raise general election money until the convention is held,” Priebus said earlier this week.

Additionally in the 2012 Elections the Republican field was vast, keeping the GOP from putting its full resources behind the eventual nominee, Mitt Romney.  Had he been the defined candidate earlier in the game, it may have given him the time necessary to overtake President Obama.

Announcing their nominee in the politically important Ohio has its attraction for the RNC. John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, was the last president to win without having first taking Ohio.  In the 2012 presidential race, both Obama and Mitt Romney made Ohio a core focus of their campaigns spending a combine $150 million on television ads.

In the end, Ohio just barely went to Obama.

Lawyers are now in negotiations with Cleveland’s organizing committee, and they will surely include how many weeks of early and exclusive access Republicans can expect in the Cavaliers’ arena.

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