Howard Dean: champion of educated idiots


WASHINGTON, February 15, 2015 – “What makes mocking this president fair as well as funny,” wrote Slate’s Jacob Weisberg during George W. Bush’s 2004 presidential re-election campaign, “is that Bush is, or at least once was, capable of learning, reading and thinking.”

Two months before Bush left office, George Mason University’s History News Network conducted an “informal survey” of 109 “professional historians” that found the presidency of George W. Bush to be a failure – by 98.2 percent.

One historian, who refused to be identified, found Bush to be “glib, contemptuous, ignorant, incurious…”

George W. Bush, of course, graduated from Yale University.

Speaking of which, fellow Yale alumnus Howard Dean said Wisconsin’s conservative Republican Gov. Scott Walker should not be considered seriously for the presidency because he didn’t finish college.

Walker was on a trade mission to London, England when he refused to answer a question concerning the validity of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

“That’s a question a politician shouldn’t be involved in one way or another. So, I’m going to leave that up to you,” said Walker.

For the secular left, evolution is the religious question of our time – at least since the publication in 1859 of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. A faith that believes, with religious fervor, a hypothesis riddled with enough holes to rival a slice of Swiss cheese.

Gaps in the fossil record forced evolutionary biologists Niles Eldridge and Stephen Jay Gould to concoct another theory called punctuated equilibrium. It stipulates that rather than evolving slowly over eons, life mutated into new forms in sudden, unexplained and magical spurts.

Legitimate science, you see, is a continual series of questions that, on occasion, yield glimpses of the truth. If not, we would still believe the sun revolves around the earth and that bleeding the sick relieves them of the “evil humors.” Much of science, however, remains a series of unanswered questions.

Pseudoscience, on the other hand, demands unquestioning faith, like climate-change advocates who damn skeptics as Holocaust deniers, or those who make the exaggerated and preposterous claim that “the threat of climate change is greater than the threat of terrorism,” as Obama spokesman Josh Earnest told a compliant White House press corps.

Getting back to Howard Dean, he told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that Walker’s refusal to accept Darwin’s theory as gospel will worry “a lot of people” about a “President of the United States not knowing much about the world and not knowing much about science. I worry about that.”

Dean conceded to Scarborough’s point that more than a few degree-free individuals “changed this world,” such as President Harry S Truman (who dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, thus ending World War II), and Harvard dropout and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“Nobody is accusing Scott Walker of being dumb because he didn’t graduate from college,” Scarborough told Dean, “except you.”

“I didn’t say dumb,” replied a defensive Dean, “I said unknowledgeable.”

And there you have it. Universities and colleges are dispensaries of secret “knowledge.” Like the mathematician, astronomer kings of the Mayan civilization, the high priests of our permanent, authoritarian, administrative state maintain the delicate balance of our universe through constant human sacrifice. The sacrifice of we… the “unknowledgeable.”

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A case in point: The mathematical model provided by MIT economics Professor Jonathan Gruber “proving” the cost-effectiveness of dictatorial Obamacare. It turned out to be a glib and contemptuous lie calculated to overcome “the stupidity of the American voter.”

That kind of “knowledge,” learned at university, attempts to make the regimented life of many a college campus, apply to America at large.

Like campuses with speech codes.

The ones demanding professors issue “trigger warnings” to sensitive student lefties incapable of defending their adolescent philosophical and political views.

Their solution? Cut off debate.


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According to a report on academic freedom released by the Association of University Professors, totalitarian campus codes “makes comfort a higher priority than intellectual engagement and… it singles out politically controversial topics like sex, race, class, capitalism and colonialism.”

The pointy-headed professors are partially right. Campus totalitarians don’t really mind discussing sex, race, class, capitalism and colonialism provided it is from a singular viewpoint. That is to say, a left-leaning university viewpoint. If not, you might be accused of being on par with Holocaust deniers.

The silly, slavishly orthodox denizens of the university demand we lesser mortals genuflect to the myriad hobbyhorses of the left.

Abraham Lincoln, a self-taught lawyer and intellectual powerhouse, believed there were only two great issues. “It is the eternal struggle between these two principles – right and wrong – throughout the world.”

Howard Dean would prefer average Americans remain enthralled by the complex and nuanced nonsense spewing from the twisted pantheon of university trained, educated idiots – just like Dean.

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  • ginjit.dw

    I commented yesterday. This is happening more often. Why. Where do my comments go….

    Dean isn’t worth a second thought. If he is considered educated, that makes anyone who finished the sixth grade super educated. He can kiss ?? ????.

  • wtommyb

    Howard Dean is the perfect representative – I mean “champion”
    — for educated idiots. Unfortunately for us; Our President, “Barrack Obama,”
    is among Dean’s protected group.