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How Tulsi Gabbard dealt the final blow to Kamala Harris

Written By | Dec 4, 2019

\\DELRAY BEACH: California Senator Kamala Harris was briefly a top tier contender for the Democrat presidential nomination.  On paper, she was the dream Democrat candidate. Her strategy was to replicate the campaign that propelled Senator Barack Obama into the White House in 2008. The similarities between Obama and Harris were overwhelming, and Harris’s strategy almost worked. However, she encountered one problem that Obama never had to face and that one difference turned out to be the decisive blow. Tulsi Gabbard, the Democrat Senator from Hawaii.

A litany of unenforced errors had Harris crash, burn and dropping out before a single 2020 primary or caucus was held.

Obama and Harris are both vapid politicians

Their identical campaign strategy was to look pretty, wave, smile, laugh, say absolutely nothing, be all things to all people, and glide to victory. They both pretended to be black when in truth they are half-black. Neither of their mothers is black. The mother being where our non-scientific heritage comes. Why?  Both Obama and Harris publicly identify with the civil rights struggle. Yet neither Democrat grew up in the  United States.

Obama’s early years were in Indonesia.  Harris, while born in 1964 in Oakland, California, at the age of 12, she and her sister moved with their mother to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Harris did not return to the US until she entered Howard University in 1981.

Harris’s parents were both successful white-collar professionals providing Kamala an upper-middle-class lifestyle.

Harris and Obama both emulated Michael J. Fox in “The Secret of My Success.”

The climbed the ladder of life without doing any real work. Obama was a college stoner and a slacker who had never held a real job. He was socially promoted. Harris was so vapid that she actually pretended to get stoned in college while listening to Snoop Dogg, even though he did not enter the music scene until after Harris graduated.

Harris slept her way to power as SF Mayor Willie Browns girlfriend

She was former California Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown’s girlfriend. He was married the entire two years he and Harris dated.

Willie Brown: A CALI Democrat sees no threat to Trump (not even Kamala)

During their affair, Brown appointed Harris to two different six-figure political jobs.

Harris and Obama: Skillful players of the Race Card

Both Obama and Harris realized that most Americans would be terrified of criticizing a black presidential nominee. Obama successfully played the race card against New York Senator Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, and Arizona Senator John McCain. To be fair, the Clintons did begin the whisper campaign that Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii. (Birther row began with Hillary Clinton supporters– UK Telegraph)

Businessman Donald Trump questioned Obama’s birth certificate long after the Clinton brought the issue into the political sphere. However, Obama through some brutal punches at former President Clinton, who was once described by singer Toni Morrison as “America’s first black President.”

Harris provide a double-whammy of intimidation to Republicans – Black and Female

As a perceived black woman, she could play the race card and the gender card against anyone who criticized her. In the first debate, Harris bludgeoned former Vice President Joe Biden by implying that he was a racist. Despite Bill Clinton and Joe Biden have long histories of support among blacks, both Obama and Harris went for the jugular and successfully drew political blood.

The reason Obama succeeded and Harris initially did is because they played the victim card of being above criticism to the hilt. They both had looks, charm, and an ability to laugh and smile. Harris, in particular, laughed at her own jokes. They may not have been complete airheads, but they played the junior high school giggly cheerleader routine very well.


They both resembled students who did not bother to study for the exam, knowing they could charm the teacher into giving them a good grade anyway.

The junior high analogy works because the social caste structure still exists.

The pretty airhead cheerleader cannot be attacked by men. Any boy or man who attacks a beautiful woman is just bitter at being unable to date them. Unattractive women cannot attack the cheerleader. Those girls are just motivated by jealousy.

Obama’s opponents were Hillary Clinton and John McCain, known as frumpy and grumpy.

Democrat Debates: Kamala Harris, the herd’s newest alpha

Harris was never going to be attacked by white male candidates. Biden practically groveled in front of her as she pummeled him. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was not going to attack Harris, because being gay was not as high on the oppression scale as being black.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is too angry to attack another woman.

 Those wishing to be brutally honest should just say she is downright unattractive. Ugly women do not get to attack hot women, and Harris was once described by Obama as America’s ‘Best Looking” Attorney General. (Was Obama’s ‘best-looking attorney general’ comment a sexist gaffe? – The Week)

The Obama glide strategy worked for him because he never had to face a critic who was in his social caste. Angry old white men and angry old unattractive white women are pieces of cake to deflect. A young, dynamic black man is untouchable. Joe Biden articulated his opinion on the first African American President:

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick belatedly entered the race.

Patrick is black, and is every bit the ideological soulmate as Harris. There is no way Patrick would have entered the race if Harris had stayed strong. Patrick entered the race with Obama’s full blessing behind the scenes.

This was a message to Harris that she lacked Obama’s ability to finesse her way to power.

Harris’s strategy fails because of her one piece of Kryptonite, Tulsi Gabbard, the much smarter and hotter minority girl.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is 100% non-white born, the first practicing Hindu and the first Samoan-American member of Congress. Political junkies of both sides, whether they agree or disagree with her politics, had to concede two undeniable truths.

Gabbard is bright and, less important, Gabbard is drop-dead gorgeous.

Hillary launches unhinged McCarthyite attack on Tulsi Gabbard

Furthermore, she is courageous and patriotic. In 2002, Gabbard won election to the Hawaii House of Representatives. She became the first state legislator to voluntarily step down from public office – not for personal reasons but to complete a tour of duty in a war zone. Gabbard serving in Iraq (2004-2005) in a field medical unit of the Hawaii Army National Guard. Gabbard was also in Kuwait from 2008 to 2009.

Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat that is worthy of the Oval Office. However, as she cannot be manipulated by Democrat power brokers like George Soros, Clinton, or Obama, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) will not support her candidacy.

Harris entered the second debate riding high, then Gabbard crushed her.

Kamala Harris attempted to attack Tulsi Gabbard during the second debate and the results were devastating for Harris while catapulting Gabbard to national attention.  (Kamala’s Attack on Tulsi Is What’s Wrong with America – National Review)

“During Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, Senator Kamala Harris slammed Representative Tulsi Gabbard for having criticized President Obama during his time in the White House.
“I think that it’s unfortunate that we have someone on this stage that is attempting to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, who during the Obama administration spent four years full time on Fox News criticizing President Obama,” Harris said.”

Harris flailed, floundered and confused her platitudes. The empress did not need to wear clothes to impress Willie Brown. She needed steel body armor to defend herself against Tusli Gabbard, and she never had it.

She did have a shiny new sequined coat, purchased while giggling with political reporters:

Outside of his sycophants, the rest of the political world knew that Obama was all style and zero substance. “Hope,” “change,” and “Yes, we can” were meaningless blather.  Harris also had zero substance.

And Gabbard was the only person in the presidential race to expose Harris’s utter lack of…well, everything and anything.

Tulsi Gabbard decked Kamal Harris, and Harris never recovered

Harris has a protected glass jaw, but she never had a backup plan. Her choices were to glide by on her style or collapse. Gabbard hit her, and Harris hit the deck. She has stepped out of the race, possibly hoping for a call to fill the V.P. slot.

None of this is rocket science. The dumbest junior high school cheerleader knows how the social caste system works. They avoid collapse by staying in their lane and not trying to take on complex tasks like presidential runs that occasionally require abilities.

We all knew what Harris is, but only Gabbard can say it.

The pretty dumb girl fell to the even prettier smart girl.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”