Obama’s opposite day: When bad is good and liberals make sense


NEW YORK, May 23, 2014 — After losing several presidential elections by staggering margins, liberals in the early 1990s began to think that an overwhelming majority of Americans disagreed with them. Perhaps they were wrong about everything. Maybe even the best salespeople could not sell wretched ideas that had failed everywhere since time itself began.

That moment of intellectual honesty passed. Liberal policies were fantastic, but they needed to be communicated better. Before forcing Americans to submit to policies that they should have been bright enough to voluntarily agree with, the people had to be duped linguistically.

Enter George Lakoff. Lakoff is a master of linguistics who has spent years teaching Democrats how to package failure as success. By changing the very meaning of words, bad ideas can become palatable just long enough for Democrats to win elections.

The policies will still fail, but political strategy is about accumulating power, not helping ordinary citizens.

Rather than just invent new words ala Dr. Seuss, the left, through men like Lakoff, simply continued the “opposite day” that kids in summer camp have enjoyed for years. The late singer Michael Jackson claimed to be “bad,” which meant good.

Understanding this became the first key to learning how to speak like a liberal.

Liberals dehumanize conservatives by putting them into one of two categories: stupid and evil. Every word is carefully calibrated. The liberal position is correct, and conservatives disagree because they are either malevolent or stupid.

Here are the main liberal words that have been abused by those unable to come up with a successful policy.

SMART: Liberals declare what they believe in to be smart simply because they believe it. By contrast, conservative beliefs are stupid by default. By placing the word “smart” in front of something, the implication is that the thing referenced is better. Some products like smartphones actually are better than the average phone. Smartphones are the rare exceptions.

Smart cars are a way for their owners to confuse smugness with usefulness. The Prius is the epitome of a hideously ugly car that does nothing to benefit the environment. Wealthy white liberals spend over $40,000 on a car with a battery that leaves a larger carbon footprint than the average gas-guzzler. Other vehicles running on alternative energy are known for costing even more and breaking down.

Normal human beings will stick with their dumb cars that run on oil because oil actually works.

“Smart power” is the new liberal term for diplomacy. The term “soft power” was the alternative to the hard power of military force.

Liberals did not like being associated with anything soft, so they changed the name. The results have been as soft and weak as before the name change. Radical Islamists flying planes into towers treat smart power with the contempt it deserves.

REASONABLE: Liberals declare something reasonable because they agree with it. Therefore, anybody holding an alternative view is unreasonable.

“Reasonable restrictions on guns” is a common liberal refrain. The Second Amendment to the Constitution contains the words “shall not be infringed.” Who decides what restrictions are reasonable? The word is subjective, but liberals treat it as an end to a discussion simply because they wish to end the discussion. These same liberals for some reason do not refer to reasonable restrictions on abortion.

COMMON SENSE: A person who disagrees with a liberal defies common sense. They are imbecilic, perhaps crazy.

Common-sense regulations are offered to justify taking away human freedoms for some abstract utopian concept of a greater good. Businesses go bankrupt because of common-sense regulations to protect the environment and animals. Those questioning crippling the economy are accused of wanting dirty air and water and hurting mother nature and her precious creatures.

STRONGER: After being seen as weaklings, the Democratic Party of McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry pretended to channel their inner Rambo.

A stronger America was Kerry’s 2004 campaign slogan. Upon closer inspection, the Kerry approach was what we now see from his tenure as Secretary of State. By being nicer, the world will like us. The approach naturally failed, emboldening America’s enemies. There has not been a single meaningful success in the liberal, stronger-America era. The conservative brutish barbarians defeat America’s enemies by actually defeating them.

Actual wars are reduced to being overseas contingencies, man-made disasters, and foreign conflicts. Liberals only declare war when the issue is fictional or when failure needs to be dressed up in tough but meaningless language.

The war on women is a mythical creation meant to show American women being oppressed by old, rich white males. The entire liberal female platform comes down to abortion and other reproduction issues. The murder of women by Islamists in the Middle East does not qualify.

The war on poverty was an excuse to pass programs that destroyed minority communities and increased poverty. Liberals created the war on poverty, and of course they failed to win it.

JUSTICE: Real justice should be cold, blind and even-handed. The left has their own ideas. “Social justice” is code for wealth redistribution through force and regulation. In the real world, this is called “stealing.” Economic justice falls along the same line. Environmental justice gives trees and animals the same rights as human beings, if not more. Human beings can have their lives destroyed to protect snail darters. Farmers and ranchers are particularly vulnerable to these greeniacs.

EQUALITY: Equality must always be good, except when it is not. Conservatives understand that liberty and equality are in direct conflict, and that liberty should be paramount.

Liberals clamored for marriage equality. This was code for gay marriage despite interracial marriage never being called marriage equality. The language allows those favoring traditional marriage to be anti-equality, and therefore homophobic bigots.

DIVERSITY and CRITICAL THINKING: These terms are ways of forcing people to interact with each other based on externalities that involve no thinking whatsoever. Real social interaction brings people together based on a common bond, such as a love of sports or cooking.

College institutions are the primary driving force behind these buzzwords that lump people together based on race and gender provided there is groupthink. Ideas that question liberal dogma are frequently dismissed, and conservative speakers are often shouted down on college campuses when not having their invitations to speak revoked outright. People claiming individuality are required to all think the same way. The result is students graduating with degrees in protesting but lacking any employable skills.

FAIRNESS: Like equality, fairness is a liberal obsession. People are inherently unequal, and life in unfair. Trying to enforce fairness rewards sloth and punishes achievement because the only way to create “fairness” is by bringing everyone down.

Those who disagree with the liberal approach are acting unfairly, making them mean people who hate others. Attempts to enact fairness through the legislative and judicial process is the best way to kill the incentive for pursuing success.

AFFORDABLE: This is a word thrown around to justify destructive policies. The Affordable Care Act blew up a functional healthcare system, but at least it was affordable until it became unaffordable.

President Obama is a master wordsmith. Accountable and responsible mean nobody will be held accountable or responsible. Calling a situation unacceptable means it will be accepted.

These are liberals. This is how they speak. Meanwhile, the policies just get worse.

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