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How the rich get richer as the money moves round Washington

Written By | Jun 12, 2019

US government photo in the Public Domain.

WASHINGTON:  Congress has a far greater number of wealthy people than the general population. Consequently, the bureaucrats that Congress has created, through legislation, great wealth. For themselves.

Some may say that much of their wealth comes before serving in Congress. However, much more from assets to the immediate temptation of graft and corruption euphemistically referred to as lobbying and appropriate legislation. (When Lobbyists Literally Write The Bill: It’s All Politics: NPR)

President Harry Truman said, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”

Lobbying, for the most part, is former congressmen and senators currying the favor of current members of Congress and senators. Resulting in “Appropriate” legislation which is, for the most part, legislation that aids those businesses in which congressmen and senators have investments or want to invest.

The Growing Conflict-of-Interest Problem in the U.S. Congress

The fuel that drives this money-honey engine is, of course, votes. These same politicians and bureaucrats have convinced themselves and the rest of the 320 million (give or take 15-25 million illegal invaders) people that we are sailing along in a beautiful national democracy which allows such shenanigans.

Democracy is a monstrous concept. It is mob rule which always degenerates to ochlocracy — defined as Government by mob rule.

DC Swamp Dwellers: Democrats, media, legal profession redefine ‘vile’

National Democracy is equally monstrous. It’s monstrous concept began with the French Revolution and pervaded Europe before its cancer spread to “These” United States in 1865. Thus creating “The” United States.

Without sovereignty by each state, each state’s Tenth Amendment nullification and secession rights naturally allow for national democracy.

Destroy the Electoral College, protect the DC money tree

Even the pundits who cry out today to retain the Electoral College do not understand the beginnings of the republic. Moreover, that beginning had nothing to do with 1776, but, in fact, 1787.

From these two hellacious factions of democracy and national, the people have been led into voting for government-for-profit bureaucrats and alleged representatives. The same individuals who provided corrupt articles of wealth to Government. Creating institutions such as The Federal Reserve, which calls itself a national bank.

The Federal Reserve: A bank with no assets except the people’s wealth.

Moreover, without the singular power to secede, horrific constitutional amendments like the Sixteenth Amendment were ultimately rammed through the national democracy. Giving bureaucrats direct access to people’s wealth.

Still, the cry from the elected elite and the civil service government is always something along the lines of “we” need to this for our country. That is “we” need to spend more money on schools or roads or police services or (of course), the military. “We” must pay for everything for everybody.

And, “we” can bring in more and more of the “huddled masses” and provide them with the “we” fortune.

AOC looking for a living wage increase

Washington D.C.’s cloistered “masses” get richer every day while the taxpayers of the so-called nation get poorer. If the British ever set Washington on fire again, I doubt there will be any volunteer firemen.

“Government is not the creator but the creature of human society. The Government has no mission from God to make the community, on the contrary, the community is determined by Providence, where it is happily determined for us by far other causes than the meddling of governments.”

DC swamp draining time has begun

By historical causes in the distant past, by vital ideas, propagated by great individual minds – especially by the church and its doctrines. The only communities which have had their characters manufactured for them by governments have had a villainously bad character. Noble races make their governments. Ignoble ones are made by them.” – Rev. Robert Lewis Dabney, Stonewall Jackson’s chief of staff, several years following the War


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