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How the Republicans mistakes in 2020 erodes their vote count

Written By | Nov 10, 2020
Trump, Election 2020

White House Official Photo via Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Republican President Donald Trump pulled the Democratic Party a little more center-right. While I am happy at the outcome it is not for the same reasons Democrats are. The party is still anti-Christianity.  However, for a party that just a decade ago was overtly anti-religion, I am glad they had to make peace with God to win

Unfortunately, Trump did not effectively rally the Evangelical base with his political ads. He may have felt his past actions where enough to.

This leaves room for a far-right candidate or even a moderate Republican to regain the Executive in the next election cycle.

The nation looks to see if Biden moves his politics behind his ads and pull the Democratic party in a conservative direction. However, their anti-police, pro-abortion to the point of birth, if not after, is still too radical for at 50% of America. 

Did Republicans abandon Trump?

Chris Christie said it best, “With Trump you knew what you were going to get. He was no different in the White House than when he campaigned. ” He promised freedom, justice and prosperity. And he delivered on those promises. Unlike Democrats that promise things they know they can not deliver, like equality. Ever see a poor Democrat living in a rich district? Or is it vice-versa…

Lawyer Sydney Powell: Democrats used Dominion machines to steal votes

Trump needed to make new friends to win.

Surprisingly half the country believes Trump was the better candidate than Biden. Yet Trump’s ground game could have been stronger.    He needed to move more people from the undecided column to his.

Trump may have had more trouble navigating the political minefield because there is no navigating a minefield. The only way to guarantee safe passage is to blow everything up. This means using surrogates and for a do it yourself guy like Trump, that was not possible.

Republicans really have to admit that they failed to deliver the votes Trump need on a local state and federal level.

At the end of the day, two things occurred. Democrats ran the most conservative campaign since Richard Nixon, maybe Jimmy Carter if you consider the global aspect of COVID-19 vs. the economic impact of leaving the gold standard.

Second, Trump did not want it. Democrats won because they staged a rally in Pennsylvania, a “toss-up” state according to the mainstream media. If Trump really wanted it, he would have sent his team down there to stage their own rally, or even use a green room in the White House for all the publicity he could have gained.

Most of Philadelphia from 10th street past Independence Square even up to 5th street and the Fox news building were empty. He could have staged an event there. He should have.

I am a strategist and not a pundit.

I look for what mistakes campaigns made in the past. While duplicating what worked in the past. And identifying where current trends are that campaigns can design new cutting edge strategies to deliver decisive victories.

Which is different from a pundit. A pundit is in all the backroom deals, constantly measures everyone’s ambitions, and knows all the lies before they are even lied about. As a strategist, some of the lies told are shocking.

The best was the one where the media criticized Trump for suggesting chlorine as a means of getting rid of COVID-19.

The media was all over his the President for that statement.

Election 2020 and the growing post-Trump resistance?

No one considered that tap water has chlorine. It is in every swimming pool. He might have well of said take a dip in the pool and received the same results from the media. Simple baby Pedialyte has chlorine. His critics were so very petty. So it goes to show how biased the media really is. It really is a left-leaning organization. Keeps me wondering how Republicans get elected at all.

Election 2020 was an unexpected outcome for many Republicans.

The Trump effect, notwithstanding, listening to polling conversations the indecisiveness in human nature is really evident. Just like election day.  GOP should, can and must be more vocal to remind them that the media does NOT get to decide who is PRESIDENT!

I was not hired by the Trump campaign in any capacity so I cannot speak in an official way, these are just the obvious result. Like any business executive, the President may feel he did what he came to Washington to do, and it is just time to move on.

Trump’s ads were about protecting the economy and economic gains so far. Maybe not enough of it. The mainstream media wanted something new. Not that Biden offered anything other than social distancing and more medicare for all. And anyone who supports Biden probably needs healthcare the most.

Image: President Donald J. Trump applauds the crowd as he disembarks Air Force One Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, upon his arrival to Reading Regional Airport in Reading, Pa. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Kerry Baynes

Kerry Baynes is currently a Msc University West Indies, Financial Economics. As a research assistant for the New Jersey State Senate, he was responsible for research on economic, budget/fiscal issues, and the impact of tax policy. He served as a Media Strategist for Garry Cobb For Congress, in 2014 and Giordano for Assembly, in 2015. Since 2006, he acted as Manager of Alpha Strategy Group, an Urban Media Company. Currently an Associate at World Financial Group (WFG), he works to build and protect wealth for families and individuals from all walks of life.