The Democratic Dodge to the Obamacare poison-pill

Obamacare / Photo by bitzcelt, used under Flickr Creative Commons license
Obamacare / Photo by bitzcelt, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

CALIFORNIA, July 22, 2014 — Never underestimate the resourcefulness of someone determined to win at any cost. With Congress divided ideologically and the final two years of President Obama’s administration at stake, the next midterm election promises to show how far many ungodly politicians will go to save their political careers.

With Obamacare an albatross around the neck of liberal-progressives facing re-election, their only hope is to distance themselves from the president and his signature legislative triumph. Aided by a compliant news media and a forgetful electorate, they will roll out the usual bag of campaign tricks, although this time much more aggressively.

A discerning electorate should be wary in deciding who will get their vote. When unworthy candidates become desperate and can’t run on substance, they’ll always resort to tactics reflective of their true nature, usually the five classic “D’s”: delay; deny; distract; deceive and destroy.

In delay tactics, Obama has led by example in unilaterally changing legal requirements of Obamacare and delaying implementation for countless people and businesses. The destructiveness of Obamacare has clearly been softened by a weak and protracted rollout that spreads the consequences over many years. This relieves pressure on incumbent Democrats and gives them an opportunity to excoriate opponents as paranoid fools.

What about denying the fundamental flaws of Obamacare?

No Democrat is going to acknowledge Obamacare is an abuse of coercive federal power never intended by the Constitution, or that it will require massive national debt for generations to pay for government inefficiencies.

No liberal-progressive will ever admit Obamacare incentivizes a huge growth in entitlement subsidies as it de-incentivizes market solutions and family self-sufficiency. None on the left will ever believe the finest health care system in the world will be reduced to the same status found in other countries where health care is rationed and cold-hearted policy directives preempt quality of life decisions.

Distraction is another tried-and-true tactic.

Although Obamacare has the potential to degrade virtually everyone’s quality of health, liberals will tout it as a “done deal” and an unnecessary distraction from the nation’s real problems. They may admit to the need for some minor tweaking, but any “fine-tuning” will be downplayed compared to “now” issues such as immigration reform, public school funding and safety, job creation, minimum and living wages, economic stimulation, and even income inequality.
Claiming that it’s time finally to move on, liberals will push these standard smokescreen issues to distract the public from revisiting the supposed “settled law” of Obamacare.

What about the political blood-sport of deception?

Calling good evil, and evil good was true in the time of Noah (Genesis 6:5-8), in the days of Isaiah (Isaiah 5:20), and it was true when spiritual and political authorities unjustly accused Jesus (Matthew 26:59-60; 27:17-23). Trying to defend Obamacare is no different.

Results will be massaged in countless ways to convince the public of Obamacare’s benefits, while ignoring or dismissing its dark side. Heart-tugging examples of families benefiting from insurance for the first time will be on the news every night, while those who lost jobs, had premiums raised, or suffered devastating health consequences when they lost their doctor or health plan will be ignored.

But like putting a gold ring in a pig’s snout (Proverbs 11:22), this type of manipulation won’t change the truth about the destructiveness of Obamacare, or the flawed worldview behind it that’s incapable of admitting fault and unwilling to recognize the flawed human nature behind it (Proverbs 18:2).

The most destructive tactic, however, will be the blatant attempts to destroy the reputation of any opponents.

Character assassination, misrepresentation, innuendo, and even allowing lies to go uncorrected are the tools of mean-spirited men and women who will use any means to gain political ends (Proverbs 10:18).

In fact, the more desperate liberal-progressives become, the more evil the portrayal of opponents. This type of behavior is clearly childish and only deserves public condemnation (Proverbs 6:16-19).
None of the “D” character traits above are worthy of respect or support. In fact, they’re symptomatic of a pathologic, prideful worldview willing to sink to ungodly means to accomplish ungodly ends.

There’s a remarkable irony, however, with those who live by the above tactics. They believe the government they create will be capable of rising above their own petty foolishness. In effect, they have an irrational belief that government is competent to benevolently control every aspect of our lives without realizing that their own flawed, untrustworthy character will be magnified many times over when coupled with unlimited power.

Any candidate who lives by these tactics should be removed or prevented from gaining elective office.

Judge for yourself: Would you want someone with the above qualities to marry into your family or be a business partner? If the answer’s “no,” then why would you allow them to wield incredibly intrusive government power over your life?

Consider that as you decide to cast your vote this year.

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  • Bill Goode

    Ah yes, the Democratic Party, the party of change…. The party of hope…. Have I heard this before? Sure does sound familiar.

  • Persuasive

    I’m less than impressed with both parties. Enough said.

  • Bob Sims

    How has it gotten to the point where we can only find ourselves voting for the lesser of two evils? How do you choose? By the one you think will do the least amount of harm and destruction to our American way of life? Has it come down to this? If so, then we have already lost. Evil wins whichever way you vote. What a choice to have to make, an illusion we feel good about for doing the right thing. LOL