How Benjamin Netanyahu went from Obama hater to imitator


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel September 23, 2014 ­­— If imitation truly is the highest form of flattery, then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done a tremendous 180, and is certainly crushing on Barack Obama.

While the two world leaders have famously butted heads in recent years, it is actually surprising that they are not better friends. After all, Netanyahu’s failed management of the summer war in Gaza has led him to be more callus and longwinded than ever before, both trademarks of the Obama presidency.

While sadly there are many failures which link the two officials, there are two in particular that really earn them the titles of ‘failed leader.’

The first catastrophic political maneuvering Netanyahu and Obama share is their refusal to do what is truly necessary to ensure the safety of their citizens.

For Barack Obama, this is not a new story. Any president who decided to truckle to the pressure of the Islamist lobby rather than get to the bottom of the murder of his appointed diplomat, as Obama did in Benghazi, does little to hide his apathy for the security of his people.

For Obama, this has been equally apparent in his refusal to secure the southern border. In an attempt to score political points and allow the influx of potential (illegal) Democrat voters, Barack Obama has systematically ordered the essential disarming of America’s last line of defense against potential criminal and terrorist infiltration. Forget the economic burden that allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens into the country creates, even the most bleeding-heart liberal would want to ensure that the people allowed into our communities will do more good than harm, would they not?! Terrorist group of the year, ISIS, has reportedly been working on ways to infiltrate the U.S. through the southern border and, if the administration’s policies remain as they are, it is hard to imagine anything stopping them.

Speaking of ISIS, from American journalist James Foley, whose gruesome beheading was broadcast all over the internet, to Israeli-American teenager Naftali Frenkel, who was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas operatives along with two other teen boys in June, Barack Obama has been pathetic in response to the radical Islamic assault on the citizens he twice swore to. Calling ISIS names and telling Hamas “you better not,” while twiddling your thumbs on any tangible action against these monsters is a villainous act Obama should infamously go down in history for. The fecklessness of Barack Obama in the face of Jihad is nothing short of criminal.

Horrifically, this is far from the entire list of Obama’s perilous non-action to protect the American people.

It is more shocking that a parallel can be drawn to the leadership in Jerusalem. When Benjamin Netanyahu took the reins of the Jewish State for the second time, few would have thought that he would resemble Obama with regard to such inane defense policies. He did, and does, continue to publicly clash with the White House, yet there is sadly less and less for the administration to be disgruntled about.

Deciding not to eradicate Hamas from Gaza, Netanyahu succumbed to international pressure by signing a cease-fire agreement no one expects Hamas to respect in the long-term (or maybe even in the short-term). Refusing to wipe out the Jihadist scum only allows the terrorist regime whose charter calls for the genocide of the Jewish State and the Jewish People to recoup and rearm for the next round of fighting. Despite holding the most political capital any Israeli leader has enjoyed in the past decade, Netanyahu managed to squander away every opportunity Israel had to “win” this war, and decided to play for the “tie” instead. The unfortunate thing is that in the Middle East, when you are squaring off against global Jihad animals, a tie is nothing more than a fancy word for a loss.

This, like Obama, is refusing to do what is necessary to truly secure the danger on your border. This is also the same toothless grandstanding Obama has employed with ISIS, that no terrorist institution (JV or otherwise) will ever take seriously.

Additionally, in a move Obama has mastered, Netanyahu, in lieu of taking the measures necessary to ensure the safety of its Southern citizens, has decided to throw wasted money at the problem instead. It is bad enough that Israel had already entered into an agreement with the Palestinians and the United Nations to help rebuild Gaza, the city whose people voted Hamas into power and whose international aid is regularly used as weapons against the Jewish State, before the government had made sure that its own southern community was taken care of post-war. However, on Sunday, a Netanyahu-backed plan was approved that will invest 1.3 billion shekel to help rebuild the south over a five-year period. If very recent history is any indication at all, and it always is, there will be at least two more skirmishes between Israel and Hamas in the south over the next five years. This plan is a smart move politically, as more and more ministers jump ship from Netanyahu’s Likud party, but it is worthless in actuality. That is not to say that the money will not help. The billions going to the people of the south are more than deserved; the only real problem is that money, on its own, is not enough. Money without a plan of action, as a policy, is politically expedient but ultimately reckless and irresponsible. These are traits both Obama and Netanyahu have recently shown a penchant for.

The second, and perhaps even more concerning similarity between the leader of the U.S. and the leader of Israel is a shared failure. Both Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu have utterly failed at slowing down the Iranian nuclear program. Worse is that they have both allowed the regime in Teheran to gain more legitimacy in the international community, as well as allow them to develop essential strategic partnerships.

Instead of calling out Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the rest of the Ayatollah-controlled Iranian regime for the maniacal, caliphate-obsessed, racist, murderous entity it is, Barack Obama instructed his State Department to enter into talks with the terrorist regime. This allowed them legitimacy previously unknown to a country who has worked tirelessly to develop weapons that can wipe the entire Western World off the map. As the brilliant Caroline Glick pointed out in the Jerusalem Post on Thursday, “Rouhani’s trip to New York next week will be a welcome relief for the Iranian leader. Finally, he’ll be somewhere where he’s appreciated, even loved.”

Glick explains, “Ahead of his trip to America, the U.S. media continued its practice of presenting Rouhani as a moderate, and a natural ally for the U.S. NBC News’ Anne Curry interviewed Rouhani in Tehran, focusing her attention on his dim view of Islamic State.”

According to Glick, this has infuriated the Israelis. “The U.S. media and political establishment’s willingness to take Rouhani at his word when he says that he’s a moderate,” Glick says, “is one of the reasons that [Israeli] Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz was in such a desolate mood on Wednesday.”

There was also the question and answer posed by Avi Issacharoff in The Times of Israel on Sunday, “Remember the danger posed by Tehran’s drive to the bomb, and Obama’s pledge to foil it? Well, nobody else in the US seems to.”

The Obama Administration has allowed Rouhani to control the narrative and because of it, the evil Iranian leadership has only gotten more powerful. The U.S. has even discussed partnering with Iran because Obama has rendered the U.S. too weak to deal with ISIS on its own. In fact, Iran has offered to fight ISIS with the U.S. in exchange for (surprise, surprise) a relaxed stance on its nuclear program.

Also, according to The Times of Israel, “for the first time, Chinese warships docked in an Iranian port Saturday as Beijing and Tehran prepared to conduct a series of joint naval drills.” Additionally, Iran and Russia have been in talks to boost their nuclear relations, with, “the heads of Iran and Russia’s state-run nuclear agencies discuss[ing] the construction of new nuclear plants in Iran,” according to the Washington Free Beacon. Obama has not enacted a single policy that has slowed down the Iranians and he has expressed very little real interest in doing so.

This same boon for Iran is a failure for Netanyahu. Despite all of the attention given to fighting with Hamas and the sham peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Benjamin Netanyahu took office declaring that stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons would be the legacy of his administration. Netanyahu has failed to drum up support from any potential significant allies to impede Iran’s nuclear aspirations. While Israel has been suspected of carrying out a number of actual and cyber-attacks on Teheran, Iran appears to be on pace to surpass the black and red line Netanyahu physically drew out as the nuclear danger zone in his address to the United Nations in 2012.

Sadly, two once-great democracies, the United States and Israel, are being horribly damaged by their stubborn and power-hungry leaders. Obama and Netanyahu have sadly shown no regret with regard to their irresponsible policy and until more people are willing to speak out against them, they will continue to do what is convenient, as opposed to what is right, as is there nature. The next time elections roll around for both countries, it would be prudent for the electorate to be more considerate as to who they put in office, as Obama and Netanyahu have proven, their lives very well may literally depend on it.

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