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How a Bernie Sanders socialist presidency could destroy America and you

Written By | Feb 20, 2020

WASHINGTON: The day after a Bernie Sanders’ inauguration the United States will begin an immediate rapid decline into totalitarianism. He will collaborate with his co-socialists, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk, to implement socialism through legislation. Simultaneously his minions in Antifa will be ramping up to forcibly undermine the Constitution.

The hooded, violent , left-wing demonstrators of Antifa.

Transformation into socialism will be fast, and violent

It will not take as long as one might think because they will have total control of the mainstream media who will act as their ministry of propaganda. That ministry will bombard Americans with communist ideology and the need for “reasonable” laws to suppress freedom in order to implement that ideology.

Among their first tactics will to be to confiscate all weapons, not in the hands of their government. (Virginia Gun Grab: Could It Happen In Your State, Too?)

Once that has happened the fall into the inferno that is communism will be swift and unrelenting.

Along the way to that Stalinist ideological that Sanders and his followers visualize, all privately owned property will be confiscated, all churches, synagogues, and mosques closed and turned into daycare centers where the children will be brainwashed into the joys of communism.

The American Dream destroyed

With all property firmly in the hands of the central government, each person will be assigned their living quarters according to their status within the party. Maybe their spouse and children will be allowed to share that space, and maybe not.

Each person will be assigned a duty to the state, again with reference to the party loyal.

Maybe their new duties will be in the occupation you have chosen, maybe not, it all depends on the whims of the central government. If they determine that you’re best suited to be a dishwasher at a government cafeteria, then a dishwasher you will be until the day you die.

Bernie Sanders and the real life lessons of Socialism

A few will make it into the communist party oligarchy and live comfortable lives off the backs of the masses who will toil to sustain them. While those same masses will be unable to sustain themselves. As the oligarchs live in comfort, the masses will subsist in abject poverty, the likes of which no one in America does today.

If this sounds like some Republican fantasy conjured to instill fear of a Sanders presidency, think again.

This is the exact scenario that has played out in every nation that became communist, either by force or by-election, as happened in Venezuela.

In each case, the very first major undertaking was disarming the civilian population. Once that task is complete, the rest follows, because as Mao Zedong famously said, “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” When only the government has guns, everyone else is at their mercy.

Next will be confiscation of all property, which means corporations, businesses, both large and small, and finally individuals. Your house will belong to the government to do with as they will. Let’s say you own a three or four bedroom, 2,400 square foot home, and it is you, spouse, and two children living in that house.

Socialism and American politics: The strange involvement of both parties -9/14/2018

The regional political boss may believe that it is too large a space for four people, and move another family of three in with you, giving each 1,200 square feet of living space. More than enough for anyone.

Think that can’t happen here, well so did the people of Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, and Venezuela. Yet their homes were taken from them, and resistors imprisoned in reeducation camps.

So down to the actual life you under a Sanders presidency.

Let’s say that before Sanders is elected you are a small business owner, with a shoe repair shop in an upper-middle-class neighborhood, and business is doing well. It earns you $75,000 a year after expenses. You employ two people, one assistant repairman, and one office person. After years of saving every expendable dollar, you and your spouse bought a 2,100 square foot ranch house for you and two children.

You are living the American dream.

Then the Sanders government confiscates your business, after all, capitalism is hated by them, and they try to run it themselves. The oligarch in charge of the district turns the business and your house over to a young, inexperienced office person because she is a member of the Sanders’ party.

You can do nothing because the pistol you owned to defend your business and family were confiscated. Every privately owned weapon has been confiscated through the use of the 4473 forms required on every firearm purchased since 1968.

So revolution is out of the question.

The Bernie Brothers will rule you.

Sanders, Sanders Presidency, Socialism, Socialist, Communism, American Dream

Horst Wessel an der Spitze seines Sturmes in Nürnberg, 1929 – Lead Image:  Nürnberg, Horst Wessel mit SA-Sturm Horst Wessel an der Spitze seines Sturmes in Nürnberg, 1929 Abgebildete Personen: Wessel, Horst: SA-Sturmführer, 1930 erschossen, Deutschland (GND 118631721) – CC BY-SA 3.0 de File:Bundesarchiv Bild 147-0503, Nürnberg, Horst Wessel mit SA-Sturm.jpg

Losing your home, business, and the American Dream

Unable to do anything else, your family is forcibly removed to a 450 square foot apartment, where the children sleep on the floor because it has only one bedroom. No longer a business owner, you have to work as a waiter in the restaurant reserved for the party faithful as punishment because you were a hated capitalist. Under Sanders, like Obama, it does not belong to you.

Big Brother Obama hopes to change history – Trump didn’t do it. I did

Your wife has to work in the same restaurant as a cook’s helper, on a different shift. Your combined income is $55 a week.

Any objection to anything forced upon you and family leads to being sent to a reeducation camp for many years, possibly for life. You will be punished in every way possible because you were a capitalist who believed in the American dream, maybe even voted for Trump.

As demonstrated by Project Veritas undercover videos, they want to punish you for your belief in God, Country, and capitalism. It won’t be pretty.  It will be violent. It will result in the deaths of millions of Americans.

Can America become Cuba or Venezuela?

Extrapolate this fictitious scenario to you and every conservative in this country and you can visualize what a Sanders presidency would be like. To those who do not believe such a thing is possible, ask anyone in Venezuela who has undergone this exact treatment at the hands of their communist rulers. Or rent the movie Dr. Zhivago, which shows what happens to an upper-class Russian family after the communist revolution in 1917.

Still don’t believe such a thing is possible in America?

Neither did I when Obama ran for President in 2008. I never voted for him, after all, I’m a veteran and could not abide by anyone who would sit still and defend a pastor who shouts “God damn America, ” from his pulpit. Yet I wasn’t overly concerned; thinking, how much harm can he do in four years?

Looking back on history, the term Sturmabteilung or Brown Shirt predates the founding of the Nazi Party in 1919. The Storm Detachment was the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi part, supporting the rise of Hitler in the 1920s and 1930s.

What happened was unbelievable.   And quick. Before the people understood the Party and the party goals.

How Obama started our decline into Socialism / Communism

In his first four years, Obama took over our entire health care system, usurped our FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and every other executive branch agency, turning them into his very own secret police to undermine freedom.

He used the deep state to spy on his hapless opponent, Mitt Romney, all to ensure his reelection. And the power of the office that the globalist socialist cabal that is no longer hiding in the shadows wants to wield.

Puppet Master George Soros had Obama investigate enemies; has Zuckerberg in crosshairs

Once reelected, President Obama went ballistic; ruling by executive order, violating our constitution, dismantling the military, turning it into an effeminate, homosexual bastion whose main mission became social justice at the expense of national security.

To accomplish this he purged every remaining effective admiral and general, retaining only those who kissed his ring to be social justice warriors.

The communist takeover that will occur if Sanders is elected. What Barry O started in eight short years, will be completed if Sanders wins. It would have happened under Hillary. And it starts with the Democrats stealing the election, even if it means Sanders wins.

Only Donald J. Trump stood in the way of this nightmare, and his reelection is the only way to stop its resurrection by voting for Trump in 2020.

Sanders’ presidency will not only put us in metaphorical chains, but the bread lines Sanders thinks are good.



Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.