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How 21st-century conservative moms can protect our future

Written By | Mar 16, 2015

WASHINGTON, March 16, 2015 — The America of the 21st century is far, far different from the America that moms of the past century raised their children in. Society has changed dramatically, and one of the casualties is Christian conservative values.

What do young conservative moms in this still-new century face in protecting their children and the nation as a whole? Are there ways that a Christian child’s innocence and childhood can still be preserved as external forces like increased sexuality, violence, terrorism, social media bullying, drugs and broken families and broken homes increase?

Being a mom has typically been a task that requires the ability to wear several hats, and each hat comes with its own challenges. Besides being a nurturer, caretaker, home budget analyst, on-site doctor, family budget keeper, maid, cook, teacher and friend, mom is also the teacher and re-enforcer of morality.

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In the 21st century, many of those roles and responsibilities have become more essential as the very fabric of the family structure is threatened. A conservative mom in this century has to fight against her child’s being attacked in school by a student with a gun, a terrorist with a bomb or a classmate social media bully.

A mom must now worry about whether the smile of her child one morning as he heads to the school bus will be the last one she ever sees.

In addition, the mom of the 21st century is not simply listening to her child discuss a classmate’s dad and mom. Now her child’s classmate’s dad and dad or mom and mom are presented as the new norm that must be accepted. The child also sees the legal battles on television, where mainstream media reporters attack conservative moms and dads for standing up for their Christian beliefs.

How safe is it for a child to speak up about Christian morality in a classroom where the teacher speaks against it, and the school administration forbids it? Should a child simply hide his or her beliefs for fear of ridicule? The mom may even be in trouble if she shares her own old textbooks about a traditional mom and dad in a home.

Yet in the classroom, her child is using textbooks that force the child to learn and “accept” homosexual lifestyles, and the mother may feel as if she has little or no recourse.

A conservative mom and dad have plenty of company, despite a March 2008 misinformed and disingenuous claim by then Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, that, “We are no longer a Christian nation.” His remarks could not have been further from the truth. According to a Gallup poll in December 2013:

Three quarters of all Americans — a supermajority — identify themselves as Christians, with only five percent saying they are practicing members of a non-Christian faith,” reported CNS News.

Therefore running toward their Christian faith and not away is the best way for parents to deal with attacks on Christianity in America.

Power to Change, a pro-Christian web site, advocates that parents can take control of many of the circumstances that can put stress on the family and especially their children. For a 21st-century mom, taking control and identifying negative impacts, like assaults on family Christian faith, is far better than creating a plastic bubble and hiding her child from them.

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When a mom directly faces the fears of raising her child or children in the 21st century, her child can be a direct beneficiary of her strength. A child must see her mom and dad stand up for the family’s conservative values. This will be a gift that will bear immeasurable fruit for the child as an adult, when challenged.

The mom who decides to stand in the middle of the American conservative values arena for her child will create a ripple effect throughout American communities due to social media support. Her principled stand allows others like her to re-examine their commitment to the values that define their core Christian principles.

Another site, Pravmir, suggests that the challenges of raising children to be Christians in the 21st century can be successfully accomplished by parents in several ways. First, parents should read a Bible story to their child each night before bed. This will allow the child to reflect on his or her day and tie in biblical values to that day and their activities.

Second, and equally important, conservative moms can protect their children by strengthening them through praying together daily. Praying at meals actually creates a bond where the family connects, shares and promotes moral strength and thankfulness. By pausing, each member of the family is actually reflecting on the divineness of God in their own home.

One challenge that moms cannot ignore is how permissiveness has not only taken hold of the morality and questionable ethical values that are being promoted but also has actually been embraced by elected and societal leaders. The mainstream media, Hollywood as well as the Oval Office occupant, have manufactured a culture that assaults conservative Christian or traditional values.

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Conservative moms must first identify each component of this new negative anti-religious, anti-constitutional, anti-traditional value system and build bridges with other conservative moms and parents to combat and eliminate the threat in their homes, child’s school, their community and the nation.

Of course, the pathway to protecting the freedom and future of the conservative mom’s children will not be an easy one, but it will certainly be worth the battle. Here is a biblical guide to assist the conservative mom.

Mark 9:42 “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”

Kevin Fobbs

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