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Hollywood spox Milano calls for unity; Trump supporters say pound sand

Written By | Nov 25, 2020
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Branco cartoon used with permission

With the liberals on the West coast salivating over a possible Biden/Harris Presidency, their unappointed mouth-piece, Allyssa Milano tweets out a call for healing, unity, moving forward together.  This is not so much a plea for everyone to join together in a Zoom Kumbaya moment as the realization that somewhere between seventy-one and seventy-five million people will be boycotting Hollywood.  And Hollywood needs bodies in movie theater seats in order to survive.

Why this change of heart?  Milano is the producer of some Christmas Netflix show, and hopes Christians and Evangelicals will tune in.  This means a #BoycottYouAreMyHome #BoycottMilano need to start trending.

But no Trump supporter will be paying money to see any movie featuring Robert De Niro, Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) or spend time on a film produced by Milano.

Trump supporters boycott the music of Madonna.  And have long stopped watching late-night entertainment TV that stopped being comedy when Jay Leno left the Tonight Show. Not because of political difference, but their hatred of more than half of America because we have a political difference.

There is little chance that many of the millions of Trump supporters will forget the actions of Milano or others as they spewed their vitriol. Milano’s call for Biden supporters to find  “a lot of humility and compassion right now. Anger and triumphalism is less helpful.”

It’s a drastic change of course for the actress, following months of her public deriding of Trump, and essentially the entire Republican Party.

Hollywood had a choice, and they blew it

Those denizens of the silver screen truly believe they could come out and disparage the President and his supporters and we would still be drawn to their sad offerings of over-priced cinematic offerings.  But it will not happen.  They are relying on the fact that prior to President Trump, knowing that the West coasters were liberals, we would plop down $50 to sit in a darkened theater with a friend and munch on overpriced popcorn.

Only they failed to do one thing actors are not known for.  They failed to keep their mouths shut. And Trump supporters will not accept a rotting olive branch from Milano or anyone else.

Milano and Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Milano was front and center glaringly sitting behind Judge Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearing. It is interesting to note her opposition was based on women not being treated as sexual use objects due to her past assaults.   One would think she would have more decorum when it comes to her “girls” in such a solemn setting.

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In October of 2018, during the Kavanaugh hearings, Milano wrote an op-ed for CNN We can’t let Trump and Kavanaugh be America’s face in which she writes:

Can we doubt that, if we confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, this further institutionalization of sexual violence will not rear its ugly head in myriad unseen ways throughout our nation? Like it has in the facilities where we forcibly detain children? In my name? In your name?
We cannot confirm Brett Kavanaugh. We cannot allow another generation of women and children to grow up knowing their government and those acting in its name see us as less than human.
We cannot let Kavanaugh and Trump be the lasting face of who we are as a nation.

And they did their best to destroy both Kavanaugh and Trump. Allegations made against Kavanaugh, like those against Trump, without a basis of fact. Instead, Milano uses tears and cloth rending to stir up an emotional, versus factual, response.  As many have said, Blasey-Ford may have been assaulted, but it was not by Brett Kavanaugh.  There is no evidence, just Ford’s unremarkable memory that laid unremembered for decades.

But this was enough for Milano to make false accusations and threats to the Kavanaugh family and against the President. Noting the obvious, people completing affidavits of voter fraud in the 2020 election are not considered evidence. Even when videos and photos exits. Double-Standard? For the Democrats, absolutely.

Democrats celebrating the assumed win of Joe Biden

But it may well be a party interrupted by the facts coming out regarding voting regulators, fraud, and vote switching by Dominion voting systems and the Smartmatic and Scytl software. This story is still emerging, however, the preponderance of evidence – from affidavits to the actual server contents – does demand everyone take a deep breath and wait for the appeal process to play out.  Something Democrats simply do not want to do.

But that, with Democrats’ quest for power, regardless of how they have to steal it, is disingenuous. Because if they really believe Biden fairly won, they would be supporting, not hindering, the process.  But then that is what it is all about.

Power.  The power to destroy America.

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