Hobby Lobby & unions: Twin government coercions ended


LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2014 — The United States Supreme Court on Monday issued a pair of rulings that pushed back on what many Americans see as a government assault on individual freedoms.

In a victory for crafts chain store Hobby Lobby, the SCOTUS ruled that private companies will not have to comply with Affordable Care Act mandates that conflict with the religious beliefs of the company owners. Hobby Lobby will not have to provide their employees with free contraception coverage as mandated by Obamacare

In another ruling, the SCOTUS ruled that public sector unions cannot force home healthcare workers to join unions and pay dues. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) can no longer deduct money from worker paychecks without consent from the workers.

While neither ruling was a complete surprise, it was welcome relief for conservatives frustrated by a government seen as encroaching on freedoms that had existed since the Founding Fathers. The rulings were a severe setback for President Obama, who also had his wings clipped last week by the High Court with regards to his unconstitutional recess appointments.

Also unsurprising was the reaction from the American left. Rather than gracefully adhere to the “win some, lose some,” dictum, lashing out at the court’s conservatives was immediate. The criticisms were as noxious as they were factually incorrect.

“Weekend at Bernie’s” lead character and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to Twitter to rail that “It’s time that five men on the Supreme Court stop deciding what happens to women.”

Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz injected the sexism card, as she frequently does. She angrily declared that “It is no surprise that Republicans have seed against women on this issue as they have consistently opposed a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.”

From the mythical war on women to the equally fanciful war on workers, liberal Democrats were forced by the SCOTUS to accept what they would never voluntarily accept on their own. Some Americans simply disagree with liberals, and want to live their lives freely without intervention from the nanny state.

Nobody is forced to work for Hobby Lobby or any other company. Employees have free will to interview with companies of their choosing. The SCOTUS ruling did not ban contraception. Women will not be forced into back-alley abortions, and women will not be raped in the streets en masse. All the Hobby Lobby ruling did was make it clear that companies cannot be forced into bankrupting themselves by paying for contraception. If the money is a negligible amount, then the employees can pay for it themselves on their own time on their own dime. Liberals constantly preach about the separation of church and state when it is the church imposing its will on the state. Now the SCOTUS is remaining consistent by stating that the state cannot impose its secularism on the church either. Separation means exactly that.

With regards to the Illinois home health care workers, the court did not ban unions. All they did in a narrow ruling was make joining these public sector unions voluntary. Unions claim that they best represent workers, but many workers simply disagree with that claim. When given the choice, most workers choose not to unionize.

Liberal politicians will refer to both of these 5-4 decisions as “sharply divided” rulings issued by a “conservative wing” of the court. This is meant to undermine the legitimacy of the decisions. When liberals win 5-4 decisions as they did with Roe vs. Wade and the original Obamacare ruling, no such qualifiers are included.

So to liberals everywhere who understand the importance of language, these two cases involving government overreach are for the moment “settled law.”

Employees can still seek work wherever they like. Employers can offer free contraception as an inducement to get workers they desire. They can also choose not to offer it. There is freedom for the employers and employees. Workers can join unions if they seek to do so and reject unionization if they so desire. Companies have no right to stop employees from organizing, nor are they required to give in to union demands.

In the simplest of terms, liberals are free under the Constitution to pursue their liberal agenda. Conservatives are free to refuse to comply with aspects of that agenda based on honest disagreements and philosophy. If coercion is required to implement an ideology, the ideology may be flawed to begin with.

That is the heart of these Supreme Court rulings. Between these cases and the collapse of television’s “The View,” this week marks a victory for those who love freedom, liberty and intelligence.

President Obama and his supporters may huff and puff, but once again they has been put on notice. The SCOTUS also has a pen, and they are not afraid to use it to rein King Obama and his excesses in.

These rulings will not end all government bullying, but for now, there is some relief for those trying to live their lives free of twin coercions. Those on the losing side of these rulings are still free to scream, rage on, and engage in hyperbolic nonsense.

They are also free to obey the law and go pound sand if they so choose.

The left could try to govern by consensus rather than coercion, but no court can force them to alter their thinking that their beliefs should be inflicted on everybody else simply because they demand it so.

Thankfully, the SCOTUS can and did limit their acting out these thoughts.

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  • Ellen

    Great column!!!

  • taxedtodeath

    Obamacvare does not address the issue, which is the high cost of health care and insurance. All it does is mandate that one has to buy insurance. The “plan” is that the young people who statistacally do not use health care will pay for those who can not afford to pay (the same ones who couldn’t pay for it before) Of course the youing will say screw paying several thousand dollar a year for health insurance they want use and opt out to just pay the meager fine so this system will fail or thye middle class will be taxed even higher to pay for it. Now this ruling which is interesting in that they are giving another waiver to “religion”, which is a bunch of people who “believe” in a magical spirit. So why do dillusional people get breraks and the average guy doesn’t??

  • BoB

    When will the government get out of to Social Engineering business ? Everything they touch, without fail, turns to a bucket of worms.

  • Magic Newton

    The forces of today’s liberalism are the same forces that impelled its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors.