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History of election fraud at the retail level: 2020 was no different

Written By | Feb 4, 2021
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Election poster: in the public domain Florida ballot – Bush vs. Gore

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.,—Vote fraud has been going on probably since the beginning of voting. Before you can appreciate the magnitude of The 2020 Steal, it is important to understand the routine ways in which elections in this country are manipulated. It is a fine art which, unfortunately, both parties engage in but at which Democrats excel.

Lyndon Johnson began his political career with an election win due to ballot-stuffing.

Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley delivered Cook County Illinois to John F. Kennedy in 1960—thus winning the state and the presidential election for Kennedy. It has been reported that Richard Nixon knew about the steal but decided not to pursue it for the good of the country. (HOW KENNEDY STOLE THE WHITE HOUSE!)

Such standing on principle is rare today when Democrats fight tooth and nail to win—by any means necessary.

The 1960 election was so close that one steal in one Democrat city and county was all it took.

The same thing almost happened in 2000, when Palm Beach County in Florida almost turned the state for Gore. The myth of the “hanging chad” lives on but in truth, those punch cards were easy to use. (Note: The author voted in several elections in Florida using that system from 1990-1995.) The little punch “chads” come away easily…unless you’re trying to punch multiple ballots at the same time.

One of the country’s foremost authorities on election fraud is John Fund, who in 2004 wrote Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy. It was updated in 2008. In 2012, he and Hans von Spakovsky wrote a follow-up work, Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk.

We know Biden stole the Presidential election, the numbers don’t add up

Things have not gotten much better in the two following elections.

With some notable exceptions, they’ve only gotten worse. While Florida, under a Republican governor and Secretary of State, seems to have gotten their fraud under control, that does not mean that fraud wasn’t attempted.

In Wisconsin, where voter ID was put in place, fraudsters have figured out a way around it by declaring “indefinite confinement.” With such a declaration, you don’t have to show up with your ID to sign up for an absentee ballot. Clerks in heavily Democratic counties Dane (Madison) and Milwaukee illegally encouraged individuals to use indefinite confinement as a way to dodge photo ID laws this past spring. The total number for the 2020 presidential election was 171,900—a 238% increase in one year.

Biden won Wisconsin by only 20,682 votes.

How many of those votes were fraudulent? How many went for Biden? We don’t know—and that’s the point. Create fraud where it cannot be detected. Andrew McCarthy writes in National Review that it is likely that the “indefinite confinement” vote alone would not have changed the outcome of the election.

Maybe not, and if that’s the only fraud that occurred, then Biden won Wisconsin.

But if we dig down just a little bit more, we find a number of other fraudulent activities across all the close-run states. Dick Morris made a handy summary of many of them on January 8, 2021.

Since under the Constitution elections are conducted by the states and each state conducts its election procedures slightly differently, the measures of fraud differ depending on the state.

One thing that all states have in common, however, is that the Constitution vests the power of setting election procedures in the hands of the state legislature alone.

In Pennsylvania, the state supreme court changed the rules about counting ballots all by themselves.

And there are irregularities in the mail-in balloting. Jordan Davidson, writing in The Federalist on November 16, 2020 points out—using the state’s own data—that some 35,000 ballots were marked as being mailed out and returned on the same day. Thousands more were returned before they were even requested!

Morris cites thirteen separate types of fraud.

A few of these include fabrication of phony votes (Atlanta), destroying Trump ballots (Arizona), counting unsigned ballots (Pennsylvania), and barring official election observers from watching the process (Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada).

The combined effect of all these activities resulted in questionable ballots in numbers greater than the eventual margin of victory. All of these activities are in violation of state law.

Even the left-leaning NPR admitted on December 2, 2020 that narrow wins in six key states led Biden to victory:

Considering these numbers, were the efforts at garden variety vote fraud enough to push Biden over the top in these six states? Maybe–but why leave it to chance?

Wider use of mail-in ballots and electronic counting systems made cheating on an industrial scale feasible for the first time. Therein lies Snowden’s secret.

Al Maurer

Al Maurer is a political scientist and founder of The Voice of Liberty. He writes on topics of limited government and individual rights.