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Hillary cornered in a Las Vegas gym on server wipe

Written By | Aug 19, 2015

WASHINGTON, Aug. 29, 2015 –Fox News correspondent Ed Henry has the organized left’s two-minute hate going into overtime. Henry asked Hillary Clinton a tough question on which the Clinton rapid-response team at Media Matters failed to comment.

“Did you wipe the [computer] server?” asked Henry in reference to the thousands of emails erased from Mrs. Clinton’s home computer server.

Media to nation: Pay no attention to G-Men tailing Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (hard left) reacts to questions posed by Fox News correspondent Ed Henry (right).

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (hard left) reacts to questions posed by Fox News correspondent Ed Henry (right).

“What, with a cloth or something?” quipped Hillary. “I don’t know how it works [the server] digitally at all. I do not have any…”

“You did not erase the hard drive?” Henry pressed.

“Ed, I know you want to make a point,” replied Clinton, “and all I can do is repeat what I have said…”

“It’s a simple question,” said Henry.

“In order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server. They [the FBI] can do whatever they want to to the server – to figure out what’s there and what’s not there. That’s for the, you know, people investigating it to try to figure out,” said a frustrated Hillary.

NBC News correspondent Tom Winter tweeted, “Three [FBI] sources say an effort was made to wipe Clinton’s hard drive. FBI is optimistic it can recover some data.”

On its website, NBC News added, “Clinton’s campaign has previously acknowledged that there was an attempt to wipe the [email] server before it was turned over last week to the FBI.”

Hillary haunted by Dark Triad men – Bill and Donald


Clinton campaign minions are more than willing to put Hillary in the White House; they just draw the line when it comes to serving hard time in a federal lockdown for lying to FBI investigators.

Every political conspiracy has its limitations.

Hillary-Vegas-LV-800The Clinton campaign will have to rev­­ up its media attack machine to smear any outlet that doggedly covers the Clinton email scandal, especially those that ask the kinds of questions a U.S. Attorney might pose within earshot of a grand jury.

The urgency among Clinton’s campaign team is to get Hillary into the White House before subpoenas are issued and criminal indictments are handed down.

The office of president is shielded from all but impeachment trials. And House Republicans have proven themselves less than competent when prosecuting a Clinton before the United States Senate.

Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.