Hillary Clinton will crush Bernie Sanders to win Democrat nomination

Bernie Sanders is a dead man walking because Hillary Clinton will not allow him to win the nomination. Hillary has the money and the machine.

Bernie Sanders - Jillary Clinton - Adaptive work by Donkey Hotey for Flickr - some rights reserved by artist
Bernie Sanders - Jillary Clinton - Adaptive work by Donkey Hotey for Flickr - some rights reserved by artist

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2015 — Bernie Sanders is not going to be president. Take all the poker chips, push them to the center of the table and bet everything. Bernie Sanders has zero point zero zero chance of being the next commander-in-chief.

Since his supporters worship him with the same cultlike fervor of demigods past, it will take overwhelming evidence to dissuade them. Even then, the ideologically blind will ignore the evidence. For everyone else, there are two reasons Sanders will lose the Democratic nomination.

One reason Sanders is a dead man walking is that Hillary Clinton will not allow him to win the nomination. Hillary has the money and the machine. She is financially able and more than willing to win at any and all costs. She will get as deep in the political gutter as necessary. Naturally, she will not leave any fingerprints because her associates will do the dirty work for her. Her marketing team is ready to batter Sanders with one hundred million dollars’ worth of negative ads.

James Carville and the old gang are prepared to start the whisper campaign.

Socialist Bernie Sanders: America’s desperate cry for help

Despite being old herself, Sanders is even older. Expect anonymous quotes about senility and mental instability.

Sanders is also Jewish.

Hillary’s people will push the anti-Semitic dual loyalty charge while denying they are doing so. This will allow them to simultaneously appeal to the anti-Semitic left while not losing their grip on Jewish liberals desperate for acceptance in the liberal coalition.

Hillary’s subordinates will spread the worst of the anti-Jewish bile to allow Hillary to remain above the fray.

When playing the age and religion cards grow tiresome, there is always the gender card. Hillary will attack Sanders for writing poetry as a young man that seemingly endorsed rape. Hillary’s own husband has been accused of rape, but that is not the same as using Sanders’ own words against him.

There is also the race card. Hillary is married to a man once described as “the first black president.”

Sanders is a senator from the lily-white state of Vermont. His supporters are overwhelmingly white. Expect Hillary to focus on that. Black Lives Matter agitators already successfully disrupted one Sanders event.

BLM has funding ties to George Soros, who has long wanted Hillary to be in charge. If Sanders cannot stand up to a couple angry young activists, he certainly will not be able to withstand the Clinton attack machine, which will fund many more of these agitators. These disrupters are hired mercenaries, not true believers. Again, Hillary has all the money.

Hillary will attack from every direction. Negative ads work. Sanders will be obliterated.

The second problem Sanders has is that he is publicly honest about his views. Republicans win elections when they run conservatives and lose when they nominate moderates. Democrats win only when they convince enough Americans that a liberal is a moderate. In a center-right nation, those on the left have to lie about who they are and what they believe to get elected.

Why Hillary Clinton has to hide from the voters

George McGovern, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis were all principled, honest liberals who suffered electoral landslide defeats. Jimmy Carter fooled enough people the first time but could not run from his liberal failed record the second time. He was also trounced. Democrats got the message.

They had to lie all the time. Americans would love their policies in the long run, so the ends justified the means. Al Gore and John Kerry almost lied their way to victory. Bill Clinton abandoned liberalism after suffering a humiliating 1994 midterm route. Barack Obama hid who he was. His 2012 re-election came by painting his opponent as an uncaring, unfeeling plutocrat.

Hillary Clinton is not going to let anybody know what she believes. She will stand for nothing unless it has popular approval.

Bernie Sanders is an honest leftist, and an honest leftist has never won the White House.

Supporters of Sanders will note that he has been drawing huge crowds. Twenty-eight thousand people came out to see him in Los Angeles. These crowds are illusory.

The lowest attended professional football games that same week saw at least twice that attendance. Those were for preseason games that do not even count. People paid money to attend practice games. Political rallies are free. Even conceding that 28,000 is an impressive political turnout, Howard Dean had massive crowds. So did Ron Paul.

These are the same upper-middle class white college kids who like attending rallies where all war is illegal and marijuana is legal. These same kids confuse likes on a Facebook page with actual support. To this day, young Ron Paul supporters are bewildered that Mitt Romney earned 60 million more votes than Paul did. Older people do not spend all day in Internet chat rooms or on message boards. They do not attend rallies. They just vote. Richard Nixon’s silent majority always slaps down the unruly minority when it actually counts.

Wealthy liberals talk a good game about ideological purity, but they crave winning at all costs. People who threaten to move to Europe if a Republican is elected are not going to increase the odds of that happening. Liberals may be ideologues in their hearts, but they are coldhearted pragmatists when push comes to shove. This is why Howard Dean flamed out and John Kerry became the uninspiring but acceptable alternative.

Sanders is determined to run an honest campaign about ideas. He wants to run a positive campaign about how to improve America. Even conservative Republicans who believe he is totally wrong can respect his sincerity. Positive campaigns did not work for John Edwards or Bill Bradley. Gutter politics works, especially when Democrats are determined to elect a minority at all costs and that minority will scorch the earth to win.

Sanders is pure Vermont, a Ben and Jerry’s helping of Cherry Garcia ice cream. He goes over well in the summer silly season. He will be ignored on the shelf when the cold winter of the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primaries take place. Hillary Clinton is pure fire, and she will rage and burn her way to the nomination.

Hillary Clinton will crush Bernie Sanders. The only question is how ruthless the attack will be and the level of brutality of the results.


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