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Hillary Clinton: Washington DC “fun camp” director

Written By | Mar 23, 2015

MILLINOCKET, Maine, March 22, 2015 — Speaking to the American Camp Association in New Jersey, Hillary Clinton offered an idea: “We really need to have camps for adults… none of the serious stuff – none of the life challenge stuff… more fun. I think we have a huge ‘fun deficit’ in America.”

Hillary also spoke about the lack of cooperation in Washington. “We’ve lost relationship-building and consensus-building,” she lamented.

Well, if we could get adults to cooperate in these camps, maybe a better term would be “adult camping” although that may not be the kind of cooperation Hillary intended. Bill would be on board with that concept in a New York minute.

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Why not just declare all of D.C. a theme park? After all, it is the original Fantasyland. Then allow camping on the National Mall for all adults seeking relationship and consensus.
The list of games and activities for the fun camps would be endless. has already posed a number of challenges for campers.

Imagine campfires on the mall… or bocce tournaments… or canoeing and kayaking in the reflection pools. There could be three-legged races in front of the Capitol building and ring-toss or beanbag competitions beside the Washington Monument.

A great fun camp requires great spaces and D.C. would be perfect for Hillary’s idea.


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