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Hillary Clinton seizes Obama’s torch on the war on coal

Written By | Mar 15, 2016

PASADENA, Calif., March 14, 2016 – During a town hall event in Ohio over the weekend, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies” out of business.  The comment, which garnered no applause, came in front of crowd that hails from the ninth largest coal producing state in the union and at a time when the labor participation rate in the United States is at its lowest point in four decades.

Hillary’s comments, if made by any other candidate, would be deemed reprehensible, especially considering the fact that there is a very real war on coal in this country. The Obama administration has embarked on a calculated and destructive crusade over the last seven years to rid the country of the coal industry, and it has had very real effects on the people who can least afford to fall on hard times.

In the last five years, 50,000 Americans lost their jobs in the coal industry largely due to excessive government regulations. President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” is expected to not only cost $2.5 trillion, but it will cost the economy over 100,000 jobs as well.

The hardest hit in this unnecessary war on coal are of course those coal miners, whom Hillary can’t wait to lay off, who work in states like Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, which have a large coal industry.

In Kentucky, the coal industry has been devastated. Fox portrayed that reality in the following video:

How does Hillary Clinton look these men in the eye and repeat the comments she made over the weekend?

Recently, the liberal governor of Oregon signed a bill into law that eliminates coal from the power grid over the next 15 years, which effectively bans coal producers from the state, and she was applauded for her decision in liberal circles. No talk about how impractical and inefficient renewable energy is at this point and we are years away from being where solar and wind can adequately replace fossil fuels, if it’s even possible.

Everywhere you look, the left is systematically trying to erase an entire industry when the economy is engaged in one of the weakest recoveries in modern history.

Why would Democrats, who claim to represent the average American worker, do something this destructive to the economy?  Ideology.

Climate change hysteria has swept the nation in such a polarizing fashion that our own Justice Department is considering whether to criminally charge “climate change deniers.” The EPA has already thrown Americans in jail for “environment crimes,” and that effort shows no signs of slowing down. The left has clouded the argument with false stats like the talking point that 97 percent of scientists are on the same page on climate change.

Do people create CO2 emissions that affect the atmosphere? Of course they do. But the data on how much they contribute is far from conclusive (in fact, it has been proven wrong many times) and the government has been caught manipulating data to push its narrative.

When the federal government talks about how great their job killing regulations are, they are only talking about affecting temperatures by fractions of a degree in what amounts to a purely symbolic move. Are symbolic measures really worth leaving Americans out of work and literally taking food off the table for hardworking families?

And please, let’s all be rational for a second. The sky is not falling down. The due date for Al Gore’s famous prediction that we were 10 years away from disaster has come and gone.  Global warming isn’t causing more hurricanes, 2015 was not the hottest year on record and the polar bears aren’t dying because of rapidly evaporating ice caps. It is heated and factually inconsistent rhetoric like this that directly contributes to the nastiness we see between both sides of this issue.

Agree with these statistics or not, the point remains that the science is all over the place, and yet the Democrats are more than willing to brag about all the coal miners they are going to send to the unemployment lines. Hillary was literally gloating about how she would ruin the lives of these workers. Somehow that is something to be proud of in today’s Democratic Party.

Apparently, that kind of language is considered leadership these days. Rather than come up with common sense bi-partisan measures that look out for the environment and also protect the American worker, we have a situation where Democratic presidential candidates earn votes by promising to put Americans out of work. Sad times we live in.


Andrew Mark Miller