Hillary Clinton: Queen Esther or Lady Macbeth?

Both are women that altered history - one remembered more fondly than the other


LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2014 — Throughout the world, Jews are celebrating Purim, a holiday that spotlights female empowerment. The central figure of the Purim story is Queen Esther, a brave woman who used her intelligence, grace, cunning, guile, and yes, her beauty, to defeat evil King Ahashverosh.

Esther is a heroine who achieved power. She is a role model for Jewish women.

Meanwhile, another woman is attempting to become President of the United States by being a role model for women everywhere.

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Hillary Clinton has a burning desire to be President. She is intelligent, hard-working and ruthless. Hillary would love to be seen as following the Esther model. In her version of history, she was the ingenue who defeated the evil Republicans and helped President Bill Clinton build a bridge to the Twenty-first century.

Naturally, her critics paint a different portrait. Hillary is Shakespeare’s Lady MacBeth.

Clinton defenders go ballistic at this comparison, pointing out that Hillary never killed anybody. Next comes the straw man argument that every Republican thinks she murdered Vince Foster.

Vince Foster committed suicide. Hillary did not murder anybody. Those who have actually read Shakespeare know that Lady MacBeth did not kill anyone either.

Lady MacBeth was a power-obsessed woman who road the coattails of her husband to the throne. She had others do her dirty work for her. MacBeth, not his wife, killed King Duncan and Banquo.

Hillary Clinton has Sidney Blumenthal, Paul Begala, James Carville and plenty of other Clintonistas to handle matters in a way that does not ever allow dots to be connected to Madame Hillary. Susan McDougal went to prison for her.

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As much as Hillary would love to play the virtuous Esther role, it just does not fit. Esther did lie to get to the top. She deceived. She seduced. She connived. She also never lost sight of who she was and why she acted in the way she did. She was trying to save the lives of the Jewish people. Haman was a threat to the very survival of all of the Jews. By stopping Haman and Ahashverosh, Esther protected Mordechai and all of the Jewish people. In this case, the ends absolutely justified the means.

Esther put her own life in peril to save others. The cause was larger than herself. What evidence exists that Hillary Clinton has ever looked out for anybody other than herself, her husband and her daughter?

Look at the Benghazi debacle. Hillary is being accused of leaving Americans to die to protect President Obama’s political narrative. Hillary knowingly falsely blamed an Islamofascist attack on an innocent film-maker, who still sits in jail on trumped-up charges. Esther put everybody else first. Hillary throws everybody else under the bus so she can save her own political skin. She even allowed her husband to mistreat many women in various forms over several decades to protect both of their careers.

Esther is a role model because she is the embodiment of female empowerment. She refused to lay down and be a victim. Hillary is all about playing the victim card. Whenever she is threatened, she lashes out against imaginary male oppressors. She sheds tears to gain sympathy.

Esther is universally beloved. There is zero criticism of her among Jews, male and female. The consensus is that she is a hero.

Lady MacBeth is universally hated. Men and women read the play and understand that she was the worst of all possible worlds. She was willing to do anything to gain power but had other people commit evil deeds to satiate her bloodlust.

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Hillary is somewhere between these two women. She has people of both genders who would lay down and die for her. She also has men and women who consider her to be the embodiment of greed, corruption and nastiness. Many of her biggest detractors are women.

Hillary is ethically challenged and far too willing to blame others for her failures. Scandals have followed her throughout her career. Nothing is ever her fault. Her falsely blaming the “vast right-wing conspiracy” for her husband’s infidelities only made her look like the girl who cried wolf.

Not every Hillary Clinton is a rabid, mouth-foamed attack dog. In many cases Hillary Clinton is accused of doing bad things simply because she is guilty of doing them. Unlike Hillary, Esther not only knew the consequences of her actions but was fully prepared to accept the consequences. Esther owned her behavior and took full responsibility before the outcome was known. Hillary’s behavior is the antithesis of Esther. Hillary, Lady MacBeth and Esther all committed vices, but only Esther is known for her virtue.

In the end, Hillary is far closer to Queen MacBeth than Queen Esther. Like Lady MacBeth, Hillary’s rise to the top comes at the expense of other people, not to help other people.

Hillary may want to do good things, but she is willing to cut too many corners, pay too high a price and commit too many bad acts to get to the top. When things go wrong, she blames other villains, many of them imaginary. She makes excuses and tries to justify bad behavior with any number of long-since tired and discredited rationalizations.

Lady MacBeth knew her actions were wrong. Her lust for power at all costs overruled any decency she may have been born with. Women desperate to have a woman President should make sure this does not come at the price of decency. This was tried in 2008 with race. Doing it again with gender would show how little so many people have learned. Lady MacBeth did get to the top, but was still unable to wash the blood off her hands from all the lives she had ruined in her quest for Lord Acton’s absolute power. She was corroded and corrupted absolutely.

Hillary’s dislike of the Lady MacBeth comparison does not make it any less accurate. It is one thing to honor a religious ritual by getting drunk on Purim in celebration of a woman who preserved an entire people. It is quite another just to be drunk on power for power’s own sake.

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  • Derrick Murray

    Hillary Clinton is cool. You say she throws people under the bus. Man or woman would do what she has done to protect their families.