Hillary Clinton: Keeping black voters on the political plantation

Voters need to ask what Hillary has done for them as First Lady, or US Senator, both roles that she could have used to impact Black America

Will Hillary Keep Blacks Shackled on Political Plantation in 2016? photo credit - meme

WASHINGTON, April 19, 2014 – Black voters who mindlessly cast a general election vote for the presumed presidential nominee of the Democratic Party will keep themselves on the political plantation.

The policies of the Democrats have done little to foster positive growth in the minority black community; no one should just pull the blue, or the red, lever without knowing what it means for the future of the country and for them.

In 2016, blacks casting their vote for Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, will make little sense.

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One could reasonably assume that black voters felt some inner moral tugging of pride when they cast a vote for Barack Obama as the first “black” president of the United States. For millions of voters whose ancestors once felt the anguish and painful shackles of slavery, seeing someone who looked like them sitting in the Oval Office made logical sense.

So the blue lever was pulled. There was an emotional reason for many blacks to reach for blue.

Four, or eight, years later, the enchantment with Obama has faded for many black voters, particularly women. Now faced with another Democratic candidate, blacks need to consider whether they want to vote for someone who assumes they will follow inner plantation-minded instincts and vote for Hillary.

For Hillary to assume black America will vote for her is an insult and an outrage.

Selena Owens, vice chair of the Conservative Campaign Committee, appearing on the “Standing at Freedom’s Gate” podcast, says that female black voters will not allow Hillary Clinton to take advantage of their vote in 2016.

Clinton has not shown that she cares, for example, about black mothers who are mourning and outraged when their children are murdered on the streets of their city. Or the struggle of single mothers who need more than a minimum wage, yet still low-paying job.

Black women need true reform to allow them to work and raise their children in communities that are safe from drugs and gang warfare and that will support them with education and job training so that there is a path away from the dependency that is the Democrats’ political plantation.

It was certainly bad enough that blacks abandoned their Christian teaching to vote for Obama twice. Obama has long shown his disdain for Christian beliefs like the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman;  he did not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

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He put the political strong arm on the NAACP to support his action and asked them to declare that same-sex marriage was a civil right.

The NAACP complied with Obama and on May 19, 2012, its board of directors met in Miami and passed a resolution that rejected traditional marriage and declared homosexual acts are now a civil right, according to the Catholic magazine.

Obama has declared war against Christians, from remarks during prayer breakfasts to his silence when Christian businesses are targeted by radical groups because of their religious belief.

Obama also made it clear that the rights of illegal aliens to jobs, education and certain constitutional protections are far more urgent than dealing with high crime, low high school graduation rates and disappearing jobs for blacks.

The plight of minority black America is not a priority for the president, and it is doubtful it will be for Hillary Clinton.  We know why illegals needs drivers’ licenses, but neither the president in particular nor Democrats in general have come out with a program to get blacks jobs.

Instead they yell for minimum wages for starter jobs that will keep them on the plantation, receiving government benefits when what minority black America needs is job training programs that will get them out of the starter jobs and onto the path to success.

Where are the policy and program that address Chicago and its skyrocketing black on black murder rate, joblessness and educational opportunity languishing in stagnation? Where is Hillary or the president addressing the black residents of Chicago who are in such distress?

Examine Hillary Clinton’s record on unleashing blacks from the shackles of welfare dependence, increased unemployment and an alarming number of children growing up in single-parent households – oh wait, there is no record of action or support.

As the U.S. senator from New York, what did she do to earn the trust of black people in the state that she represented for one term? Where are the bills that she sponsored  dealing with poverty, crime, housing, jobs and black business development?

She had her chance and she punted.

Take a look at what Hillary focused on in her 2008 run for the presidency. While Obama was offering hope and change for America, Hillary’s campaign was focused on the politics of racial division.

The public record of action, or non action, shows that Hillary has little regard for black people except that their voting bloc provides a useful tool she can rely upon based upon Democratic political plantation tradition.

Can any black woman and black man in America’s urban cities list one thing Hillary has done to earn their vote? Can a black voter in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta or New York say that she cares about the pain and challenges black families experience?

There is an old saying, voiced by famed Mississippi civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer:I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

In 2016 black voters both young and old can say “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

In 2016, the descendants of slaves can straighten their backs and embrace a freedom not felt in over a half century. The black voter of 2016 cannot allow her to walk upon the backs of black voters on her way to the steps of the White House.

Listen to Freedom’s Gate “Defeating Hillary’s Liberal Election Machine” with Selena Owens, vice chair of the Conservative Campaign Committee and Mariah Tiffany Boland, a district coordinator for Convention of States and coordinator at Tea Teams USA.

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Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs began writing professionally in 1975. He has been published in the "New York Times," and has written for the "Detroit News," "Michigan Chronicle," “GOPUSA,” "Soul Source" and "Writers Digest" magazines as well as the Ann Arbor and Cleveland "Examiner," "Free Patriot," "Conservatives4 Palin" and "Positively Republican." The former daily host of The Kevin Fobbs Show on conservative News Talk WDTK - 1400 AM in Detroit, he is also a published author. His Christian children’s book, “Is There a Lion in My Kitchen,” hit bookstores in 2014. He writes for Communities Digital News, and his weekly show "Standing at Freedom’s Gate" on Community Digital News Hour tackles the latest national and international issues of freedom, faith and protecting the homeland and heartland of America as well as solutions that are needed. Fobbs also writes for Clash Daily, Renew America and BuzzPo. He covers Second Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Pro-Life, patriotism, terrorism and other domestic and foreign affairs issues. As the former 12-year Community Concerns columnist with The Detroit News, he covered community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, business, government relations, and community and business dispute resolution. Fobbs obtained a political science and journalism degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1978 and attended Wayne State University Law School. He spearheaded and managed state and national campaigns as well as several of President George W. Bush's White House initiatives in areas including Education, Social Security, Welfare Reform, and Faith-Based Initiatives.
  • Simplythefactsmam

    How many black women and black men in America would list anything the GOP has done to earn their vote in the last 50 years?

    The author complains that the Democrats haven’t done enough for blacks, which is true, but the GOP gives welcome shelter to any racist that wants it.

  • nyctuber

    Lol yeah because Republicans care so much about minorities. They don’t even want them voting. The Right has nothing but paranoid fantasies about a ‘war on ___’ and a strong desire to gut the safety net to pay for 1%er tax cuts and more wars.

  • Dave Wynne

    You’re so right. Vote GOP and let’s see: destroy unions, gut public schools, end aid to dependent children, reward the top 1% and punish the rest of us. Great idea.

    • Simplythefactsmam

      You forgot about strip mining the environment for short term profits.

  • WTFRUTalkingAbout

    Still trying to get my head around the title to this peice.

    • Simplythefactsmam

      It’s attacking someone else’s ideas while you offer none of your own. It’s a lot like the present GOP candidates strategies.

    • nyctuber

      Because there’s nothing to get your head around. It’s the same recycled garbage for the billionth time.

  • Edmund Francis Jr.

    Thanks for the laughs.
    After forcing blacks to endure slavery, segregation, the KKK, church bombings
    and police dog attacks, and electoral disenfranchisement, American conservatives
    , with a straight face, now have the chutzpah to tell the descendants of their
    slaves, that they, “ can straighten their backs and embrace a freedom not felt
    in over a half century” by voting Republican.
    I guess by that they mean the “freedom” of returning to the back of the
    bus and the “freedom” of letting whites do their voting for them.

  • Amy Newman

    What a load of bull. Mr. Fobbs you should try writing satire instead. It’ll make more sense.

  • Supammu Aruchaifu

    The GOP is trying to win black voters by convincing them “The Democratic Party used to be even worse than we are now!” Ignoring the fact that Southern Republicans were just as bad as Southern Democrats, there were just fewer of them.

  • GTEB

    Hillary maybe bad news but I would rather have her than any GOP president who will not only care about me but will through me to the wolves of wall street.

  • Michael Collins

    Wow–what a load of unsubstantiated opinion. The author doesn’t offer a single shred of anything the Republican party plans to offer black or other minority voters. NOT ONE THING!

    The Republican party is a one note wonder. They have the same solution for everything. Cut taxes on the wealthy and decrease government regulation of big business (pretend you are doing it for little businesses).

    The Democrats supported extended employment benefits–after Wall Street deregulation drove the economy to the brink of disaster.

    The Democrats pushed for and finally got the Affordable Care Act so that millions more of poor American can now afford some type of health insurance.

    The Democrats are champions of clean air and clean water, which is good for everyone. Who would the air in their city to be like the air in Mexico City (one of the most polluted on the planet).

    There is a very good reason that this author didn’t tell you one thing the republicans have done for the poor–that’s because he can’t think of anything. However, Mitt Romney could probably give you a list as long as his arm of the things the Republicans have done for him.

    • aztec75

      This is the real problem. Michael wants the know what the “Republican party plans to offer black or other minority voters.” The answer should be same to all voters: NOTHING!
      Michael assumes government is there to pass out freebies and goodies to poor dullards who can’t help themselves. That is how liberals view blacks (and everyone outside DC for that matter).
      The soft racism of low expectations, is the assumption that blacks are waiting for some handout as the only means of betterment.
      The answer IS lower taxes for all, disciplined government with less intrusion on private lives and a return to the American values that made America great.

      • Michael Collins

        Let me offer a different perspective.

        People are smart. They will use all that they have to ahead. People will user their Money and Power to obtain more Money and Power. The aggregation of Money and Power in the hands of the few only accelerates over time. Much like rolling a snow ball down hill. It starts off very small and yet picks of size and mass at an amazing pace, until it falls apart under it’s own weight. Economic stratification is just like that. Before we had democracy we ended up periodic Bastille Days. Cake anyone? The extreme aggregation of Money and Power in the hands of fewer and fewer people will modulate–one way or another. The question is HOW?

        Now, I grant that all classes game the system as much as they can. The rich game the system. The poor game the system. The middle classes game the system. It is part of human nature to get as much as you can for as little effort as possible. Laziness is both a vice and virtue. It’s leads to both corruption and scientific advances.

        So, are the hordes of poor people who sit around all day watching TV and contributing nothing–if that was an option? Yes, I concede this point.

        Would the wealthy classes take 99% of all wealth and live off of only their investments while contributing nothing to society and subjecting the rest of us to slave labor. Yes, they would.

        The answer is not black or white, all or nothing. We are not faced with the choice between Rampant, Out of Control Laissez Fair Capitalism or Communism. There is a middle ground. When the aggregation of capital becomes extreme, there must be some redistribution of capital. We don’t have to redistribute all capital, just some capital.

        And, capital should be redistributed for the purposes of creating opportunities for those at the bottom: Education and Training so that even poor people can be prepared to participate more fully in the 21st century economy.

        Government is also here to invest in ALL OF US as a society. For Example, there is a strong inverse correlation between literacy and prison population. By investing MONEY now in K-12 education, we can realize a substantial savings in prison expenses 20 years from now. Of course, I do believe that government should have to make a case from a strong Return on Investment.

        So aztec75 wants to hold out NO Government Services as an ideal? Based on what? What examples do you have to offer? Quality of life in European countries is constantly rated higher than in the US. So, more socialism means more happiness and security for the average citizen. On what other basis should a citizen vote than on the happiness and security their government can provide for them and their children?

        Countries that provide little or not safety net? Mexico and India. Are those countries the shining examples of where you think the US should be headed? No thanks.

      • Edmund Francis Jr.

        Wow ! You drank a WHOLE pitcher of Far Right Kool-Aid, didn’t you?

      • Michael Collins

        Aztec75 is supporting the hypocrisy of the TOP 1%. It’s okay if Government does the TOP 1% favors–like making sure that wealthy people only pay Capital Gains tax on their income (15%) while a family with a cop and teacher pays 28% – 33%.

        But doing favors for the bottom 99%? Oh no. That would be BAD!

        Send Wall Street executives to jail for one of the largest thefts in history? Oh no, we shouldn’t do that. How about extend federal unemployment benefits for people that lost their jobs due to the market turmoil caused by this theft?

        The Republicans have no problems performing all manner of special favors for those at the very top.

  • Talleywhacker

    You need to get a real job away from the GOP fog you live in. You try to make it the Dems are demeaning the blacks when GOP has done all they can to block black voters, stop contraception, drag feet on equal pay, stop food aid for needy children, blame the black victims of police shootings, and on and on.
    You are so out of touch with reality it is doubtful you will ever get back, which is a typical GOP situation, and thus many are lost in the mist and fog of political lies.

  • DonRappe

    I don’t think voting against the party of the KKK is mindless for blacks, but, it’s still good to hear what Uncle Kevin thinks.

    • Vergent Bill

      The KKK “southern Democrats” jumped ship in the ’70s. They are ow known as the “Tea Party”. So, you are a little out of touch.

      • Edmund Francis Jr.

        Vergent Bill – That’s the best the GOP can do. Two decades after they drove the last liberals and moderates out of their party they now want to claim credit for the social successes that those liberals and moderates made.

        • Vergent Bill

          Barry Goldwater would be run out of today’s Republican party on a rail. Johnson could not have passed the voting rights act without strong Republican support. Today’s Republican party is now the voter suppression party.

  • jq747

    Let’s not forget Clinton’s infamous words: “women are the primary victims of war, because the men are all dead…” This attitude shows a callous indifference towards all males, especially to the man who gave his life bravely serving his country, of which Black men make up a lager-than-proportionate number, who often had little prospect of bettering himself than joining the military.

    Make no mistake: Hilary Clinton hates men, and Black men among them, so don’t expect any government programs or employment opportunities to lift Black men out of the cycle of poverty and deprivation from her. As for Black women.. as with the entirety of the White middle/upperclass feminist machine, Black women will be considered useful idiots by the Clinton regime, and little more.

    • indievoice

      Wow. Unbelievable. Then how do you account for this?

      “Considering the importance of pathways to opportunity for young people
      and the deleterious effects of the school-to-prison pipeline, Clinton
      worked with community leaders in New York affiliated with the
      organization 100 Black Men to open an all-boys single sex school in the
      South Bronx. Teaching predominantly black and Latino young men, David
      Banks, the founding principal, sees his mission as “empowering at risk
      inner-city young men to become academic achievers, engaged citizens and
      responsible men.” Eagle, now with six high schools in New York City and
      Newark, N.J., has graduation rate of over 95 percent.”

      • jq747

        I account for it by saying even a broken clock is right twice a day. This quote makes no mention of what Clinton actually contributed. Seems to me Mr David Banks did most of the leg work.

    • Michael Collins

      Hate Hillary much? Misogyny much?

      • jq747

        Oh so criticizing a female candidate is misogyny now, is it? Thanks for that definition, I’ll be sure to remember it. So is everyone who doesn’t vote for Hilary a misogynist as well?

        • Michael Collins

          You have positioned yourself as a victim of Hillary’s “callous indifference toward ALL MALES”. You are not just criticizing Hillary but staking out a position that it’s Hillary against ALL MEN.

          Those are the ravings of a paranoid misogynist. Soon, you’ll be talking about how Hillary is the leader of a cabal of powerful women trying to steal the seminal essence of men ….to destroy their opportunities for the next generation …..yada yada yada.

          I got news for you. Paranoid misogynists never see themselves as either paranoid or misogynistic. You’re not going to break that pattern …

          • jq747

            I like the part where you never actually refuted the quote I provided. At least the other guy gave an example of where Clinton was associated with a program helping young Black men. No, all you did was bleat the tired feminist ideologue line “MITHOGYNST!!!” Probably because you secretly agree with my comment.

            BTW, I wonder if you’d throw the “M” word around so freely if I was criticizing Sarah Palin, Madeliene Albright, Condi Rice, Barbara Bush, Margarete Thatcher, Julia Bishop, Marine La Penn, or Elizabeth freakin’ Bathory. I bet you’re one of these SJW hypocrites who’s very selective with their outrage.

  • jaxkitten

    Gad, I see the Koch brothers are spending freely and so early. LOL, all those big guys so scared of a little women. Pathetic.

  • Leon

    The policies of the Democrats have done little to foster positive growth in the minority black community;

    And if you believe that, you probably believe that evolution is just a theory, the earth is only 6000 years old, global warming is a conspiracy and Benghazi was an inside job.

    • d0m1n1c

      Or you read/watch the news.

      Now please respond with your cookie cutter response about how I’m a racist who gets off to Fox News every night. I know you want to.

      • Edmund Francis Jr.

        If the shoe fits……

  • Chewbacca2000

    At this point, what does it really matter? To quote someone running for President…. Would like to see a before and after of the benefits of the Democratic party as it pertains to people of color like me. It seems to me that all those promises and speeches given haven’t amounted to much in the past twenty to thirty years other than a fatherless generation riddled with drugs and chronic unemployment. Ultimately i know it’s up to the individual to do right. The Republican party is pushing individual liberties and rights and not promising more social programs which got us in the mess we’re in. Maybe it is time to try something else. Seems to be working for white folks, why not us? Sure is a lot of doom and gloom about what would happen if we went Republican. Sounds like a boogey man line versus an honest discussion of what we would actually be losing by switching. Tell me again how the Democrat party has benefitted the black race for all these years of loyalty again?

    • Edmund Francis Jr.

      The Republican Party is pushing individual libertIes? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Or did you mean they’re pushing them off a cliff?

      • Chewbacca2000

        What I do know is what hasn’t worked since the Equal Rights Ammendment and under this President who I voted for. Simply put, it isn’t working And itS time to try something new.

  • stlcard67

    Don’t refer to us as blacks, or the blacks. It makes it sound like we belong on a plantation.

  • ST

    Kevin, how much were you paid to be a voice for the rich, corporate, right-wing? How could you say this against your own people? Seriously, don’t vote for Hillary and vote to have your rights taken away? The GOP will do that, and in the process, continue to take away your right to vote, and will usher in new “Religious Freedom” laws that will give others that are more rich, more white, and more powerful than you the “freedom” to discriminate against you. Then to the poor blacks, will take away the safety nets of Social Security and Health Insurance. This is not some wild liberal hyperbole… This what is happening right now with the little power the GOP has. It’s documented, and worse, they’re not even ashamed of it. You have sold out buddy and you do no favors to people you obviously don’t care about, but would like to make a few bucks off. So I ask again Kevin, whose your “John” that has hired you on this to propel such nonsense on behalf of a political party who loudly and proudly has on their agenda the desire to hurt the poor and black? “Quick, let’s hire the black guy to say something against the Democrats to try to trick the black people in to consider voting for the GOP.” Oh, and keep wearing that “Christian” title all the way to the bank… just like the GOP does.

    • aztec75

      It did not take long to prove Kevin’s point. Any deviation from the orthodoxy of the left and you must be a prostitute who is being paid to shill beliefs you don’t really have.
      Then assume he is the token “black guy” and all “Christians” just use it as a title.
      I wonder how long you had the words “Uncle Tom” in your above rant, before you thought better and deleted it.
      What despicable racism on display here! But at least you aren’t alone…right?

      • ST

        Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. The last thing on the planet this “rant” exhibits. I work very hard for the poor and the black and for every minority that suffers in this system that is rigged for those in the 1%. It’s terrific that we have a candidate in Hillary that wants to be a champion for those to have a fighting chance. Electing the GOP and allowing them to CONTINUE to take away voters rights will not help accomplish that goal at all.

  • Candlefly

    The GOP, party of corporate prostitutes and racist. What self-respecting black man or woman would vote for those that would take their vote away and relegate them to second class citizens. No thank you, freedom is too precious to ever let the enemies of freedom steal it away. Go sell your snake oil to a snake.

  • ST

    War on Christians? You have got to be kidding me. Christians are “Christ-like”. There’s not been a more Christ-like, man of God in office since Jimmy Carter! His comments at the prayer breakfast were factually accurate. “Take out the plank in your own eye before you criticize the splinter in your brother’s”. That’s what Obama was saying and he backed it up with some accurate, and embarrassing facts that maybe some people would like to ignore as they get on their high horse, but what Obama said was of Christ.

  • lightharry

    I find it hard to take the clowns of the GOP serious.

  • Chewbacca2000

    Appreciate this very different and divergent view Mr. Fobbs. I don’t hear it often from black political voices. I am a registered Democrat 2nd Generation and the great great grandson of slaves and a product of public education. I appreciate a differing point of view. You made me think.

    • Edmund Francis Jr.

      Is that like reading the different point of view of Ben Carson? A man who trashes welfare and affirmative action as proof of the Right’s so-called “plantation mentality”, while conveniently ignoring the fact that those same social programs keep food on his family’s table, gave them medical care and housing, and got him into the Ivy League.

      • Chewbacca2000

        Nope not saying all that. Simply pointing out that it isn’t something I see a lot of or that I hear black people talk about. It’s a different perspective. Not sure what you’re going off on But I’ve never listened to Carson. I’m talking about this author and my experienceS.

  • Mark

    This is not news; it’s an opinion piece and propaganda that draws the reader in with a warning (presumably, to the Democratic Party establishment and the Clinton Campaign) that Hillary shouldnt count on black votes, and ends by exhorting black voters not to vote for her. In between, there is no analysis, just characterizations based on a selective review of some issues cherry-picked to harden some black voters’ views against Hillary and advance the author’s exhortation to not vote for her.

    How much did the Republican Party pay for the piece, or is the author aining for a job with one of the Republican candidates’ campaigns?

    • Michael Collins

      Agreed. This is obviously a paid for piece. I would guess the author needs money but actually couldn’t care less.

  • bubbles

    is this the stuff the right wing reads? seriously?

    • Edmund Francis Jr.

      Worse. It’s the stuff they write.

  • allworld212

    Mindlessly? I hate the republican party. It’s full of racists, xenophobes. and social Darwinists. All they care about is screwing the average person over and lining rich peoples pockets. The republican party IS a giant plantation and this writer is one of it’s butlers. Sure blacks were excited about there being a black candidate for president, but, is a voting block that has spent most of it’s time voting outside of it’s race for presidential candidates supposed to apologize for that? We earned the privilege. Even with that, Obama only received five percentage points more of the black vote than Al Gore did. The democratic candidate doesn’t have to specifically do anything for me. All he/she has to do is hold serve. If I ever voted anything other than democratic, it would be the Green Party. It won’t be republican. And that’s not mindless. It’s purely a conscious decision.

  • Newham L.

    This one reasoning black people need to hear and understand all the time. If the plight of black people is not a priority for Republican party, neither is it for Obama and his Democratic party. Actually Obama favors Asians and Latinos than he does for black people, this is no secret. Under Obama more Asians and Latinos have been recruited in the federal government than blacks despite all the promises. Clinton or any other Democratic nominee will not change that.

    • Edmund Francis Jr.

      Do you use a crystal ball, tea leaves or a Ouija board to make your predictions?

  • indievoice

    “Back in 2007, speaking of the Jena 6 in Louisiana, Clinton said, “I am
    deeply concerned about reports of potentially disparate treatment of
    white youths and African-American youths in the criminal justice system.
    … And I have long been troubled by a history of disparate treatment
    of African Americans in our criminal justice system.””

    “While in the Senate, she introduced the Count Every Vote Act of 2007 to combat a “history of intimidation.””

    “Considering the importance of pathways to opportunity for young people
    and the deleterious effects of the school-to-prison pipeline, Clinton
    worked with community leaders in New York affiliated with the
    organization 100 Black Men to open an all-boys single sex school in the
    South Bronx.

    Rated 96% by the NAACP, indicating a pro-affirmative-action stance. (Dec 2006)

    So…… how does you not know where she stands? Or is it that she supports gay marriage and you have a problem with that so in some weird twisted way you’re casting doubt on her civil rights record? Have you actually looked at her record and what she did while being a Senator for NY? She has been a champion of civil rights for 30 years. I’m confused.

  • Newham L.

    Actually Obama is busy pandering for votes from the immigrant population for the Democratic party than doing anything to alleviate black problems in this country.

    • Edmund Francis Jr.

      Let’s see. In the presidentrial elections from 1980 to 2012, the Democrats garnered between 56% and 72% of the Hispanic vote. But the RightWingers want to claim that Obama, who isn’t even running for office, is pandering to a voting block that the Republicans have been ignoring for decades? Those claims usually start out with the phrase., “Once upon a time…”.

    • Michael Collins

      President Obama is trying to make 2 years of college free to anyone who wants to go. Of course, the Republicans claim we can’t afford to do that because that would require us to do away with the corporate CEO tax deduction.

      This policy is not aimed at black or latino voters. It would help all low income people. And, a much higher percentage of blacks and latinos fall into the low income category.

      Your assertion doesn’t hold water. There’s quite a list of things Obama is trying to do to help low income people that the Republicans keep standing in the way of. Stop being a shill for the Republican political machine.

  • Jelani Trawick

    I love how the majority of respondents here can easily see through this claptrap. Everyone has an opinion, no matter how ridiculous, but why the quotation marks about Obama being the first black president? Did I miss something there? Why does the right feel that they can be as rude and flat out despicable as they want, and actually have someone consider voting for them? This was less about Hillary, and more an attack on gay marriage. Love in any form, I feel, does not damage the sanctity of marriage, or offend God, who is love.