Hillary Clinton invokes a ‘New McCarthyism’ against Trump

Hillary Clinton and her campaign have depicted any news about the fixing of the Democratic primary election and her missing 33000 emails as a Russian plot on behalf of Donald Trump in a move both Julian Assange and Prof. Stephen Cohen of Princeton have called abject McCarthyism.

Senators Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn - courtesy of Wikipedia creative commons

WASHINGTON, September 6, 2016 – The kleptocratic candidacy of Hillary Clinton, fresh from a series of new exposes of lying and cash for influence peddling, memory loss on crucial subjects, and new work-related emails never before revealed, has responded to inquiries about her 33000 missing emails repeatedly for the with a bizarre assertion in her pac ad claiming that Donald Trump is an agent for Russia.

No more disparate public figures of consequence as Julian Assange and Prof. Stephen Cohen of Princeton University have called this public character assassination of Trump abject McCarthyism, blatant and outrageous, and part of a conscious and shameless effort to repeat these unfounded statements and insinuations of treasonous conduct without basis in fact or theory repeatedly on national news programs.

Stop arguing over Clinton and Trump: It’s pointless

The Nation writes:

In his own elliptical and often crude (or non-wonkish) way, Trump has been proposing a new détente-like relationship with Putin’s Russia, as opposed to Hillary Clinton’s longstanding hawkish and anti-Putin stances. Instead of engaging Trump on these issues, political-media elites, including the Clinton campaign itself, have assailed him with McCarthyite allegations of being Putin’s “puppet,” “agent,” “Manchurian candidate,” and “Kremlin client.””

Last week Clinton Campaign Chairman Robby Mook repeated the campaigns claims calling Trump a Russian puppet on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Clinton apologist Stephanopoulos asked Mook to repeat and clarify the comment.

Tim Kaine responded to the Wikileaks revelations of the DNC fixing of the primary election process on behalf of Hillary Clinton by also calling Trump a Russian agent and comparing the truth about the Democrat primary election fixing to Nixon and Watergate, reminding us that Nixon, unlike Clinton, was impeached and resigned for corrupting the political process.

Well, the only Nixon in this story is Hillary Clinton, and the Watergate is the 33,000 criminally BleachBit treated and erased emails in the cover up.

Or the repeated lies and changing stories, or the clear evidence of third world levels of bribery and favor trading thru the Clinton Foundation. How stupid do they think we are? Honesty?

At some point it’s just like its Baghdad Bob running for President, lying repeatedly to our faces, while a compliant and complacent media trains its fire on Trump and ignores Hillary’s criminal behavior.

The Clinton campaign response to any suggestion that someone may have the 33,000 deleted emails and the evidence intentionally destroyed on them, is to act like the simple act of seeking the truth behind the cover up is a Russian plot and Donald Trump and anyone else is a Russian agent if they want to know what Clinton is hiding.

Its McCarthyism, plain and simple, desperate smear tactics so laughable that the only thing more alarming is the degree to which the media began parroting them as if it was a legitimate question instead of asking for the truth behind the hidden emails.

Slick Hillie’s emails? Trust but verify.

Well here’s the truth. The Russians have them, all of them. So do the Chinese, and the Iranians, and the Cubans, and the Venezuelans, and the North Koreans. For that matter, so do the French, the British and the Israelis….and the NSA.

The only people who don’t seem to be allowed to see them and the criminal conduct involved in them are the American people.

Hillary Clinton spent four years traveling the world as Secretary of State with easily accessed unsecured communication that allowed every intelligence agency in the world to follow her every move in real time. Those unsecured top secret email chains naming sources, the drone strike targets, her personal communications, all of it.

Any low level intelligence employee would have known that all of those communications would be targeted and intercepted.

On those destroyed communications is certain to be even more evidence of Clinton Foundation pay for play arrangements, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. In three separate instances multi-million dollar personal speaking fees were accompanied by $26 million dollar donations to the Clinton foundation by entities with direct business with the State Department.

The real Russian agents are Bill and Hillary, who collected $180 million dollars as well as several millions in speaking fees for Bill from a Russian uranium consortium, who collected additional millions from companies they brought in to participate in a Russian enterprise zone as part of the “Russian reset” that ended up transferring crucial military technology. That’s crazy Kazakhstan style kleptocracy, whose leader, by the way, Nursultan Nazerbayov, is another Clinton Foundation crony.

As for the foundation itself, it spent $20 Million dollars last year alone on travel for the Clintons. It is a highly paid way station for a wide assortment of Clinton acolytes, and yes, they also spend some money on charitable activities.

But if you raise $500 million and steal $100 million for yourselves what kind of charity are you but a slush fund for your own expenses. Even Charity Navigator is unable to evaluate or rate them properly.

Wikileaks, or someone, is going to leak those 33000 deleted emails, and when they do, it won’t be because Donald Trump is a Russian agent, but because the emails will reveal the truth about the criminal racketeering enterprise that is the Clinton Foundation.

The fact that we Americans have to rely on Julian Assange to save the Republic and reveal the truth the rest of the media won’t even look for says a lot about the state of the establishment media and the degree to which they are in the tank for Hillary.

If the media and the American public can ignore the revelations to come it won’t be the Russians fault, it will be our own.

For Clinton and Mook and Kaine to invoke McCarthyism as their desperate defense against criminal behavior is so obvious and pathetic that Roy Cohn would be rolling over in his grave, if he weren’t laughing so loud.

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