Hillary Clinton: Gun Owners ‘terrorizing’ Americans

Hillary Clinton's Town Hall on CNN

WASHINGTON, June 17, 2014 — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is shining up her 2016 presidential campaign buttons with her most recent remarks on gun control. In her television appearance on CNN’s Town Hall, Clinton exactly what she thought about gun owners, and gun control.

Asked by an audience member whether an assault weapons ban and magazine capacity limit would affect gun violence in the United States, Clinton answered, “We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority, of people hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

In other words, Clinton equated gun owners and gun rights advocates with terrorists.

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According to the woman who would be president, gun owners are terrorizing the rest of the country. According to the latest Gallup gun ownership poll, firearm ownership in the United States hovers around 37 percent. The last time a public figure who wanted to be president disparaged a large percentage of the country was when Mitt Romney made his famous 47 percent comment. That caused a media firestorm, but it is probably safe to say that the liberal media will not be in an uproar over this.

The questioner asked whether “assault weapons” should be banned. This question is loaded like one of the high capacity magazines the gun control groups love to hate. “Assault weapon” is a term made up by Hollywood, the media and liberal politicians in order to scare Americans into being afraid of guns. “Assault weapon” applies to no actual, tangible firearm. When one fills out the 4473, there is nothing that says “assault weapon.” A politician using this term is basically speaking out of a giant bull horn with the words “for gun control advocate use only” on the side.

But the most galling aspect of Clinton’s response is her flippant dismissal of a substantial section of the population, and her flagrant disregard for Constitutional liberties. According to her, supporting the right to bear arms and protecting that right by being vocal about our liberties is terrorism.

This attack on gun owners will hurt Clinton in 2016. Before the Town Hall appearance, she simply advocated for certain controls, she went after “assault weapons,” and she valiantly called for an end to gun violence.

But she did not single out an entire group of people for blame for the lack of conversation on gun control. It is a dangerous play; on one hand she has sent out the message loud and clear that she is firmly on the side of gun control, and she will take that attitude to the White House. Good for her, everyone should stand for something. On the other hand, she has gone a lot further than traditional, electable, gun control proponents when she openly vilified gun owners and gun rights supporters. She has basically told gun owners that she sees them as a threat.

Those were not her only remarks on gun control during the CNN Town Hall event.

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“We’re going to have to do a better job protecting the vast majority of our citizens, including our children, from that very, very, very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before.”

The galling thing about this particular statement is that she is blatantly lying. She is lying for the sake of shocking the American people into putting their faith in her.

Violent crime is down. It has been going down for years. As a country we are the safest we have been in decades. Preliminary data from the FBI shows that violent crime was down again in the first half of 2013.

Not a single one of the mass shootings Clinton is fond of bringing up involved an automatic weapon. Automatic weapons are extremely expensive and highly regulated. Their use in U.S. homicides is not even granted its own category in FBI statistics. If Clinton would like to find instances of automatic weapons used in murders, perhaps she should press for an investigation into Fast and Furious, or perhaps she should account for the weapons released to Syrian Islamic radicals during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton, through her statements on CNN, has classified a large portion of Americans as terrorists, she has lied to the American people about crime levels, and she has lied about the availability of automatic weapons. No on in the liberal media will call her out on it, and she will continue to gain momentum as a potential presidential candidate, despite her disregard for small things like truth, and honesty. But what politician ever needed those in the first place?


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  • MannyJudge

    Half of the U.S. will be stupid enough to vote for her too.

    • Sherill Weber

      And half of them will only vote for her because she’s a woman. She won’t get my vote.

    • Jane Graham

      Because she is a woman…..when they are asked what she has accomplished they can’t name one thing! They think it is time a woman was President! That is the dumbest remark. We have not had a President of Asian, or Mexican decent either so let’s just go find somebody and elect them too. Forget if they are really qualified! I would vote for a woman, red, yellow black or white…..or a man that was red, yellow, black or white if they held to the right principles and moral character that a President needs to have.
      Come on people vote for what is right not gender, race or party ….. we need to have moral character ourselves!

  • Pat Nash

    You cannot believe one word that falls from the lips of this lady. Why is anyone listening?

    • Because their brains are wired to accept everything people like her say, without question. Thralls to the end.

      • MannyJudge

        1984 anyone?

      • lyndaaquarius

        no one has challenged them to examine her record/qualifications .They’re stuck at “we need a woman president”,”she cares about the people”,”she has so much experience”,”she went through so much with her husband”.Most important…she hates those awful,mean Repubs who want to ram their religion down our throats”.

  • bikerdogred1

    Put a bag over her head and you still have a liar.

  • Norry Kat

    The 37% figure of gun ownership in America today is roughly the percentage of people who supported the American Revolution in the 13 former British Colonies.

  • Fraybird

    We can’t allow a minority of American hold a viewpoint? How much longer until the WATERBOARDING begins?

  • Daina

    Tell Clinton she can go too he@@

    • Pat Nash

      It’s the same place where the wicked will cease from troublin’.

  • Jesse Red Horse

    She needs to actually take a good had look at the numbers, gun owners are NOT a small minority and as usual she is full of $hit, anything she says is a lie, oh, but she is one of us, you know, the broke people. She has no idea what broke is, talk about being out of touch with reality, if Satan himself was running against her we would be better off with “The Devil we know” than her sorry polyester wearing A$$! We need another Clinton in the White House as bad as we need another Obama !