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Hillary Clinton ‘Equal Pay Day’: Do as I say, not as I do

Written By | Apr 14, 2016

PASADENA, April 15, 2016 –  Tuesday, April 12,  was “Equal Pay Day” in America, offering an opportunity for celebrities, politicians and the political experts on social media to opine about the equal pay myth that has become so prevalent over the last several years.

The myth of equal pay says that women in this country are paid significantly less for the same job across the board. They claim that women are generally paid 77 cents for every dollars that a man makes.

Equal pay for equal work

However the claim is at worst false and at best disingenuous. That figure does not take into consideration any of the external factors that would cause a woman to make less such as entering fields of work that typically pay less,  women working fewer hours a week, women leaving the work force to raise children and then coming back with less work experience, etc.

The myth has been debunked time and time again yet the media still refuses to let it die.

Perhaps even worse than the actual myth itself is how many prominent politicians recklessly represent it as a fact. It has been well documented that the Obama White House pays women less than men which takes a little credibility away from his argument. Hillary Clinton also has the same problem.

Hillary Clinton posted a strange video to her Facebook page that had a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering who in the world approved that video to be posted in the first place.

It was almost immediately taken down.

Perhaps Hillary’s wide-eyed, like she had consumed 74 shots of espresso before it was taken, facial expression is why.  Or perhaps it was deleted because she mentioned “Equal Pay Day” as a time where the country should be focused on equal pay for women on the same day that the Daily Caller published a report outlining the fact that her embattled foundation pays male executives 38% more than women.

Poverty, stagnation are the problems, not income inequality

Of course that could just be a clerical error of some sort or maybe just an oversight right?  Wrong.

She did the same thing in the Senate when she paid women 72 cents for every dollar that men made on her staff.

Whether or not you believe in the numbers behind the argument that women make less than men or not there is no question that Hillary Clinton doesn’t abide by it.  Just another example in the long list of reasons why Americans are having an incredibly difficult time trusting her to lead the country.

Andrew Mark Miller