Hillary Clinton: Angry, defiant and unapologetic

Hillary Clinton defends herself in the email scandal.


LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2015 — Under yet another ethics cloud, Hillary Clinton held a press conference to address her most recent scandal. Despite announcing on Twitter that she wanted her emails released, questions lingered as to why she kept them secret for over two years. By using her personal email rather than a government server, she tightly controlled all information related to her account.

When news of her lack of transparency came to light, her pattern of behavior was identical to when her husband was caught having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. She spent a few days in hiding. Then she sent her surrogates out to attack her accusers. James Carville and Lanny Davis were dispatched to every network to find examples of Republican behavior, compare apples to oranges and insist the behavior was identical, and then declare Hillary innocent simply because they said so.

The last step came from Hillary’s own words. She could have been calm, apologetic, humble and contrite. She could have admitted she was wrong. This is just not her style. The 2015 version of post-scandal Hillary was just as abrasive as the 1998 model. Her press conference was angry, defiant and unapologetic.

After offering some irrelevant commentary about gender equality, she attacked Republicans. Since she could not attack them for her email behavior, she just zeroed in on something else. She lambasted Republican senators over a letter they wrote to Iran. The GOP senators made it clear that they would not ratify an Obama administration deal that jeopardized national security. Hillary came out swinging.

“What was the purpose of this letter?”

The purpose was to stop the Obama administration from following the Bill Clinton 2000 Camp David strategy with Yasser Arafat. That is where a leader is so desperate for a deal that he gives away the store Neville Chamberlain-style solely to declare “peace in our time.”

She declared that the only purposes of the letter were to be “helpful to the Iranians or harmful to the commander in chief…”

The purpose of the letter is to stop a naive President Obama from letting the Iranians blow up the world. Hillary knows this, but after stalling for a few minutes she realized that the only thing the media wanted to talk about were her emails. Hillary Clinton is known for speaking in legalese, “the politics of parsing.”

She used her private email for “convenience,” as if this is an acceptable explanation. Life is inconvenient. A bureaucracy has rules. Her convenience trumped what was allowable.

She claimed that the “vast majority” of her e-mails went to government employees at their government addresses. This means nothing. The law in question says that the retention standard is for every single email, not some undefined invented standard of what constitutes a vast majority.

She claimed that she  provided all of her emails “that could possibly be work-related.” She does not get to decide this. The law does not allow her to make that decision.

She made snide remarks about yoga routines and family vacations when the real issue is that she controlled the flow of information away from the public.

She used the word “unprecedented” several times in the typical meaningless fashion. What was unprecedented was the level to which she engaged in concealment. Promising cooperation and retroactively promising to obey rules she never should have broken to begin with is not noble behavior.

Then she took questions, which was not the same as actually answering them. She began with a Turkish television reporter asking her if her situation was due to her gender. Hillary smartly avoided playing the gender card, knowing she would be laughed out of the room.

She then accepted a softball question from ideological soul mate Andrea Mitchell.

When Mitchell asked about Clinton Foundation donations to countries that abuse women, Hillary offered a meaningless platitude about being “very proud of the work the foundation does..”

The only questions that mattered were the ones that showed she had no interest in ethical behavior or transparency.

When asked more than once of she deleted any “government related emails” from her personal account,  she said she did not release “classified information.” That was not the question.

Would she allow an independent arbiter to review her server?

There was no way on earth she would allow this. After all, it is far easier to hope that the scandal just goes away so she can declare the matter old news. This is the Clinton way.

She actually claimed to have “fulfilled” her responsibility, a totally untrue statement.

Is a private server appropriate?

She did not answer.

Did she get White House permission?

She would not say.

Commercial servers are more susceptible to hackers than government servers. Hillary claimed that her server had “numerous safeguards.” Her server was “guarded by the Secret Service.” This is meaningless. The Secret Service handles physical threats. If somebody tried to approach Hillary with a knife or gun, the Secret Service would appropriately take a stab wound or a bullet for her. They are bodyguards, not computer techies. They do not go online and protect servers.

Hillary insisted there were “no security breaches.”

How would she know this? How could she? She is not a techie either. She wants to be taken on blind faith that she is in total control of a situation where she has zero expertise.

More platitudes came. “I trust the American people.”

Then came more defiance. She was “allowed to do it.” Her word was “undisputed,” which meant she would not tolerate anyone disputing what absolutely is disputed. “I fully complied with every rule.” No, she did not.

When reminded of a subordinate forced to resign over the same issue, she angrily retorted that the reporter should “Read the inspector-general’s report.” She claimed, “That’s not accurate,” without offering any proof. Everything with her comes down to her say-so.

Hillary Clinton knows that 35-40 percent of Americans will support her no matter what she does. Her gamble is that the minority vote and a flood of illegal aliens illegally registered to vote will be enough to allow her to eke out another polarizing election win. She has survived scandals before. Her strategy of delay, deny, demonize and obfuscate has been largely successful.

Since winning at all costs is what matters, there is no incentive for her to obey the laws that apply to everybody else.

What matters is whether those desiring the truth will have the fortitude to go up against the vast left-wing conspiracy determined to smear any critic who dares accuse Hillary of things she actually did.

For those who forgot why this matters, its because Hillary Clinton was secretary of state when four Americans were murdered in Benghazi, Libya. The truth of what happened is out there. Hillary is now doing everything possible to prevent the people from getting to the truth. She has an election to win and cannot be bothered with trivial inconveniences such as secrets and concealment about Islamic terror against Americans on her watch.

The more Hillary lashes out, the more it becomes essential that the truth comes out. Every single email must be released, and every single email she deleted must be retrieved. Anything less is a coverup.

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