High school principal treads on Gadsden flag

The Growth of our National Flag, from and 1885 school book

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., May 18, 2014—The Tea Party News Network Saturday headlined an article titled “Fly the Gadsden Flag, Get Kicked Out of School? Guess Where That Happened.” Unfortunately, it happened in Mesa County, Colorado. The story was picked up by The TeaParty.net and has been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook. The story originated on The Examiner but it came from a post Greg Stoneburner (aka “the perp”) made on his Facebook page on May 14.

Likely to be ignored by the establishment media, new media is taking the story viral.

The story is simple, if disturbing: as a graduation senior prank on May 9, Stoneburner replaced the school flag with the Gadsden flag, which flew on the school’s flagpole underneath the Stars and Stripes. He also “posted a short history lesson on the Gadsden flag on the flag pole, as well as an explanation stating that the posting of the flag was not to push any political affiliation, but rather to encourage historical and contemporary discussion about our student rights.”

Apparently, that discussion was not wanted.

Principal Jodie Diers of Central High School was livid over the prank. Other students, Stoneburner told the Examiner, claimed she was angrily yelling to have the flag pulled down when she first saw it. According to Stoneburner,

I was called in (by a no less than livid, screaming principal), told I was “not welcome” at Central, and my diploma and transcripts were held until after my graduation walk. She also confiscated my flag.

After both were returned to him he felt that he could go public with the story.

The irony, Stoneburner wrote, is that “The principal admitted that I had broken no law, policy, or rule. So my property was confiscated without due process.”

Further, he writes:

“I pushed the envelope to the line, but didn’t cross it, and the principal wrongfully and without base, used her power for personal revenge. I let previous things like this slide, but it’s time to speak up and make this go viral. Administrators all over the US are excising power that they do not have over students and other adults. Students are being taught to obey baseless authority and to never question anything. Is that the real message we want to be sending our children, who are the future of this country?”

Indeed, people all over this country—not just teachers and administrators in the public schools—are encouraged by the leftist government-media complex to react without thinking, to exhibit outrage, anger, and to condemn actions which contradict the approved narrative or question it’s authority.

In that sense, the principal was only doing what she had been trained to do. Yet that’s not what generations of Americans have stood for. Americans have always questioned government; that’s why we are no longer a colony of Great Britain.

The Gadsden flag was an important part of that questioning and of the Revolution that freed us from British tyranny. The header picture to this article is a diagram from an 1885 schoolbook describing several early American flags of the revolutionary period. In his Facebook post, Stoneburner notes

The Gadsden flag has almost an identical history to the American flag, and was born from a very patriotic cause, and it’s suddenly a “slap in the face.” This shows the ignorance and misinformation of the people in power over our children. History like this used to be taught in schools all over the United States, and now not even most adults, let alone high school age people know what this flag stands for.

The flag was designed by Col. Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina who represented his state in the Continental Congress. In December 1775, Commodore Esek Hopkins, the newly appointed commander-in-chief of the Navy, received the yellow rattlesnake flag from Gadsden to serve as the distinctive personal standard of his flagship. It was displayed at the mainmast.

The flag was also used by the U.S. Marines and in more recent times, by the U.S. Army. Since 9-11, the U.S. Navy has flown the First Navy Jack, a related flag depicting a rattlesnake on a field of red and white stripes.

Always a symbol of resistance to tyranny, the Gadsden flag has been popular at Tea Party rallies. Does that make it “political”? Of course. It has always been political, always a symbol of the independent spirit of America.

Don’t tread on my Gadsden Flag. The rattlesnake faces left.


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  • jimbo96

    That’s why I’ve been saying for years that education isn’t what is going on in the public school system, but indoctrination is…this appears to bear my thesis out…

  • Dave Nichols

    brainwashing! after waiting for a second generation past the hippy era, educators believe that the path is mostly clear to begin to ‘re program’ our youth. parents have been absent from home instruction and much participation in educating their children for that long now.
    Combined with the media content by hollywood and public tv, children are not aware of so much history. so there is this vast void and opportunity to install what ever content the progrssives want to install
    That will be a view that amerika is not exceptional, that amerika is evil and selfish, that amerika is racist and homophobic and biased in every way. That we owe everything to the rest of the world and nothing to ourselves.
    There is no longer recognition of the facts of history. The fact that europe is not speaking german. That all of asia is not speakng japanese, the fact that the middle east is awash in wealth because we showed them how to extract and process the oil.
    The fact that millions of people from all over the world came here seeking freedom and were welcomed, given shelter, freedom and opportunity.
    The fact that the worlds people still dream of doing that very thing. even under todays hardships they want to come.
    It is only those if government that deny them. and it is only those in governent that have made so many poitical decisions world wide that have allowed tryanny to flourish in other ands that thsese people seek that escape.
    For it is only our POLITICAL LEADERS that can shape the deals that affect these people in their home countries.
    And out POLITICL LEADERS know this and have worked to capture the votes the need to acquire and hold the POLITICAL POWER they need to continue to do this.
    They do this with DISINFORMATION! Spread via the media.
    Just as Hitler and mao etc all knew. the must control the message and the MESSENGER!!
    so thats what they do. wake up america.

  • Arizona Patriot

    Communism is alive & well in our Public schools. Research who is the head of curriculum.

    Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

    • Paul Revere

      Excellent quote !!!

  • francesca9

    I think I need a Gadsen flag to protest the present tyranny in this country. I will fly it freely with my American Flag. Maybe more people should do this silent protest.

    • Bad Actor

      We are already doing that at our home. So far, no complaints. Stars & Stripes on top, of course.

    • acmaurer

      They’re easy to find online. I bought mine right after 911. I found a second reason to fly it since.

  • Jethro

    British tyranny? It was just us Brits fighting amongst ourselves!

    • acmaurer

      Yes it was. It started as the Colonists objecting to being treated as second class British subjects and the king and Parliament not extending to us our rights as British subjects. The phrase “British tyranny” is shorthand for all that.

      Then we got the idea that we didn’t need a king at all; that we could govern ourselves.

      Can we still?

      • acmaurer

        You know, in 2008 whe nthey put out that Bill Ayers was “just” a professor of English it was meant to assuage our fears. He’s harmless. For me, it did just the opposite.

  • Arizona

    YOUR COUNTRY IS FALLING APART,stupid commies rule,HOW MANY OF YOU QUEERS WHO CALL YOUR SELF A MAN,have went to talk with the commie whore who’s destroying your children,NOT a one I would bet,HOW many of you took an OATH to the constitution?whats the matter ?you afraid of some commie whore,WHO’S RUNNING YOUR CHILDREN INTO THE “DIRT” ,YEA thats what I thought,not a one,kiss your children GOODBY you don’t deserve children,worthless PARENTS,thats what the children of colorado springs have…………….

    • Bob Atkins

      Grand Junction, and thus, Central High School, is not in Colorado Springs! If you are from Arizona, maybe you should speak of our country, not your country! And maybe you should learn to use the English language! You are obviously a product of that very educational system you are badmouthing here! Learn to speak and write and more people might listen to you! As for not speaking to her, some of us have done just that! And I fly that very flag at my home less than 500 yards from that very school!

  • Confirmation_Bias

    Ah, the Gadsden flag. Symbol of proud cop-killers and Bundy ranch revolutionary wannabes. It’s a flag that says “we’re White, we’re armed, and we we call democracy “tyranny” when the guy who wins the election isn’t the one we voted for.

    • Paul Revere

      You are so full of it !!! And we are not a Democracy but a Republic. I hope you pick the right side when we start our war with people like you!

  • Paul Revere

    Commie Jodie, she is definitely stupid beyond. Too bad we are not in the 1950’s….she would be tarred and feathered…She should go to Russia or a commie nation to express her Anti American Views. She doesn’t know anything about the history of our country. One day….she will be dealt with.