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WASHINGTON, April 25, 2014 — It seems as though we cannot go a week without hearing one state or another passing or vetoing pro or anti-gun legislation. Violent crime being what it is, it is not wonder that people are demanding answers from their political leaders in the wake of so many senseless acts.

Much of that legislation, if not most, has been focused on what the media and politicians have dubbed “assault rifles.” Congress  was not successful in passing an “assault rifle” ban, though several states have done their best to pick up where the Federal government left off.

However, all of this is losing sight of the true danger to the American populace. All of this legislation, and money spent by the NRA and Mayors Against Illegal Guns has done nothing to deter, and nothing to address.

We are of course, talking about the epidemic of Personal Weapons in the United States.

Personal Weapons are defined by the FBI as “Hands, fists, or feet, etc” which also includes pushing.

There is an epidemic in Personal Weapons deaths in this country, and it is time we do something about it.

In 2011, 2.5% of murders involved rifles of any kind, accounting for 323 fatalities according to the FBI. That same year, 5.7% of all murders involved Personal Weapons, amounting to 728 fatalities.

Public outrage is deafening. We can hear now, the roar of the American populace as they rise up and demand that their elected leaders in Congress and in the State Houses come together and roundly condemn violence by Personal Weapons. The media is a sea of stories and interviews concerning cases where individuals were killed by Personal Weapons.

Some argue that Personal Weapons are protected by the Constitution. The Constitution has nothing to do with it. The Supreme Court recently ruled in Venice Beach vs. The Poindexter Institute that “bear arms…” under the 2nd Amendment does not in fact apply to “bare arms” as in the preferred method of carry and transport those who use Personal Weapons choose to employ. Though the Poindexter Institute was successful in their definition, they were unable to get the court to make working out on beaches illegal.

There are many concerns when it comes to Personal Weapons in the United States.

There is no mandate on training, there are people out there with assault hands and feet that the government does not know about. These are the people who need to be registered and tracked at all times. Anyone can possess a Personal Weapon without the knowledge of the government. This is an injustice and a travesty which must not stand, people need to be trained before they can use their Personal Weapons.

There is no background check required to possess Personal Weapons. There are no laws against criminals or the criminally insane in obtaining these weapons. Children have almost unrestricted access to them. What is to stop criminals such as gang members from randomly knocking out or even killing innocent civilians with dangerous, unrestricted punches and kicks? The answer, is nothing. There is nothing stopping them. People are far too unrestricted in their ability to walk around using Personal Weapons capable of punching a thousand people a second. But that is about to change.

Sources in Congress have been leaked details concerning new legislation in regards to addressing the Personal Weapons apocalypse. According to one staffer, as senior Senator from California is drafting a bill called the Bergeron Act of 2014 that would place heavy restrictions on those the government deems as unfit to possess Personal Weapons. The proposal includes less restrictive measures such as, shackling with heavy irons those who possess Personal Weapons with the ability to do serious damage to individuals. The stronger a person is, the heavier the irons would be in order to ensure the safety of the public, the government cannot have a populace of strong, potentially dangerous citizens with bare arms and legs and unrestricted Personal Weapons. It also includes more extreme measures such as confiscation of Personal Weapons, or encasing the owners in carbonite to prevent future incidents.

In other states, those individuals deemed “potentially dangerous” by the state attorney general will have to register their Personal Weapons with the government and be issued tracking devices in addition to their government issued iron shackles.

Some politicians have called for new technology to only allow the owners of the Personal Weapons to be able to operate them, these include special watches that only make Personal Weapons operable when it is your brain attempting to use them. They also may include GPS trackers so that we know where everyone with a Personal Weapon is at all times. Eric Holder is expected to go before the House Appropriations committee to request grants for companies looking into establishing technology allowing greater government control over the use Personal Weapons. The Government is currently interested in any technology which renders Personal Weapons inoperable in the case of civil disturbance in a given area.

Cosmetic restrictions have also been proposed in various state legislatures. Personal Weapons adorned with steel toes, or heavy rubber soles would be deemed “Assault Feet” in California, while New York is considering a ban on collapsible arms and legs. In New Jersey, wearing pants or a long dress would be tantamount to carrying a concealed Personal Defense weapon without a license, and punishable by up to ten years in jail.

In light of the information concerning the fatality rate of Personal Weapons vs. rifles, which has only recently come to light, several groups have sprung up calling for tighter control over Personal Weapons use. One such group, Every Town for Personal Weapons Safety, has called for legislation that would require Personal Weapons owners to lock up their devices before going to sleep. Under the proposed law, individuals in possession of Personal Weapons would be required to keep them locked in the house when guests, or children are present.

They are also calling for the government to provide grants to companies that develop technology that would render Personal Weapons inoperable by sealing them in a giant safe, presumably in double, queen, and king size configurations. The government will also be working with the mattress industry on this project.

Personal Weapons are dangerous, and the nationwide call for their strict regulation is both deafening and inspiring. All over the country, politicians who were concerned with the plight of Americans facing violence at the barrel of an assault rifle are taking up the fight against the blight of Personal Weapons and the danger they represent to the American public. Calls to end the epidemic of Personal Weapon violence are pouring into every member of Congress and the White House. Anti-violence advocates are overwhelming the airwaves and talk shows with their concerns over the meteoric levels of Personal Weapons violence in America.

With such resounding, and widespread support to counter the epidemic of Personal Weapons violence, without a doubt we will see change soon.

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