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Hate mongers at CNN International smearing America abroad

Written By | Nov 19, 2018
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CNN International

WASHINGTON, DC: Having recently returned from three weeks in Italy during the month of October, I was repeatedly struck by how horrendously CNN and CNN International portray America around the world. For 24 days there was unrelenting coverage depicting the United States as a racist, intolerant white supremacist country dedicated to the decimation of the black man, the degradation of immigrants and the subjugation of the planet.

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CNN: The face of racist white supremacist hate speech

CNN is the face America presents to the world. Whether its Fareed Zakaria consistently describing America’s electoral system as based on white fear, voter suppression, and discrimination, or Christiane Amanpour deriding President Trump as representing white supremacy and a racist oligarchy, it is a disgusting perversion of America and what it stands for.

Sadly, in 10 out of 11 hotels I stayed in CNN was the principle source of news from an American cable network. Only once was Fox news available during our 24 days in Italy. In most hotels, BBC news was also available, and their coverage was almost a mirror image of CNN.

Its bad enough that the “news” networks within the United States have devolved into little more than political propaganda channels. As an American traveling abroad,  it is another thing entirely when the only channel viewed internationally presents such a consistently distorted, narrow, heavily biased view of this great nation.  CNN is consistently and deliberately utilizing the most vile and disreputable smear tactics against the President, the country,  and some half of all Americans.

CNN International: Smearing America one day at a time

But that is what CNN does. Every day. Unrelentingly negative coverage of Trump and America that makes me want to cringe. Americans are tired of being called racist because they may have different political views than Don Lemon. They are sick of being lied about and represented this way by a news network with an overt political agenda.

Americans are tired of Jake Tapper and Andrew Cuomo posing as our moral betters. Tired of them lording their insults across the body politic. Sick of them informing us of our incipient racism, homophobia, transphobia, and general hatred of black people.

Its disgusting enough to deal with this at home. To have it magnified overseas is heartbreaking.

When you are in a hotel room in Rome or Capri and the major news representation of the United States paints a picture of a degraded, racist, misogynistic country led by a white supremacist Nazi, its gets a little old. And insulting.

And its wrong, morally, factually, and intellectually.

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CNN: Giving Russian propaganda a run for its money

Who needs Radio Moscow or Chinese propaganda when we have CNN? I have never been more embarrassed for my country than watching election coverage of the midterms from abroad and having our nation and President represented, day after day, as a degraded sinkhole of overt racism and white supremacy.

Its a stinking lie. And I for one am sick and tired of it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But that is not the message CNN is sending around the world. Tearing down the image of America with a constant string of lies and smug misrepresentations, describing the President in the most heinous tones, and smearing the United States and everything we stand for in the process.

CNN Airport network: Fake news for hostages

It is similar to the CNN Airport network, which accounts for a substantial amount of CNN”s ratings, where travelers around the country are forced to watch the CNN propaganda channel because, get this, CNN is paying the airports for exclusive rights.

Well overseas, CNN International is the norm, and it isn’t just an embarrassment, it is open slander on our country. Like travelers stuck in Atlanta Airport, foreign viewers have little recourse to CNN as it is frequently the only American news network available.

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Thank God for France 24 and Al Jazeera English

CNN is not the only English language network. France 24 and Al Jazeera English continue to be the most reliable news outlets when one wants to see what actually happened during the course of the day. Sky News was rarely available, but the German channel Euro News was fairy reputable when covering world events.

CNN and BBC are mirror images of each other, mimicking the snide tone and biased attitude towards Trump. The difference is that CNN is all hate mongering all the time. All “Trump is a racist” all the time. All of America is racist all the time.

Its enough to make you puke.

CNN: Anti-Trump Hate speech for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

CNN, a fake news outlet if there ever was one, doesn’t just let its bias show. It trumpets it, it screams it from the rooftops. CNN  proclaims its anti-American screed as a Holy Grail of hate speech against Trump. In the process it does itself and America an enormous disservice.

As bad as being abroad and watching this vile programming on a daily basis, nothing could have prepared me for how jarring the constant news coverage was here in America. As horrific as the depiction of our country abroad, the incessant bellowing of biased political coverage at home would have been laughable if it wasn’t so constant and dangerous.

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Someone needs to turn CNN back into a news network

CNN literally cannot be trusted to tell the truth, much less cover the actual news. They are a propaganda channel, not unlike RT, pure and simple. They don’t even pretend otherwise anymore. The antics of Jim Acosta and the open flailing and hatred towards Trump renders them incapable of covering any news event in a fair manner.

At some point, someone needs to step in and buy CNN and restore it to what it once was, an actual news channel. But the demographics of cable news doesn’t portend well for the future. As a network, CNN is barely surviving, but what audience they do have is wholly dependent on Trump hate speech.

CNN: Unwatchable, a dying network filled with hate and lies

CNN may be unwatchable, but the economics of cable TV insist that they continue narrowcasting their racist hate speech to the same limited population of Trump haters. The sad reality is that the average age of the CNN viewer in America is 60 and up. They are a dying network with a shrinking audience.

That they continue to do this, day after day, across the planet is disgraceful. The image it conveys of our country is despicable. The insult done to our reputation as a great nation, a beacon of freedom, and a world power is incalculable.

To travel around the planet and know that this is how America is being portrayed is heartbreaking. Who needs Russian or Chinese propaganda when we have CNN International. Why have law enforcement when Kamala Harris says its just like the KKK. Who needs actual news when can have Don Lemons racist hate speech.

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Stop calling America racist. Stop calling people Nazi’s.

In Germany, you are not allowed to use Nazi or racist references in public, and yet in the United States calling the President the most inflammatory insults imaginable is an everyday occurrence. The level of acrimony and bias is not just out of control, it is libelous, insulting, and the very definition of outrageous.

After being abroad for 24 days of hate speech from CNN, I can only say thank God for France 24 and Al Jazeera English. They may have their faults, but at least they are actual News channels, delivering the actual news of the day from around the world, and not fulcrums of constant hate mongering depicting America as a racist gaggle of White supremacists.

It is disgusting, and all real Americans are sick of it. If they only knew how pervasive it was around the world. Thanks, CNN. You do America and the world an enormous injustice with your constant lies and hateful bias. Someone needs to buy you, fire your on air “talent”, and turn you back into a news network.

I won’t hold my breath.






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