Hank Johnson compares Obama’s Amnesty order to Lincoln’s Proclamation


CLEVELAND, November 15, 2014 — Under the category of unbelievable or perhaps delusional liberal gaffes, a Democratic congressman is comparing President Obama’s threatened unilateral action on immigration to Lincoln’s decision to free the slaves.

Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., announced this week that Obama, who did nothing to push through immigration reform when he and the Democrats controlled the White House and Congress, is the second coming of Abraham Lincoln, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A memo was leaked by the White House that strongly suggests that Obama intends to announce a ten-point immigration reform executive order which will allow millions of illegal immigrants to live and work legally in the United States. Rep. Johnson apparently has avoided the legal fact that these same millions of illegal immigrants are breaking the law.

Instead, the congressman insists that Obama will be regarded with the same historical standing as Lincoln, who freed millions of black slaves who were held in servitude for nearly 200 years.

They’re protecting an economic order that makes its living off of cheap labor, just like slavery. You entice people from across the border to come here and you pay them sub-wages and you keep them in an underground economy and you refuse to let them out. Those people work hard. They have played by the rules. They have built this country. …

One day there will be movies written about this episode in American history. There will be a president who issues an executive order like the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed 3 to 4 million slaves with the signing of a pen. There will be some bold leaders in the Congress trying to move those who try to cling to the status quo. …

In the end of the movie Congress will — there will be some bold action in Congress by congressional leaders to force the others to do what is right. And it may take a little bit more time, but I’m proud to stand here with those who have been fighting for a long time and those who have the strength to continue to fight until we get this done.

I also want to say to President Obama: We have your back. Don’t worry about it. Do the right thing. Let’s make it happen.

Far from being celebrated, the action that the president is considering may lead to a new American insurrection.

Already there are pitched outcries from conservative and Republican ranks, as well as disappointment from blacks who increasingly feel insulted and betrayed by Obama’s lack of action on problems and concerns in the black community.

Rep. Johnson seems to have forgotten that his own native state of Georgia actually is suffering from the worst unemployment in the nation. The facts are startling. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Georgia’s unemployment rate was 8.1 percent, which was the highest rate of all 50 states.

Obama has issued no executive order to end joblessness in Georgia’s urban centers, or even in his own home city of Chicago.

The commander-in-chief has been missing in action. That is why many blacks in Georgia and in other minority communities around the nation have openly challenged his commitment to the black community, whose ancestors Lincoln actually did free.

Has the congressional representative forgotten the throes of anguish that Lincoln endured as he worked fervently to end to a Civil War that nearly destroyed a nation to insure freedom from slavery? The illegal immigrants made a choice to break the law to enter the United States; they were not brought here against their will. They are not slaves and are free to return to their true homes.

Unlike Lincoln, Obama shows no anguish as he makes his decisions. No heart- or soul-searching is apparent in the process of emancipating the illegal immigrants from what Rep. Johnson believes is the bondage of the law. Johnson said, “One day there will be movies written about this episode in American history.” He added, “There will be a president who issues an executive order like the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed three to four million slaves with the signing of a pen.”

The voters of Johnson’s congressional district should demand a recount or a revote, because the Hollywood version of his fantasy ends with the Congress taking bold action initiated by congressional leaders. Supposedly inspired by the President, these Capitol Hill leaders will be forced to “do what is right.”

Now is the right time to introduce Johnson to reality; once the congressman’s dream phase has ended, he will realize that the congressional leadership will most certainly do the right thing, and that is to deny Obama funding for his actions or move for articles of impeachment.

Either way, Johnson’s version of the Obama movie saga will have to end up on the cutting room floor.

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Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs began writing professionally in 1975. He has been published in the "New York Times," and has written for the "Detroit News," "Michigan Chronicle," “GOPUSA,” "Soul Source" and "Writers Digest" magazines as well as the Ann Arbor and Cleveland "Examiner," "Free Patriot," "Conservatives4 Palin" and "Positively Republican." The former daily host of The Kevin Fobbs Show on conservative News Talk WDTK - 1400 AM in Detroit, he is also a published author. His Christian children’s book, “Is There a Lion in My Kitchen,” hit bookstores in 2014. He writes for Communities Digital News, and his weekly show "Standing at Freedom’s Gate" on Community Digital News Hour tackles the latest national and international issues of freedom, faith and protecting the homeland and heartland of America as well as solutions that are needed. Fobbs also writes for Clash Daily, Renew America and BuzzPo. He covers Second Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Pro-Life, patriotism, terrorism and other domestic and foreign affairs issues. As the former 12-year Community Concerns columnist with The Detroit News, he covered community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, business, government relations, and community and business dispute resolution. Fobbs obtained a political science and journalism degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1978 and attended Wayne State University Law School. He spearheaded and managed state and national campaigns as well as several of President George W. Bush's White House initiatives in areas including Education, Social Security, Welfare Reform, and Faith-Based Initiatives.
  • Kimo

    What’s amazing is that the group that will be hurt the worst by amnesty for illegals will be the African-American community.

    • What you don’t want to hear

      Exactly! Maybe at some point they will demand the same of politicians as the Hispanic and other communities have and finally realize blinding voting democratic is not helping them. Before I get slammed I am of the African American community. And I have had this same discussion numerous times with people and the blind allegiance to Obama amazes me. We (blacks) have done worse under this president than any in the last 50 years and all he talks about is the LBGT, Hispanic… communtiy. No offense to any of them, but guess what, blacks voted for you too. And all you members of the African American community (yes congressional caucus included) refuse to hold him accountable for your votes! Al & Jesse where the hell are you two at? If you two are looking out for the African American community you should be all over him, because he’s completely ignored his most loyal constituents and basically told them I really don’t care what you think because you idiots will vote for me/us anyway! And this is the guy you (because I sure don’t) stick up for because he’s black?

    • Tim Kern

      Obama doesn’t care. Blacks will all vote for every Democrat. (Oh, I exaggerate. Only 95% will. My bad.)
      Blacks, in pursuing this predictable behavior, have set themselves up for exploitation by Democrats and for being ignored by Republicans. And thus they are exploited by Democrats and ignored by Republicans.

  • infamouscrimes

    Mr. Fobbs needs to revisit his history books. Abraham Lincoln never freed a single slave, not one, nevermind the “millions” claimed in this article. I suggest Mr. Fobbs pick up a copy of Lerone Bennett Jr.’s ‘Forced Into Glory’ which clears the air about the Emancipation Proclamation: a document whose only purpose was to gain European favor and incite slave rebellion in the South. Lincoln himself was a racist bigot and cared nothing about the plight of African Americans. Get it straight please!

  • As I said on my show’s Facebook page Hank is an intellectual giant walking amongst mere men. And yes, I’m being sarcastic.

  • Bob Siegel

    Excellent article Kevin!

  • Ricardo Tubbs

    Obama lied on June 15, 2009 when he claimed that you would be able to keep your health insurance.

  • Tim Kern

    Lincoln didn’t free any slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. He “freed” only the slaves in the Confederacy, which was a different country. (The Confederacy wasn’t a separate country? Then why did the Confederate states need to re-apply for statehood after the war? And he DID free slaves? Then why the 13th Amendment? And what about the non-freed slaves in the Union states?) If Obama wanted to do something similar, he’d “free the slaves in Somalia,” not ignore our Constitution.
    Obama is as big a tyrant as Lincoln was in his day, and just as much a political charlatan. The only thing that saved Lincoln’s legacy was his assassination. Obama? Who knows what will save his…