Greece, Spain and Venezuela: Socialism’s last hurrah

The media doesn't seem to know Socialism is failing


WASHINGTON, February 2, 2015 — The Greeks elected a far-left government as an angry reaction to the dramatic cuts to programs that government-dependent Greeks rely on. And the value of Greek bank stocks tumbled by 40 percent on rumors the new government planned to default on its debt to international creditors.

In Madrid, Spain, thousands took to the streets to express their anger at government cuts in order to pay off their welfare debt.

The politics of redistribution – whether it’s called socialism, collectivism, or hope and change – is in free fall. But you wouldn’t know it by reading news reports.

Down in Venezuela, its strongman warned his nation of an impending threat to Chavizmo, the brand of socialism unique to that banana republic thanks to the late dictator Hugo Chavez.

Socialism, whether of the Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro or Chavez variety, is said to derive special magical powers from the dictatorial crank espousing it. And when market forces or surrounding armies threaten its “inevitability,” a conspiracy is surely underway.

The dramatic drop in oil prices, for instance, is depriving Venezuela’s socialist government much needed petrodollars for wealth redistribution, resulting in food shortages now fueling unrest.

“My responsibility is to call upon people to be on the maximum alert level,” said President Nicolas Maduro in a televised address to the Venezuelan people last Monday. “The imperial power has entered a dangerous phase of desperation and has been talking to governments of the continent to announce they’ll topple my government. I accuse U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who personally spoke with… [Latin American] presidents and prime ministers about the plan.”

It’s preposterous to believe that the clueless Joe Biden is a threat to bankrupt Venezuela anymore than the 84-year-old director Clint Eastwood is a threat to the preposterous, pudgy and pusillanimous Michael Moore.

External threats to unworkable socialism are equally preposterous, as is its promise of a bright future.

Meanwhile, fracking capitalist running dogs, according to Bloomberg Business, are putting the United States in a position to “surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer.”

“As production goes up and imports go down, it does have positive macroeconomic effects for the U.S.,” said Societe Generle SA’s energy analyst Mike Wittner. “It’s good for the balance of payments, good for the dollar, good for jobs, for other heavy industries.”

You see, a major problem for socialist masterminds is predicting a future they claim to design. As I recall, it was the “hope and change” leader of our banana republic that said, “We can’t drill our way out of this [energy] problem.”

No matter, he’ll more than make up for his predictive shortcomings by proposing higher federal taxes on an industry he diligently worked to replace with inefficient, pre-Columbian “green” power… wind and solar.

Socialism is about to hit a wall. Its Achilles heel, as the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously said, is that socialism eventually runs out of other people’s money.

It’s a financial black hole from which nothing escapes. All dollars that pass its event horizon are dead dollars; an “investment” with no return.

President Obama’s proposed $4 trillion budget will require the Federal Reserve to print more dollars, expanding the nation’s $18 trillion debt, which will never be repaid.

The Greek economy, ravaged by decades of socialist rule, can never pay back its creditors either. And the crumbling nations of the European Union aren’t anxious to extend credit to the Greeks who stiff fools bearing financial gifts.

Back in 2010, MIT economics Professor Jonathan Gruber, who masterminded Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s dictatorial health care plans – you know, the guy that correctly pegged people as stupid for believing socialist state planners can produce abundant and free, well, anything – had another brilliant socioeconomic idea.

“Ultimately, what may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight,” said Gruber. “Results of the programs that use… [insurance] premiums to impose direct financial penalties for obesity will bear watching in the future.”

It appears that Obamacare’s arrogant architect is a greater threat to Michael Moore than Clint Eastwood.

Gruber shouldn’t worry. Socialism, being what it is, can be relied upon to thin the herd through scarcity, rationing and, eventually, starvation.

Socialism provides a lesson our Gruberized world seems incapable of learning.

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  • Reco2

    Hitler was pro capitalist and Chavez was democratically elected, any other delusions?

    • His Excellency

      Hitler was anti-capitalist. Hence the term “National-Socialism”, fool. Before running for the presidency in Venezuela, Chavez tried to overthrow a democratically-elected president, Carlos Andres Perez, in a coup. Since last decade, the Chavistas have been rigging the political system in Venezuela and wrecking the country’s economy and society.

      • Reco2

        HItler was pro capitalist – Heard oif Krupp, Flick, Hugo Boss etc. they were members of the National Socialist party, I guess you think North Korea is democratic too. HItler had more in common with Reagan than did with Chavez.

        INdeed, HItler even coined the term privitisation which was copied by Reagan and Thatcher- why Nazis are considered to be FAR Right, fool!

        Castlos Andres Perez was a mass murderer who was later impeached due to mass corruption. Funny how you forget that.

        • His Excellency

          McKinley was the one who coined the term privatization, not Hitler. Hitler was anti-capitalist. The Nazis decried capitalism and advocated for government control of everything. And actually, Hitler had more in common with the Castro brothers than did with Reagan, moron.
          Hitler and Stalin were nearly identical to one another, fool. That’s why the Nazis are far-left, only slightly to the right of Communists. Carlos Andres Perez was a democratically-elected president who was elected not once, but twice. His “corruption” and the claim that he was a “mass murderer” was (and is) Chavista propaganda invented by the radical left in order to justify their illegal coup attempt in Venezuela in 1992. Anyway, Manuel Zelaya in Honduras was a maniac who violated his country’s constitution on many occasions during his presidency, which was why the Honduran government ordered his impeachment and removal from office. Funny how you forgot that.

          • Reco2

            Yes, only moronic tea party members think the Nazis are “far left”- Germans and Jewish groups claim they were far right and rightly so.

            The Nazis were pro capitalist as shown in the Kupp, Flick, IG Farben and Hugo Boss trial etc. The defat of capitalist Nazi Germany in 1945 by FDR and the USSR humilated the US Right who admired Hitler’s rightism and anti communism.

            Sorry, you need to read a history book you moronic fool!

            “communist propganda”…gee, you sound like the infamous rightist Hitler raving in Mein Kampf.

          • His Excellency

            Yes, only moronic “Occupy Wall Street” and their allies think Nazis are “far right”. The West and Israel believe that they were far left and rightly so.
            The Nazis were anti-capitalist socialists as shown by the writings of WEB Du Bois, George Bernard Shaw and other left-wing scholars who were admirers of socialist regimes of the time. The defeat of socialist Germany in 1945 by the Big Three (US, UK, USSR) embarrassed the Soviet left who admired Hitler’s leftism and anti-capitalism as a counterweight to Western power. Indeed, when the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed, the Western Communists denounced any efforts made by Western countries like Britain and France to stop the Nazis as “capitalist warmongering”. Sorry, you need to watch the Revolutionary Holocaust and the Soviet Story documentaries, as well as read real primary sources, pendejo. To deny that Hitler was a socialist is actually almost Holocaust denial-denying the crimes of German socialists and communists like Walter Ultbricht, as well as those outside Germany like the Soviet military commanders who participated in the Katyn Forest massacre that was the product of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

          • Reco2

            “occupy wall street”- please, Nazis were considered to be far right back in the 1920s. Oh, deny that German corporations played a role in the holocaust is considered to be “holocaust denial”.

            German capitalists built the crematoria( Topf And sons) and the Entrepuner Bruno Tesch supplied the gas and made a handsome profit. So yes, you are an anti semite who denies the key aspects of the holocaust to suit your murderous ideology.

            Nazis were capitalists as shown by the writings of Hitler, Speer, Lord Rothermere, Franco and other “conservative statesmen”. Even the Nuremburg trials established Nazi Germany as a capitalist state.

            LOL, the defeat of Rightwing Nazi Germany AND their RIGHTWING CONSERVATIVE ALLIES like Horthy, Petain, Pavelic, Antonesuqye and Mussolini embrassed the Soviet Union? You must be trolling, Reagan was horrified that his beloved Nazi Germany was defeated by the USSR- why he set out avenge fascism- he met with Hitler’s only suriving ally Franco and supported Pinochet.

            Sorry, you need to watch the Nuremburg proceddings of the Krupp trial, IG Farben trial, Flick trial, Silence of the Quandtz and read books like the rise and fall of the third Reich!

            The crimes of German capitalists was immense, hence Nazism will always be associated with fascism.

          • His Excellency

            Fascism is left-wing, dumba**. You just gave another pointless and fallacious diatribe. Both Mussolini and Goebbels admired Lenin for his socialism. They just didn’t like the internationalist concept of Communism. That was the main features that distinguished Communism and fascism. By the way, my statement on OWS was correct, considering the fact that the movement was endorsed by the American Nazi Party, which endorsed OWS’s campaign against “Judeo-Capitalism”. Everything else you wrote are half-truths and conspiracies. The Soviet Story and Revolutionary Holocaust documentaries tell the truth about what actually happened and who actually collaborated with the Nazis around that time period. The Communists’ crimes are also long. Remember the Berlin Wall? Who ordered its construction? The same guy who ordered the Berlin transit strike which turned into a riot.

          • Reco2

            Fascism is Rightwing, as stated by Mussolini in 1933.

            Mussolini hated Lenin and did Hitler, Goebbels publicly condemned Leninism in the 1930s. You truly are a fool.

            Hitler and Mussolini supported German and Italian capitalism, indeed the Bruni family were big supporters of Mussolini.

            The prominent Nazi TJ Ready endorsed the Tea party movement. He was a member of the Nazi party and the Phoenix tea party!

            There was no mention of “Judeo capitalism”…moron!

            “Everything else you wrote are half-truths and conspiracies”

            From the fool who believes the lies told in the Soviet Story and by Glen Beck…LOL!

            The Nuremberg Trials proved that the capitalists and the conservatives supported Hitler, and you hate that fact!

          • His Excellency

            More myths. Mussolini and Goebbels admired Lenin, pendejo. WEB DuBois in the US and George Bernard Shaw in the British Isles even endorsed Europe’s dictatorships during the interwar period. The American Nazi Party did enforce Occupy Wall Street and they did label their opponents as part of the “Judeo-Capitalist” conspiracy. Both Revolutionary Holocaust and the Soviet Story are facts, pendejo. You simply deny it because you are a revisionist. And I find it funny that you also condemn the North Korean dictatorship considering the fact that you repeat much of their talking points. Bottom line: fascism is left-wing. Understand that, fool.

        • Senator SmellyPants

          Similarly, the English Socialist (IngSoc) Inner Party in “1984” altered history as they saw fit as well.

          • Reco2

            Written by Orwell that decribed fascism as anoher version of “capitalistm”….hmmm.

          • Reco2

            Orwell also described Fascism as just “another version of capitalism”. Why do you think Hitler is referred to as far right? Tea party fascists don’t like facts.

          • His Excellency

            More and more people view fascism correctly as left-wing, pendejo. Why do more people view Hitler and Goebbels as left-wing everyday? Occupy Wall Street Communists don’t like facts.

          • Reco2

            Really? The vast majority of historians describe fascism as Rightwing and rightly so, your views are irrelevant because you are uneducated on this topic! Indeed, Even the German government describes NEO nazis as far Right…..funny that.

          • His Excellency

            More revisionist propaganda coming from a loon like you. Fascism was left-wing and more and more understand that everyday.

          • Reco2

            Like who? Braindead members of the Tea Party? LOL, good luck!~

          • His Excellency

            You are probably a member of the ridiculous Occupy movement, the one that has many braindead members, unlike the Tea Party.

          • Senator SmellyPants

            “Well it proves one thing, Mr. Hooper. It proves that you wealthy college boys don’t have the education enough to admit when you’re wrong.” -Quint [JAWS]

            The quote I think of when I cross paths with an infallible academic.

  • ginjit.dw

    And the easter bunny is real!!!!!!

  • Gradivus

    What is the little part of the medallion that was censored from the photo at the top of the page? Could it have been a swastika?