Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair takes on the president

Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair has written a diatribe against President Trump. We take a look at what he said, the hypocrisy and hilarity.

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., – In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, editor, Graydon Carter, continues his diatribe against our president who quite apparently, is not his cup of tea. Excerpts from Carter’s editorial, “A Pillar of Ignorance and Certitude”:

Graydon Carter writes:

“Donald Trump, our 45th president, sold the electorate an America First bill of goods, when what he really had in mind was Me First. ‘I won,’ he gloats, ‘therefore I can do this! I won, therefore, I can do that!’”

President Barack Obama, whom Mr. Carter presumably worships, said this to then number two Republican Rep. Eric Cantor: “Elections have consequences. And at the end of the day, I won. So, I think on that one I trump you.”

Interesting turn of phrase, “trump you,” don’t you think?

Carter further writes that:

“Trump’s messy birdcage of a mind careers from one random thought to the next. He likes to strut and talk big-league.”

Candidate and author of “The Art of the Deal,” Donald J. Trump said this about “big-league”:

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”

A brief Google search of Trump properties reveals a list of 24 domestic properties and nine international projects. Anyone, save one who’s a few feathers short of a whole duck, would call Trump’s successes anything less than ‘big.’

Carter continues to write:

“In small groups, as many can attest, he has mastered the salesman’s trick of creating faux sincerity and intimacy by answering a question by including the first name of the person who asked it.”

Graydon, Graydon. Don’t you wish you could do that? The Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper’s Editorial Board, after meeting one-on-one with Candidate Trump said this about him:

“Donald Trump exuded a level of warmth, vulnerability, and humility that surprised us. He was nothing like the strident buzz saw so often seen on TV. We haven’t been huge fans of the media’s Donald Trump. The man who works the room is different. He seems wise, reasonable and impassioned. If the country meets that Donald Trump, he could be headed to the White House.”

Graydon Carter has a very different opinion of Mr. Trump:

“But no amount of grifter charm can conceal his alarming disregard for facts and truth. It’s this combination of utter ignorance and complete certitude that his detractors find most terrifying.”

Oh, really? Are you speaking of the same man who unseated Hillary Clinton holder of the Russian re-set button, Benghazi negligence, and Clinton Crime Family Foundation?

Fortune Magazine wrote: 

“Much of the early coverage of Trump, and even well into his campaign, treated him as a joke, as entertainment, as a sideshow. The assumption was that Trump was such a buffoon, such a huckster, that the American people would surely see through his tricks and lies. All that was required was to point at him and laugh, to reveal the ignorance of his campaign or the poverty of his ideas. And that was a fatal mistake.”

Graydon Carter expressed:

“In temperament, we now have an unbridled man-boy in the highest office in the land, one who will lash out at the most reasoned criticism.”

In 2012, Gary Bauer at Human Events had this to say about your leftist elite’s Golden Boy president:

“Beneath Barack Obama’s well-cultivated image as a supernaturally cool, calm and collected president lies a very different reality: an irritable, hyper-sensitive and bitter man who’s quick to attack those who question him or his agenda. Majority Leader Eric Cantor called Obama “overly sensitive to someone differing with him on policy grounds.”

The same assessment of President Obama was previously made by Kansas Senator Pat Roberts after he and other Senate Republicans had a combative meeting with the president in May of 2010. ‘He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans,’ Roberts said. ‘He’s pretty thin-skinned.’”

Bauer also wrote that:

“During the Gulf oil spill, Obama traveled to Louisiana and met with Governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal later said that Obama seemed unconcerned about the spill but expressed frustration with the level of criticism he was receiving, ordering Jindal and another Louisiana officeholder not to go on T.V. to criticize him.”

According to Bauer, and referring to Fox News, Obama once complained, “I’ve got one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration.”

Bauer continued:

“The White House then embarked on a campaign to convince other media outlets to ignore Fox News, the one station not in the tank for Obama.”

As to the Trump extended family, Graydon Carter opined:

“As he drags family members into the administration, a certain amount of sympathy has gone out to Tiffany Trump, the president’s daughter with his second wife, Marla Maples. In the end, being the forgotten Trump may turn out to be an asset.”

Really, Graydon? Want to take a swipe at the president’s ten-year-old son while you’re up? At least you stopped short of calling the First Lady a hooker.

Graydon Carter also commented on Trump’s lack of awe over the U.S. intelligence network:

“His disparagement of America’s intelligence apparatus — what former vice president Biden calls ‘one of the crown jewels of our national defense’ — is a complete mystery and one that will come back to haunt him.”

This, we get from an administration that politicized the I.R.S., and, all signs point to, the national intelligence leadership, as well. Rank-and-file spooks get it. They turned out in an SRO room on a Sunday to greet their new president and give him prolonged welcoming applause.

On Obamacare Graydon Carter says:

“On the healthcare front, I confess that I’ve never fully understood the frantic scramble to shut down Obamacare . . .”

On this score, allow President Trump to help you out. He said in an aside recently that perhaps it would be a sound political move to leave the Democrats to twist slowly in the wind as Obamacare goes into its assured full meltdown this year. Instead, he, and his fellow Republicans, are picking up the mess and working to fix Obama’s dream turned sour.

Graydon Carter then predicts the downfall of President Trump:

“ . . . which will then be followed by a long, long road to ‘Trexit,’ our president’s extraction from the White House.”

A clever term “Trexit.” Another one Trump supporters have learned of late is “deep government,” meaning those clueless socialists Obama left in place to perform a silent coup d’état against our duly elected leader.

Graydon Carter final comment:

“Populists like Trump sweep into office on lies. They are undone by truths.”

As President Trump “drains the swamp” of special interests, foreign lobbyists, and law-breakers, it will be satisfying to watch leftist lies dissipate in the wind as democrats continue to be nothing better than a minor coastal party going forward.

Good luck with that, Graydon.

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