GOP vs Obama: Whoever shuts up wins election 2014


LOS ANGELES, September 2, 2014 — An Amusing t-shirt reads, “Help! I’m talking and I can’t shut up!” Children are given prizes in school for winning, “the quiet game.” In the battle to control the United States Senate, victory will most likely come to the side that is able to do what politicians are often incapable of doing. The smartest Democrats and Republicans are begging their politicians and political aspirants to just shut up. The brightest politicians and candidates will listen and obey this advice, ignoring the defective gene that forces politicos to babble ad nauseum amid pleas for silence.

The Republican Party has been gift-wrapped an election victory in 2014. Republicans were also supposed to capture the Senate in 2010 and 2012. In 2010, a very conservative candidate in moderate Delaware ran a commercial claiming, “I am not a witch.” Christine O’Donnell was a kind woman unprepared for the brutal political world. A far greater debacle came in 2012, when Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin were supposed to be cruising to senate wins in Indiana and Missouri, respectively. Akin spoke of “legitimate rape,” while Mourdock defended similar sentiments.

The ultimate senate collapse came in 2006. Former Virginia Governor George Allen was well on his way to being reelected to the senate and vaulting himself into a top tier Republican presidential contender. Then he was caught on tape uttering the imaginary word “macaca.” His mistake cost the Republicans the senate, which they have yet to win back.

Allen and O’Donnell were skewered unfairly. Mourdock and Akin deserved to be criticized harshly for their statements. Life is not about fairness. Republicans should know by now that the microphone is always on. Social media has relegated privacy to a relic of the past.

Republicans have two months to screw up and ruin another chance to take back the senate. One of them could send sexually obscene text messages to an underage congressional page of the same gender, as happened in a 2006 house race.

With the Obama agenda on the verge of wrecking the Republican Party and the country for good, it became time for the most experienced Republicans to step in and stop the madness. Karl “the Architect” Rove was the man who directed George W. Bush to two presidential election victories. Rove is despised by the left for beating them and many on the right for marginalizing them to the sidelines. Rove understands that ideological purity is useless in the political wilderness. Winning elections and governing is what matters. Rove recruited mainstream candidates across the country, some moderate and some conservative. He demanded normalcy. Republicans running for office were to speak normal, think normal, act normal, and then shut up.

Republicans have the advantage of a public that is currently upset with the Obama administration. The sixth year of a presidential election usually favors the party out of power. A disadvantage Republicans face are a hostile media determined and desperate to prop up Democrats at all costs. It is not paranoia when they really are out to get you. The solution is to not fall into the traps the Democrats will be setting.

Democrats want to talk about inequality, the war on women, gay issues, climate change and the name of the Washington Redskins. They always seem to care about these issues during election years or when Republicans are in power while doing nothing about them when Democrats are in charge. Republicans need to make it clear that the election is not what Republicans would do if elected. Everything in 2014 is about what Democrats did from 2009 through today.

Republicans must not be tricked into offering an alternative agenda. That gives Democrats something to attack. Republicans should not appoint a leader. That gives Democrats a person to attack. Republican presidential contenders should keep quiet about 2016 until the 2014 elections have finished.

The Republican message is a very simple one when referencing Democrats:

“They are in charge. They suck. We are not them.”

Inspiring? No. Bold colors are for presidential elections. Ronald Reagan won two of those while losing two midterms.

Republicans will be fine if they just let the Democrats implode. Republicans will win if they get out of their own way. The voters know that the Democrats have failed. They just want to be sure that the Republicans are an acceptable alternative. As long as Republicans do not say or do anything crazy, they will win.

As for the Democrats, the party in power is always centered around the president. President Obama’s poll numbers are as inverted as the economy he has regulated and suffocated. Obama is an albatross around the neck of every Democrat running for office. When he visits a state, Democrat senators and candidates flee as far away as possible, blaming scheduling conflicts. As conditions worsen domestically and globally, Democrats are begging Obama to disappear and stop talking.

Barack Obama cannot do this. Barack Obama will not do this. Barack Obama’s entire political career is owed to his ability to read a speech off of a teleprompter. He was elected sans governing experience, but his speeches would solve every problem simple because he said they would. When that inevitably failed, he doubled down and kept speaking. He had an opinion on every subject whether Americans wanted to hear his opinion or not.

As Democrats face a potential electoral bloodbath, they are pleading with Obama to stop talking. Every time he gives another meandering speech filled with platitudes about how America is “moving forward,” “moving in the right direction,” and “making progress,” the public tunes him out. When people are hurting, they resent repeatedly being told that things are fine and they just fail to realize it.

Obama cannot shut up. He can escape to the golf course, but cannot escape his obsessive compulsive need for people to hear his voice. His existence is a reality show about him where he is the only voice that matters. Asking him to stop campaigning and opining and pontificating is like asking him to stop breathing. If he were capable of silencing himself for the greater good, he would have done so in 2010. He made that election about him and took a shellacking. He then won reelection, which only convinced him that if he just speaks enough, everything will turn out fine.

With Republicans, the problem has been stupidity. With Obama, the issue is one of narcissism. Either way, the political world is now one where every unnecessary word is a potential political land mine ready to blow its utterer to the kingdom come of political oblivion.

Democrats cannot discipline Obama, but Republicans can discipline themselves. The GOP will win the 2014 elections if they just shut up.

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