GOP: Failing to understand conservative heritage

Liberals, socialists, communist, Marxists, and GOP RINOs have made a mess out of what was once the most respected and most revered republic society ever

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WASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2016 — Thanks largely to our political leadership, America is in an economic free fall; race relations are as bad as they were in the sixties; and our military is nearing a state of impotency. Thanks to political correctness, confidence in government institutions is at its lowest point in decades.

The rejection of the political establishment and its pre-ordained nominees this year reflects a sense of urgency from both sides of the aisle that their outside candidates win the White House in November.

Americans are waking up, though for very different reasons.

It is clear we no longer want to continue with the status quo. The days of business as usual in Washington seem to be numbered.

Understanding why there is so much money in politics

Recent polls show a growing lack of trust in Washington and American institutions. A recent Politico poll showed that less than half of Americans trust government to handle America’s problems. A Gallup survey shows that public confidence in television news is at an all-time low, as well.

When it comes to people getting along, 61 percent of Americans say race relations in the United States are bad, the highest percentage since 1992, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll published in May 2015.

This does not bode well for career politicians.

Outside of the presidency, the institution taking the biggest hit is Congress. A 2012 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of registered voters found that just 12 percent approve of the work lawmakers do, on par with voter sentiment in October 2008, when America plunged into an economic crisis.

Another 82 percent said they disapprove of Washington lawmakers.

When it comes to outright anger and disappointment in our leadership, no group comes close to the wrath conservatives feel for GOP leadership.

GOP leaders such as Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and John McCain have been viewed as co-conspirators, in the destruction of America. Political hitmen, with names like “the gang of eight,” have further provoked conservatives.

Establishment Republicans have often compromised, signing onto legislation and supporting liberal policies that have weakened our rights and freedoms. Like their liberal counterparts, these Republicans have little regard for our values and traditions or the supremacy of the United States Constitution.

And now there is hell to pay for their arrogance and betrayal of the public’s trust.

Most Republicans running for office have aligned themselves with the grassroots movement and promoted themselves as true conservatives and constitutionalists. Many were tea party favorites.

However, once elected and in Washington, they showed their true colors as Republicans in name only. None were true conservatives.

Establishment types in the GOP do not get it because they have never subscribed to the party’s core principles. Either they do not know them or feel they have no need to adhere to them.

As the party of Lincoln, and the 1860s Radical Republicans, men who dared to talk about liberating blacks, and actually going about doing that, and much more, today’s GOP leaders cannot hold a candle to the feisty, courageous and principled men who led the Radical Republicans to victory after victory, time and time again.

Abraham Lincoln and the election of 1860

The Republican Party is the party of freedom and prosperity. It was that, and much more, from the onset. But its contemporary leadership has not found it necessary to tout this or export this message to the masses, especially the poor and blacks the party once liberated.

GOP leaders have missed opportunity after opportunity to revive within the party a humanitarian-based purpose outside of looking after themselves and wealthy business interests.

The left succeeds because they have given the impression that they care about others, even though they are being less than honest. They have married their anti-American agenda to a theme they call social justice.

But when it comes to which party has been there throughout history for the downtrodden and for the cause of humanity, it has been the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, today’s GOP leadership seems clueless when it comes to their party’s heritage or just do not care. Their legislative failures in the political arena have only added to the toxic relationship it has with its core conservative base, which it deems the enemy.

As candidates, they have fooled their base. But as legislators, they have inadvertently opened their constituency’s eyes. And now they are paying the price for it.

Conservatives do not take kindly to being mocked, labeled crazy or marginalized because they dare stand up and call themselves tea partiers or being outright dismissed as extremists because they want to protect and preserve what was left for all Americans by the founding fathers.

Yet today’s politicians continue to fail us and America.

To have the mightiest military the world has ever seen literally brought to its knees by our enemy, Iran, is unacceptable to Americans. Generals George Washington and George S. Patton would turn over in their graves if they had an inkling of what was going on in the military today.

Obama, Benghazi and the Muslim Brotherhood

To see someone like Obama and Clinton be advised, and influenced, as well as being surrounded by Muslin Brotherhood sympathizers, is unacceptable to Americans. We do not like the enemy from afar and will not tolerate their operating from within our borders or inside of our White House.

To see our borders violated, much like vulnerable women who are exploited and violated, is unacceptable to Americans. Yet, our president and our congressional leaders have turned a blind eye to these events. Some have actively participated in it; others have even had a hand in orchestrating this invasion along with this country’s gradual descent. We the people are mad and getter madder.

Another thing, you do not train our brave men and women in the military, or give the appearance, that they are gearing up to turn on us, the citizen… as was the case last year with an exercise code named Jade Helm 15.

And we do not allow our ambassadors to be killed, or our brave Special Forces operators to be left to fend for themselves while our secretary of state is unable or unwilling to answer that 3 a.m. call and our president is AWOL, perhaps comfortably tucked in and asleep in bed.

Our forces deserve true leadership in times of crises and in matters of life and death.

Military directives in Europe may be dire warning for the future

No, we cannot sit by idle and allow our gallant warriors, such as those brave Navy SEALs who died in the Extortion 17 operation in Afghanistan, be set up for the slaughter and we take no retaliatory action against the perpetrators or the planners of this treasonous act, if there was complicity on the American side.

Americans expect accountability of our leaders and that is what we demand, regardless of the political name or clout of the individuals involved. In the eyes of American justice, justice is blind…or so that is how it is written. There are no exceptions.

But then, politicians are politicians.

When election year rolls around, they expect our continued support. They expect us to believe that they are working tirelessly on our behalf and in the interest of the American way of life, and 24/7.

On and on, they pontificate on how more conservative they are than the next candidate and how they are out there fighting and leading the charge when it comes to preserving our rights and freedoms while all the while they are collaborating with liberal/progressive legislators in ripping our Constitution to shreds.

What GOP establishment types cannot seem to get is this: It means nothing to say that you care when your policies show otherwise. In layman’s terms, empty rhetoric has no more meaning than the words of a person who claims to have a heart but whose actions show that he has no soul.

So, it should be known….come November, the GOP establishment will see just how much they have pushed true conservatives, and disgusted independents, to the edge.

Liberals, socialists, communists, Marxists and RINOs have all ganged up on America and made a mess out of what was once the most respected and most revered republican society to ever the grace the surface of the earth.

Now they face a formidable foe they once wooed and courted, but now truly fear…and that is the American conservative. It is almost certain that millions of them will show up to voice their disgust and anger at election time…and rightly so.

In all estimates, this year’s election will make the mid-terms of 2012 and 2014 look like a local debate club social.

You see, there is no greater force than a united and frustrated people who feel that their values, traditions, livelihood, homeland, rights and freedoms are being threatened, regardless of whether the enemy be foreign or domestic. So…

Prepared for a political bloodbath come November 2016, all establishment types. Your days of thunder are numbered….you have offended the Almighty and the American people. And you will be fired!

So shall it be written. So shall it be done.

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