GOLUB: Kidnapped Jews murdered means its time for bacon-filled Islamist graves

Hamas Mural - West Bank
Hamas Mural - West Bank

LOS ANGELES, July 1, 2014 – 9/11 New York. 7/7 London. Bali. Madrid. Mumbai. Munich Olympics. Leon Klinghoffer. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.

Now radical Islam has claimed the lives of Israeli children Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel. Fraenkel also held American citizenship.

From al Qaeda to ISIS, to Hamas to Hezbollah, radical Islam has targeted Western cultures around the globe. Most of the West has lost the will to fight, leaving war-weary publics to hope that genocidal madmen will stop killing as long as we try to dialogue with them.

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No more peace pipes. No more Kumbaya. No more United Nations Code Pinko State Department Moveon.org nonsense. The fate of world civilization is at stake.

Barbarism only understands barbarism and it is time for some bacon-wrapped radical Islamist hors d’oeuvres.

Initially written about Osama bin Laden by singer/songwriter and proud American Hauk about bin Laden, his song “Someday I’ll eat bacon on your grave” should now apply to every single Islamist that does not decry the alleged acts of the radical Islamists that kill innocent Jews and Christians.

Radical Islamists, not global warming, is the cancer on this world and it must be forcibly removed.

While all non-Muslims (and even some peaceful Muslims) are under siege, leftist enablers want “dialogue”.

The days of dialogue with radical Islamists and their leftist enablers has to end right now.

No more “diversity.” No more “multiculturalism.” No more “understanding.” No more “root causes.” No more political correctness. No more “sensitivity.”

No more “appealing to their better nature.”

This does not work with Islamists, because like leftists, they do not have one. They hate for the sake of hate.

Leftists blather about “coming together” and then refuse to come together with Republicans against a threat trying to kill us all.

Liberals do not hate the terrorists. They hate George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and anybody else wanting to cut taxes and kill terrorists. None of those people have ever murdered anyone.

Islamists murder Americans. President Obama does nothing. Liberals then excoriate the Obama critics for criticizing their demigod. For once in their miserable lives it would be nice if they hated Islamists more than Republicans

While Americans and other Westerners are being mutilated and dehumanized, President Obama continues his perpetual campaign tour. Liberals focus on trees, bunny rabbits, and the Washington Redskins name.

President Obama’s critics will stop carping the minute he gets off his moral-high-horse and DOES SOMETHING to solve this problem.

Obama sycophants will say that he is doing something, that taking out a leader here or there by drone is doing something. That is not enough.

They seem to think that President Obama’s tired platitudes are solutions. They think “No act of terror will go unpunished” has some weight to it.

Murderers bet they will get away with it, believing Barack Obama will do nothing.

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State Department shills like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry uses words “reprehensible.” No, what is reprehensible is that our enemies know we will make empty threats.

The very people who savage Republicans and Neocons on a nightly basis are the ones the Islamists would butcher first.

Has anyone noticed that Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper are not reporting from the Gaza Strip?

Homosexuals do not fare well under that “tolerant” ideology.

Let’s see Sandra Fluke demand subsidized birth control in the West Bank. She would be stoned within minutes. Hamas and Hezbollah do not like Western women, particularly uppity ones.

They are not the only names in the news that will steer clear of Arab Muslim hot zones. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will not be going. She is Jewish. They would rape her and slit her throat. Yet somehow too many liberals praise a president who lets Jews, gays, and women be slaughtered while lambasting a past president who stopped it.

Leftists criticize conservatives for wanting to use force, but there is no liberal solution. None. As Ambassador John Bolton says, force is a bad option and every other option is worse.

The Islamists are out of control. Leftists may try to talk us all to death, but Islamists use bombs, guns, and bullets.

It is time to never again allow “root causes” to be part of the discussion. Some people are just monsters who want the world to burn. They hate for the sake of hating. There is nothing to discuss or understand.

Leftist and Islamist rage is boring already. It’s like saying water is wet.

Nobody should care that either Islamists or leftists are angry. It is time to kill radical Islamists while we promote more free speech and more Danish cartoons. We need liberals like Jon Stewart who think they are hip and edgy when bashing Christianity to show some bravery and take on radical Islam.

If leftists can show a cross in urine, then surely they can take a portrait of a dead Islamist wrapped in bacon.

We should not be sad. We should be angry.

It’s time for the Christian world to feast on bacon-wrapped Islamist hors d’oeuvres. As for the Jews, we don’t have to eat the bacon, but we should certainly help the Christians shove it down the Islamists’ throats.

Anything less would be pacifism, which only leads to more terrorism.

The only good news is that Leader of the Free World Benjamin Netanyahu is not Barack Obama. The Israeli Prime Minister will do what real leaders George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard did. Bibi will call the evil out by name, and then the Israeli Defense Forces will hunt the Islamists down everywhere they live and exact justice.

The best Christmas presents the Jewish State can deliver to America are bacon-wrapped gravesite pictures of dead Islamist terrorists.



“You’re a sick bastard, a dirty worthless knave
Surrounded by the desert rats, that you enslave
I know you’re out there, hiding in some cave
Well someday I’ll eat bacon on your grave.”

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  • Bren Pool Vignaroli

    I don’t think Israel is going to let this one go…and they shouldn’t. It’s WAY PAST TIME…to practice an eye for an eye where the Islamofascists are concerned. I am a strong believer in the Old Testament…Deuteronomy 19:18–21 It’s time…

  • This post couldn’t get more spot on if you tried Eric!

  • mwhaar

    Muslims are too ignorant to know that their end is in sight. Allah the moon god will not be able to help them while Mohammad rots in hell with the rest of them.

  • TokyoTengu

    Forget the bacon filled graves! Bacon is expensive and a valuable product. Pig offal works just as well and is even more fitting.

  • Absolutely tragic story!

    These cycles of violence will never end!

    We must relocate to a more peaceful part of the world and set up a New Jewish State there where we can concentrate on science, the arts, study, research, etc. rather than constant warfare.

    Peace to all!!!

  • Peter the Canadian

    The left only believes in use of force against Americans; Americans that are in pursuit of living their lives according to their rights spelled out in their Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments.

  • payasyougo

    Hallelujah! My God, the truth sounds so good. Thank you! There are those in this world that worship life and there are the Islamists that certainly worship death. The battle lines are drawn. Thankfully, there is still a leader of the free world.

  • dana daddee

    right on…

  • dana daddee

    islamists don’t realize how much restraint is being shown and what will happen once that restraint is gone. I am all for it being gone now… time to out terrorize the terrorists… this is the only way to win a war…

  • rabenatz

    Big fail from the author. Anderson Cooper had been reporting from the Gaza last time rockets were going back and forth and he had already been officially out then. He reported from both Israel and Palestine and didn’t seem to have any problems there despite being one of the most recognisable reporters on the planet.

    He also went to Egypt and Syria. And yes, he better has good security (clearly lacking in Egypt), mainly because he is well-known and at risk of being abducted, but he is also aware that his times of going to Iraq and Iran are over because the risk has become too high. Gaza/Palestine however seems to be one of the less dangerous when it comes insane islamist terrorising everyone, including their own people like they do in Iraq and Iran for example.

    As for Maddow, she’s a commentator, not a reporter and has never done much in the field-work anyway.

    And actually yes, Bush is at fault for the death of thousands of American soldiers when he illegally attacked Iraq and indirectely at fault for the death of hundreds of European soldiers and the hundreds of terror victims of the attacks in London and Madrid done in retribution for Spain and England supporting the US in that illegal war.