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Goebbel’s “Big Lie” returns

Written By | Jan 17, 2021
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WASHINGTON, DC: In the wake of the Capitol Hill riots “Unity” Joe Biden compared Trump supporters to Nazis and said Republicans who questioned the election results were part of the “big lie.” The big lie theory is attributed to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Like Goebbels, Biden, a complicit media, and leftists then repeat the unconscionable slander. Over and over. Only the genuine big lie is the notion that the 2020 election was free and fair. The world is noting that the 2020 American Presidential election was anything but. The big lie is that Biden is a legitimate President. It is part of a string of big lies by “His Fraudulency” that underscore Biden’s entire political existence. (Lies, damned lies and the truth about Joe Biden)

Censorship and hysteria have grown exponentially in the wake of the Capitol Hill melee in which police and political leadership left the Capitol virtually unguarded in the face of well-publicized threats. (FBI report warned of ‘war’ at Capitol, contradicting claims there was no indication of looming violence)

Somehow Capitol police are on video after video letting “rioters” into the building. The first incursions begin 20 minutes before Trump finished speaking.  The entire episode smacks of a deliberate lapse of security to provoke a violent incident.

The FBI warned Congressional leaders days earlier.

The Capitol Police requested National Guard troops. They were turned down by the Sergeant of Arm of both the House and Senate who report directly to Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. There is no way that leadership did not anticipate this could have occurred. There are questions about the number of “visitors” visiting the Capitol on Jan. 5th, seeming to be “casing the joint.” Capitol tours were stopped due to COVID in March of 2020. These tours would require permissions from the Sgt. at Arms and other leadership. (House Democrats call for investigation into ‘suspicious’ Capitol tours day before riot)

Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s (D-Mass.) chief of staff Sarah Groh told the Boston Globe, Wednesday, that all the panic buttons in Pressley’s office were removed before the attack.

“Every panic button in my office had been torn out — the whole unit,” Groh said, explaining that she was sure the button was there because she used it before. Groh said that she had no idea why the button had been removed from the office, but I think there might be a few Republican Congress members who could explain it.

However, with time another big lie is revealed.  Why the Democrat’s unspoken assertion is that “Republican lawmakers” led the tours they witnessed, no names have been given.  Or lawmakers identified. The insurrection at the Capitol was aided, abetted and fomented by a group, lead by Insurgence USA founder and known Antifa anarchist John Sullivan. (It’s a setup: Patriots stay away from state capitol demonstrations

A clear departure from protection protocols at the Capitol

There should have been a line of National Guard at the fountain at the bottom of the Capitol. That there wasn’t was deliberate, and intentional. Look at the subsequent response and security overload. A very small Capitol Police force can be seen trying to hold barriers.  If you watch, you see that the people at the front were violent, and one turns his hat around.  This is a signal that he is Antifa, a Sullivan expresses in the above video.

The fallout of the entire day was that the thirteen hours of election fraud evidence that the nation was supposed to see and was about to watch occur in the House and Senate Chamber never happened. It is doubtful that the pro-Trump Congressmen and women prepared to testify were complicit in the break-in.   It is not much of a conspiracy theory to believe that the Capitol break-in was an operation designed to censor those who were to contest the election.  Laying blame on Trump supporters swayed many to reverse their objections.

The subsequent police state response and media crucifixion of Trump supporters in general would be merely offensive if it wasn’t so dangerous. This is Charlottesville style manipulation, programmed on steroids. Allow a clash to occur and exploit it. Ask Virginia governor Terry MacAuliffe.  (Is Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe culpable in Charlottesville riot?)

Unrest in America pulls from the Biden playbook and the Biden/CIA Maidan sniper incident in Ukraine that sparked civil war, Russian intervention,  territorial division, and internecine warfare among Ukrainians to this day. (How and Why the US Government Perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine)

Biden Crime Family financial rape of Ukraine’s people

This coup opening the doors for Hunter Biden’s appointment to Burisma and the Biden family excessive largess, courtesy of Ukraine’s corrupt government.  All of this is why Joe Biden is currently under indictment by the prosecutor’s office in Ukraine as we speak.  (BREAKING: Ukraine Confirms Joe Biden Corruption With Bank Records, Witnesses, Says They Want Money Back)

Will Biden be visiting, as President of the United States,  the country he destroyed?

Most importantly, no one is asking why  Trump supporters are so angry.

Seventy-five million Trump voters, plus 40% of Democrats, think the 2020 Presidential election was stolen. They think that because they watched it happen right in front of their eyes. Then they watched as every objection to every massive degradation of a free and fair election was cast aside. Every aspect of what the UN refers to as the marker of a fraudulent election occurred.

Vote counts stopping. Uncontrolled unverified absentee balloting. Republicans brazenly barred from counting centers. Openly unconstitutional measures, actions,  and voting procedure changes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin,  and Georgia. (The Coup of America: Navarro says election was theft by a thousand cuts)

Georgia Legislature on vote-fraud:;We have a mess on our hands

Signature verification and safeguards discarded. Dominion Voting Systems subject to proven manipulation. Wholesale digital adjudication of bulk military votes 93% for Biden. Suitcases of ballots in Atlanta pulled from a table and counted after poll watchers were thrown out. All six key states stopping their votes counts simultaneously. Followed by massive Biden voters drops at 4:00 am., and in plain sight.  This has all been proven many times over. (Michigan judge orders release of forensic report that examined Dominion ballot machines in Antrim County)

So many questions that were never answered by anyone. Who called for the counting to stop? That is completely unprecedented. Unheard of. Except in third world countries. Move along folks. Nothing to see here. Trump voters watched as no court would entertain the actual evidence and the thousands of affidavits. The fix was in. In Georgia, where workers were caught on video re-running ballots recovered from beneath a draped table, leadership, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensberg, refuse to actually look into election fraud.  Raffensberg claiming that the President is relying on “bad data” while refusing anyone to review the data.

Following the Presidential election fraud, the same tactics were used to usher Democrats Warner and Ossoff into the Senate, despite Georgia’s historical red-state status.

What that does to a Republic: It destroys it.

Elections are supposed to be the pressure valve of society. Which requires that all Americans believe the election was free and fair. Both sides have to have good faith in the results. Transparency engenders trust. There has been no transparency.

Many voters feel there is no point in voting if the system is rigged. Regardless of what Joe Biden and the nasty venomous mouthpieces at CNN and MSNBC say, half of the country thinks the election was rigged. They not only think about it. They know it. 75 – 85% of Republicans think the election was stolen. 40% of independents think so. 30% of Democrats admit there was widespread voter fraud. (Even a Large Number of Democrats Believe Biden Stole the Election)

This is a problem of legitimacy and constitutionality that no amount of censorship and vilification can make go away. Instead of having ballots audited in the key states, Trump supporters saw themselves being shut out without recourse. No soup for you. You don’t like it, screw off.  We stole it right in front of you and we are going to shove it in your face.

The big lie is that there was no election fraud.

Yet Joe Biden would have you believe differently. And if you disagree, apparently you are a Nazi. A thug. Worthy of being suppressed. Well while we are on the Nazi analogies, Biden is using the Capitol Hill riots like Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to suppress the Jews with Kristallnacht. Only Biden and the Democrats are targeting 75 million American Conservatives who support Donald J. Trump.  A PBS attorney, Beller, calling for children of Trump supports to be placed in education camps, away from their parent’s influence.  (AOC, Leftists Call for “Lists” of Trump Supporters, Want Them to “Burn”)

Conservatives are being targeted using Russian Cold War tactics that include creating acute and neurotic anxiety among the people.  From the Russia hoax, to the latest impeachment, they have been marked for censorship, ridicule, exile, or labeled as terrorists.  Former General Stanley McChrystal, who has led the behind the scene psy-ops campaign against Trump from the Brookings Institute for years, compared Trump supporters to Al Qaeda. (General McChrystal Compares MAGA Rioters To Al-Qaeda)

This isn’t just irresponsible. It’s reprehensible. Whats next? Red armbands? Scarlett T’s burned into our foreheads?

The next big lie from Joe Biden is that Trump supporters are terrorists.

Add that to the previous string of lies that have been poured down our throat by Biden, corporate media, and his Big Tech allies in the media.  The Russia Hoax was a big lie. Perhaps the biggest. The Mueller Weissmann inquisition. The Ukraine impeachment farce. The War on HCQ. The suppression of the Hunter Biden story. The sickening antics of the “neutral” debate commission. The lunatic antics and censorship of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. The suppression of free speech by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and Amazon.

I’m sorry. This is not America.

This writer was censored time and time again last year. Articles about George Soros, Eric Ciaramella (the impeachment Whistleblower),  Black Lives Matter, or Antifa were routinely downgraded by Facebook and Google. When those articles were published on this site our traffic would crash…sometimes for days.  The original motto for Google was “Don’t be evil”. Now they’ve all turned into Bond villains, and that is unacceptable. Not in this constitutional republic. Not in this Democracy.

The big lie is that any of those things matter anymore.  Political power is all that matters to the liberal buffons in DC.

Joe Biden is at the center of America’s Biggest Lies

Lying comes naturally to Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris.  Plagiarizing foreign leaders to Martin Luther King, the both have forked tongues.  (Six times Biden described major events in his life that never happened)

Joe Biden was instrumental in using the Logan Act against Michael Flynn. The FBI, the CIA, and an array of “former Obama officials”staged a seditious insurrection against a sitting President for four years. With far more dangerous and powerful weapons than a couple of hundred yahoos in Buffalo horns.

Where are their charges of sedition? Someone, please explain,  where are their charges of insurrection?

Newly declassified comments show how the FBI used Stefan Halper, a CIA, Defense Department and State Department operative, to set Trump up as a Russian agent.  Halper was specifically instructed to spy on the Trump campaign. His “mysterious” meetings George Papadopoulos and Carter Page were wiretapped, filmed, and taped. The FBI was spying on Trump long before the Steele Dossier came into play.

In documents just released Christopher Steele admits to the FBI that the Russia dossier was concocted to draw attention away from Hillary Clinton’s emails. The person who put Steele in touch with his fanciful sub source was Fiona Hill. Yes, that Fiona Hill. The partisan Democrat and virulently anti-Trump impeachment witness.

The real Insurrection: A 5-year campaign by the Deep State against Trump

And the sub source Hill connected Steele to? Who wrote the salacious dossier while drinking with friends. Just happens to have been employed by The Brookings Institute. Well, thank you, Stanley McChrystal. Psy-Ops unraveled. But the job and the damage was done. Treachery. Sedition. Insurrection excused, unexamined, ignored, and unpunished.

The Big Lie was that the Obama administration wasn’t trying to destroy Trump from the beginning. Because they were. An unending campaign to sabotage and impale the President and the Presidency. Brutally and deliberately destroying the peaceful transition of power.

Again. Isn’t that insurrection? Isn’t that sedition?

Joe Biden and Susan Rice ran the operation in the White House to use NSA systems to spy on political opponents. Meanwhile, John Brennan, James Clapper, and Jim Comey were wiretapping over 40,000 Americans from 2012 to 2106 using NSA 702 FISA authority.

This was all revealed by FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer in April of 2017.

The Silent Coup:  The Media Lied, Obama Spied

Of course, Susan Rice said in her famous January 20th CYA memo on the coup plotters meeting of January 5th that everything was done “by the book”.  Every single illegal act of insurrection and sedition. By the book?

More like textbook treason, sedition, and insurrection. No buffalo hat included.

The assault on Trump was to cover up the fact that Obama and his minions had been using the NSA to illegally spy on their domestic political opponents. For years. That is patently illegal without a warrant. 40,000 times in 4 years alone. That’s 10,000 Americans illegally spied on every year. Or multiple intercepts of the same individuals. For years. (Obama’s surveillance Hammer on Trump worse than Watergate)

Who was being spied on? John Roberts? Antonin Scalia? Mitt Romney? Paul Ryan? Obama was spying on Trump since at least the famous White House Correspondents dinner.  They spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee, for God’s sake. Even when it was run by Democrats. John Brennan was forced to admit it. They spied on Journalists routinely. They wiretapped journalists’ parents and relatives. (Obama’s Illegal Spying on Americans Labeled “Operation Hammer” Will Soon Be Exposed)

Was Rolling Stones journalist Michael Hastings being spied on by John Brennan in the days before his car mysteriously exploded at high speed?

The Big Lie has become the American motto

The big lie is that America is not a police state. Because we are now. America itself is now the big lie.The big lie is that Joe Biden and his family are not corrupt. The Hunter Biden laptop being suppressed by Big Tech is part of the big lie.  (Report: Shocking Photos of Underage Girls in Biden’s Laptop, Incl. Relative — and He Was in Some of the Photos WITH HER)

More disturbingly are the millions of dollars funneled into the Biden Family from China, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Romania. But mostly China. Forget the kiddie pics and the Chinese blackmail material, at least for the moment. (Hunter and Joe Bribe’Em: The Biden Crime Family and Corruption Inc.)

Tony Bobulinski says China wired Joe Biden $5 million dollars. He says Biden was the Big Guy who was supposed to be cut in for 10 percent of the take from an energy deal that involved both China and Russia.  Bobulinski met with Biden twice. He was told by Biden’s brother Jim that they get away with it through “plausible deniability”. It is explicit. Undeniable. Undenied. Factual. And widely censored. Until finally confirmed. By the FBI. After the election.  (Hunter’s ex-partner Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s a liar and here’s the proof)

The big lie is that Joe Biden is a decent honest guy.

He and the Biden crime family are compromised by China. Two of Hunter’s business partners, including Burisma buddy Devon Archer, are in or about to be sentenced to Federal Prison. They are also spilling their guts. And their laptops. The FBI investigations surrounding him relate to money laundering, bribery, and racketeering. This cries out for a special counsel to be appointed.

Don’t hold your breath.

Biden and his coup-plotting minions are moving on to the next phase for their plan of demonizing conservatives and eviscerating Trump supporters. Unity be damned. This is openly un-American political vengeance. Fascism. A pogram.

It isn’t like Orwell’s 1984, it is 1984. It’s not like Stalinism, it is Stalinism. Joe Biden is the Big Lie.  He is Goebbels incarnate. He can’t even tell the truth about how he met his wife. Ask her first husband or read it in the Daily Mail. Joe Biden did not meet Jill Biden on a “blind date” in 1975. They had been having an affair for years. It broke up her first marriage. Some allege it may have caused the suicide of his first wife. (JOE BIDEN HAD AN AFFAIR WITH JILL WHILE SHE WAS STILL MARRIED TO ANOTHER MAN)

Joe Biden is the big liar, the chief coup plotter, the lead insurrectionist.

Biden is bought and paid for by the Chinese. He is Joseph Goebbels in the flesh leading us into a dark future where half of us are deemed subhuman. Terrorists. Nazis. White supremacists. The big lie. The bigger the better.

Repeated over and over again. On every platform. Don Lemon says so. Never mind about Hunter Biden. Or Chinese spy Eric Swalwell. Forget about who the “big guy” is.  Or else. (Tony Bobulinski’s Smoking Gun: Joe Biden IS the “Big Guy” in China scheme)

Conservatives are the new Jews.  Biden is pouring gasoline on his very own Reichstag fire. He is putting a target on the back of half of America. It’s Kristallnacht for conservatives. God help our country.





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