Global genocide through American environmentalism

Oil well

SOUTH FLORIDA, March 20, 2014 — Environmental extremists are responsible for more than shutting down businesses; they also contribute to global genocide.

The greatest threat to global civilization is radical Islam. Islamists threaten to blow up the world to bring about a cataclysm and hasten the return of the 12th Imam. Radicals who are willing to exterminate society because of their adherence to a virulent religious strain should be the top concern of any sane government.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has committed genocide against his own people. Two years after President Obama’s toothless insistence that Assad “must go,” Assad has killed over 100,000 Syrians with zero consequences.

The mullahs in Iran are building a nuclear bomb, using the loosening of sanctions to buy themselves enough time to get to the point where they have all of the leverage.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is rebuilding the Russian Empire with the fragments of the former U.S.S.R. He does it while openly mocking Obama and his effete Secretary of State John Kerry.

Unfortunately, America is led by people who also believe in a virulent religious strain, whose behavior is therefor irrational. The religion is liberalism. The most toxic strain is radical environmentalism, and it threatens the world with genocide.

This is not hyperbole, and it is not, to use a favorite liberal word, nuanced. Some things truly are that black and that white. The black part is black gold.

The cliché about the golden rule is that he who has the gold makes the rules. Black gold is more powerful. Oil runs this world. Those who control the oil control the world.

Supply and demand works. America has the supply. By flooding the world market with oil and oil derivatives, America could crash the price of oil faster than George Soros destroying a third-world currency.

Vladimir Putin is finished as a world threat once the price of oil collapses. Fifty-three percent of his government’s revenues are derived form oil and gas sales, which account for more than half of Russia’s exports. When his economy crumbles, his ability to back Syria and Iran is over. Destroying the price of oil wrecks Iran, and takes Syria tumbling down with it.

So who could possibly want to prevent America from triumphing over genocidal madmen and their apocalyptic visions?

Liberals would, especially the ones who spell their deity’s name Gaea.

The liberal obsession with climate change has caused its supporters to submit to Gaea’s will with the fervor of those willing to destroy everything in the name of Allah.

Greeniacs are why the Keystone Pipeline has yet to be built. Greeniacs are why America is not drilling in ANWR in Alaska or off of the California coast. These zealots are convinced that any tragedy involving oil means that the whole industry should be shut down. Liberals will insist that even though Solyndra and every other alternative energy project has failed, that does not mean America stops giving alternative technologies a chance. These same people will use the BP oil spill as an excuse to ban all oil drilling. The only proactive drilling is on private land out of the clutches of President Obama and his anti-oil EPA.

When a drunk driver kills a person, banning cars is not the answer. Yet crippling the one industry that allows America to triumph over enemies bent on ending the American way of life is somehow an appropriate response for those who just hate oil because they hate oil.

Collapsing the price of oil collapses America’s enemies. Supporting high oil prices supports America’s enemies. Anybody who tries to restrict attempts to bring down the price of oil has blood all over their hands.

People who care more about trees than human beings should just say so. Those who bleat on about climate change and other alternative energy nonsense can join Buck Rodgers in the 25th century. People are being murdered right now. Leaders of the most tyrannical governments are perfectly willing to kill at will for as long as possible as long as those leaders know America will refuse to stop them.

Sanctions are worthless, especially when initiated by governments too weak to enforce them. Bombing a nation with nuclear weapons is not possible.

Oil is the only solution. America has it. We must drill everywhere as if our lives depend on it.

America’s enemies do. 

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  • mememine

    32 years of climate blame fear mongering has done to journalism and science and progressive-ism what Bush and his false wars did for the “fear mongering” neocons.

    • Thats right, Saddam and Bin Laden are fictitious.
      Nothin to be afraid of, move along.

      • Jetta Kyzar

        It is folks like you Himell that we need to be afraid of,because you and your liberal buddies have gotten this great nation in this mess by denying facts,seeing the truth and you got blinded by the light on top of Obama head

        • I’m a Conservative.
          My comment was sarcastic.

          But hey, I’m certainly not the literary and grammatical genius here.
          Half your post makes no sense.

    • Jetta Kyzar

      This article really is good,but you are a liberal,because you all fall on Bush to blame but remember Bush was an oilman so he would not have harm it.for as a false war you dead wrong,what you don’t remember is 9-11 did not seem fake to me,and it was you liberals that had to warn them in advance we are coming and that my friend gave them enough time to move the weapons of mass destruction .

  • jp

    What a great article; very articulate and clearly written!

  • renee52

    These people are radical to the core and want to control our lives and population cuts through any means necessary! They are truly mad men!

  • Douglas Raymond Backes

    Assad is fighting Al-Qaida an although he is a bad guy he is better than giving another country to them.

  • Phil K McLeod

    Very well put. This a great artical and I’m glad that this well continue with the most favor article thanks again.

  • Jyn60

    Very good. We have got to take over the Senate and the White house so we can start returning our Country back to the way it was. And Not with some Pansy Waist Old Guard Republician who love the EPA that needs to STOPPED BEING FUNDED and sent on their way.

    • Larry Mellette

      You don’t think the EPA has done some good in the past?

      • mrsjb

        like a drop of poison in a glass of clear water!

        • Larry Mellette

          Who gave the EPA it’s power? The courts by ruling water and air are a fed. issue because it may cross state lines.

      • Stacy Sutherland

        the EPA does more harm than good. always has and always will. its just another example of government over reach. The EPA should be dismantled…

      • Thad Daly

        Originally yes before it become politicalized as a tool

        • Fairtax

          tool? don`t you mean weapon.

          • Thad Daly

            All things in politics are a weapon against someone

      • Fairtax

        yes the epa has done alot of good cleaning up water and the air. But now, it will cost billions to advance a tiny percentage of change that will do little good, costing millions of jobs and millions of lives, more or less. between that and OB care, there is little left, which is more than likely the goal. Cripple and control.

        • Larry Mellette

          I agree 100%; but doing away with it isn’t the answer. Stopping it from circumventing Congress is the way to fix it. They are legislating through rules and regs. Dept. of Edu. needs to go and a few others..

      • The key word there is “past”..
        They’ve done what they needed to do. Any further coercion by them is only to levee fines for revenue and act as a tool for the leftist environmentalist.

        • Larry Mellette

          You don’t think there are still some super sites that need to be cleaned up. The only thing agencies do is the bidding of the admin now. I’m not for big gov’t.; but I don’t trust all businesses to police themselves either.

          • So you’d rather go with big government, even though you say you dont want to.
            Actually, there are no “super-sites” in this country and what mishaps have taken place do not justify the EPAs ridiculous coercive punitive reach into a market thats already policed by numerous govt .agencies.
            Notice I did not say “free market”, because there is no longer any such thing.
            The overreach you support falls directly into the mentality that we are too dumb to decide whats best, which has lead to a market we see now totally dependent on the hybrid constructs of socialist/communal intervention.

          • Larry Mellette

            I worked at a company that the CS2 went into the ground water. It contaminated the wells of the people living close to the plant. The co. closed the doors by bankruptcy. It is still a super site.Was it their fault. They went by the reg.s when the company was built. When they found the contamination they had to truck water in to the homes.No I’m not big gov’t.; but we have also seen what businesses will do if it isn’t cost effective. I do not think that any Dept. should be the law enforcement or lawmaker of any admin. I do not believe in global warming; but I don’t want to live like the Chinese do in certain parts where they can’t see the sky. Are you against child labor laws? I just know what I have seen. Big Gov’t is caused by elections. We have to keep this real. Gov’t. has a purpose just like unions SERVED a purpose.
            We need term limits. Why should a person become a millionaire serving the people. When that happens greed raises it’s ugly head and the people suffer. Usually the middle class. Your blinders are just like the blinders on the left. They see only what they want to see.
            DOE gone, HUD gone, Unions for public employees gone. There would be less forest fires if companies were allowed to cull the dead stands out.

          • Still, you’re conflicted, confusing.
            You say you dont care for big government, but support the EPA…

            go figure

      • Grey Winters

        Oh yah the EPA’s Nazi human experiments shows how vital this agency is in exposing the man bear pig cults real agenda. Considering their goal of reducing CO2 levels to 280ppm will also reduce the population by one seventh or one billion useless eaters. Social Darwinism thrives in the enviroculture

    • rulie haveman

      lets not forget al the wellpaying jobs in the EPA the very very well paying jobs they
      ‘ll do anything to hang on to all that .

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Oil is the power card. We need to play it before it is too late. We could both help our economy AND help destabilize some of the worst current troublemakers…or at least take away some of their oil-funded or oil-supply based leverage. WHY do environmentalists not see this? Of course someday…we want to be dependent on all green energy…but now is not the time.

  • Frank

    This is a grate article .The thing is . We have been told by Obama that the oil is what he is going to use for power.. as you said ” He that has the Gold. we have it and Obama is going to use it for his own behalf and all of his buddies .At our expense . The people in this country are going to wake up to the fact that there dead. The thing is every one is talking about what Obama is doing and what he is going to do . No one is doing a thing about it. He has broke so many Laws that I think there is no chance to stop this now .I feel we the people are on our own .We have been betrayed by all in W,D.C. This country is toast.

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    What the heck…do it anyway. If Obama can avoid the law….so can we!!!

  • Mike Elston

    This article is ridiculous. Has anyone heard of OPEC? Oil is not subject to the laws of supply and demand. It is a price controlled commodity with a cartel of middle eastern countries setting the price. When the price of oil fluctuates, there is literally NO change in the amount being produced. It is the tail wagging the dog. The author would also like us to believe that the privately owned oil companies would willingly lower their prices to devalue the market. Preposterous. He further postulates that we could flood the market with oil and derivatives. America does not have any spare production capacity. Plants have actually closed over the years, but improvements in production have basically kept at it at a stable plateau. There is no excess capacity though. Should America try and devalue the market, OPEC would simply shut off our flow of gasoline. We would be forced to capitulate in short order. Our money and weapons keep the OPEC ministers in power even against their own people so that we can keep the oil flowing. It is a mutually parasitical relationship. This article is bunk.

    • Tim chrisman

      If they turn off the spigot they risk losing the revenue that stops social unrest in their respective countries. Saudi Arabia is having a hard time controlling unrest even with bribes. Expose the money that backs the eco-saviors and you will find the oil producing nations. I notice the eco-fascists talk about reducing the use of fossil fuels yet none give them up. Same with overpopulation and the need for abortion. If they are that worried about it, why not all of them go Jim Jones and drink some cyanide laced Kool-Aid.

    • Yes, oil is subjected to supply and demand. Saying theres no change in production doesnt change that..
      Just ask all those who died in the French heatwave after enviros jacked up the price of oil for “the greater good”.
      A/C wasnt lacking production at that time either, but it sure was in demand.

      • Mike Elston

        Micky, OPEC sets prices on barrels of oil, based on what they want people to pay, and what we allow them to charge (Since Saudi Arabia is on of the ministers of OPEC and they are propped up by the weapons that we sell them.). The price of the oil dictates what you can charge for the derivatives of the oil like gasoline kerosine and other products. Have you ever gone to a gas station at seen a sign that said “out of gas”? Not in America since the 70’s at the latest. The author of this article says that all we have to do is make more and we can undercut Putin and get him out of office. No. We can’t. For this to happen the government would have to privatize all of the gasoline production and sell it for less than OPEC and Putin are pricing it at. Even if that were to happen, there is not enough production facilities to actually make enough to make that happen. It is a fantasy pretense. Oil companies make a % of profit, it may only be 5% on the cost but they would much rather have 5% of $3.75 than 5% of $1.00.

        • Thats not my point.
          After OPEC sets there price enviro freaks make access that much more expensive.
          OPEC only sets the price to their distribution and not what power companies charge.
          France depleted supply in hopes folks would use less. The price went up and the poor died.
          Its that simple.

          • Sorry.”their” price

        • KHarn

          England, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and many others are NOT part of OPEC, so those countries don’t obey OPEC dictates.

          If OPEC jacks up their prices and the other oil-producing nations lower theirs, who do you think the world would buy from? By The Way, AMERICAN oil is not owned by the government, so the OWNERS and the STOCK HOLDERS can set the prices.That’s called “the free enterprise system” and it’s worked for centuries.

    • Grey Winters

      OPEC doesn’t control Putin and his use of extortion by suppressing the supply of Russian fuel to eastern Europe. Ukrainians are begging for imports of LNG from the U.S.. Try reading the article before trashing it.

      • Mike Elston

        I read the whole thing,and not just from a biased point of view. Opec does not control Putin and we do not control OPEC. You show me how you plan to make either OPEC or Privately held American Oil companies sell product under market value and maybe I’ll buy it, but any premise this article put forward is ridiculous. We cannot refine oil in sufficient quantity for our own needs. How do you expect to be able to supply Europe as well.

        • KHarn

          How about lowering operating and production costs? That allows companies to cut costs and lower the price of their goods and services. When they do that, they can sell more because people will buy from them rather than from those who sell at the highest cost possible.

          This was once common knowledge and was taught in grade school back before the communists took over American education. Learn basic economics.

  • Ross A Lloyd

    Yep I’m with you on the oil tactic. That would be a good move. Not sure Assad can be painted anywhere near as evil as the Islamist rebels fighting him though… In Putin’s defence at least he has stood up and cried out in defence of all the Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East now. Islamism could well spend the end of this planet unless drastic action is take asap!

  • VetteMan


  • RepublicAnne

    This is so very well written… I am just sorry that not enough good Americans took the time to vote in the last 2 elections, allowing a dissolute alien to rule over us, destroying all that is good and admirable about our society. Our enemies laugh at our progressive demise while the promised transformation makes the idle content and the hard-working despair. The Green Farce is adopted by the gullible and reason, disparaged by the Press… I agree with the author’s premise that increasing our national oil production would soon put the despots out of business. The question is, do Americans have the stomach to get rid of the enemy within, and elect patriots with America’s interests as a priority?

    • Grey Winters

      It’s very difficult to beat a guy who wins 110% of vote.

  • Ed Thornton

    Get them!

  • JUde

    All this makes me more frighted than i’ve been, Sweet Jesus, what will my children and grand and great grand children have to face, COl, we need 10s of millions like you..

  • Antonio Pires

    Onde man it’s behind or all this. It’s not Obama, It is George Soros. He is the Devil’s subcosntractor. This man, or scumbag, has money invested all over the World. He pics strategics country’s to used as weapons. Here in US he got plenty of help: Democrats,R Rinos, GLADS, ANACP, ACLU, the list goes on, and on. The Drive by Media are the transportation’s Co. delivering the Devil’s goodies. “But It’s more there given by God, than what can be taken by the Devil’s !”

  • newsnose

    Great article. All points joined in one well thought out plan which is what the democrats have done and are working towards with the help of those like Soros who hates America.
    Vote grass root candidates into every post possible this November. Take back America.

  • Another thing to consider is that when our refineries refine the oil & power plants use the coal, oil or natural gas they are doing it in a much cleaner and safer way than the Chinese, Russians, and others. So, it’s much smarter to do these things here in the US, which also provides jobs for Americans than to let it be shipped elsewhere.

  • Ed Alcazar

    Perhaps it might be time to consider a revolution. Politicians are blind with greed and power. They could care less what the populace says. It is time for the American people to rise up and dethrone the King.

  • To be perfectly clear global warming as caused by man is fallacy and fiction. And even if it were true, both animal and plant life thrive in warmer climates and increased levels of CO2. However the global warming folks will inadvertently take us back to collective farms living in huts and caves with candle lighting and with a corresponding Malthusian level of population reduction (order of magnitude…) which is all that solar cells, wind turbines plus a little hydro and some politician’s hot air will power. The overlooked point is that hydrocarbon fossilized fuels are finite. By 2052 we deplete proven and P50 reserves of oil. By 2060 we will deplete known reserves of natural gas and by 2088 we deplete coal reserves. That is the real threat to mankind and a huge threat. The only solution to energy is an increase in nuclear fission as a bridge until we master and commercialize fusion which by the way is safe, efficient, green and cost effective. But we are 20 to 50 years away depending on the level of political will to get it done.

  • Erik Whalen

    /facepalm I can’t believe people are defending the destruction of the environment just because oil makes more money… seriously, and people wonder why the American economy is so screwed up…

  • John Borowski

    Who writes such tripe? Unbelievable. Have you ever seen tar sands damage? Do you understand science (obviously not). As if oil CEOs are interested in jobs and local communities. The Keystone oil will travel across our lands……….and be shipped to China. We will receive the pollution and more global warming. If you are so smart: debunk these simple points I have listed about global warming. Why are the oceans becoming more acidic? Why was the last decade the hottest on record? Why is Arctic still at record lows? I taught and did research in marine biology for over 30 years. I would glad to have you as a student: so you may learn facts and not fossil fuel PR. Genocide? Yes: a terminal economic system based on giving natural a dollar value of zero. Where species go extinct, forests get leveled, people die from dirty water, dirty air, pesticide contaminated soils. But: people are waking up. And the only ones who will agree with you…….are those who know so little about science and history. Shame on you.