Give me that new-time religion: Leftism

Move over world religions, Leftism is here.

“The Sacrifice of Isaac” by Caravaggio.

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2015 — Conservative radio talk-show host and columnist Dennis Prager observed in his Tuesday column, “The most dynamic religion in the past hundred years has been Leftism – not Christianity or Islam or any other traditional religion.”

His point was driven home by Pope Francis’s gracious acceptance of a crucifix carved onto the communist hammer-and-sickle. The gift was from Bolivia’s Marxist strongman Evo Morales.

When some in the media reported that the Pope was offended by the gift, a papal spokesman allayed their fears. “I understand this work,” Pope Francis insisted. “For me it wasn’t an offense.”

The Center for the Study of Global Christianity calculates that around 20 million Christians died in Soviet prison camps from 1921-1980.

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The Pope later gave hope to the international socialist project by dubbing capitalism the “dung of the devil,” though he has yet to announce the divestment by his church of its billions of dollars in assets for redistribution to the worlds starving masses.

Liberation theologists living in glass Vaticans should be the last to cast stones — especially when they govern armies of priests accused of sexually abusing children worldwide.

The Italian magazine Panorama published an expose that garnered little attention in the U.S. when it was published in 2010. Reporter Carmelo Abbate went undercover for 20 days and surreptitiously videotaped homosexual sex parties among Rome’s priestly elites, one of whom later performed mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Pope Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, resigned his post shortly after receiving a 300-page report on sexual misconduct within the Vatican.

According to the Manchester Guardian, a Catholic cardinal claimed the report focused on abuses by priest “united by sexual orientation” and that the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported “that a gay network exists in the Vatican.”

Pope Benedict was the first sitting pontiff to resign since Gregory XII, resigned in 1415.

As Donald Cozzens, a professor of religious studies at John Carroll University wrote in the Boston Globe, “The predominance of male teenage [sexual abuse] victims raises anew a thorny issue … the presence of significant numbers of homosexually oriented men in the priesthood.”

Cozzens raised that thorny issue in 2002, at the height of the abuse scandal. Today, thanks to the new religion, addressing such thorny issues can get you fired. Mozzilla co-founder Brendan Eich was pressured to resign as company CEO after it was discovered he contributed $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 campaign. The measure, which sought to define marriage as between a man and a woman, passed with 52.3 percent of the vote, roughly what Barack Obama received nationally in 2012.

However, the black-robed priests of the new religion later overturned the law.

Eich violated the canons of political correctness. And political incorrectness is just another term for heresy.

Like many ancient religions, the new religion calls for blood sacrifice.

The Old Testament story of Abraham and his son Isaac illustrates the extent to which Judaism sought to distinguish itself from the religious traditions of the ancient cultures surrounding it.

When Abraham, obeying a command from God, was about to offer his son Isaac in blood sacrifice, he was stopped by an angel. “Do not lay a hand on the boy,” said the angel, “Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.”

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Children of ancient Carthage were not so lucky, according to archeological evidence uncovered at Topheth, in the Hinnom valley near Jerusalem.

“It’s becoming clear that the stories about Carthaginian child sacrifice are true,” said Oxford University’s Josephine Quinn. “This is something the Romans and Greeks said the Carthaginians did.”

And like the Carthaginians, the new religion of Leftism has no angels to stay the hand and blade of the faithful. Take Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s Federation Senior Director of Medical Services, for instance.

She is currently the center of controversy after telling an undercover anti-abortionist that her stable of doctors are “very good at getting [fetus’] heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact,” said Dr. Nucatola,  adding that her abortionists also take “the calvaium [child’s head].”

Nucatola admits in the video that Planned Parenthood harvests embryo parts for medical research — for a profit. Some would call it “the dung of the devil.” Not the harvesting of human body parts, but the profit taking.

The grand inquisitors of the new religion, the mainstream media, were horrified by the video. “Does the Planned Parenthood video violate state recording law?” asked MSNBC. The network fears the video was recorded without the consent of all parties.

MSNBC added that California wire tapping law (where the video was shot), opens the videographer up “to a lawsuit for damages by the injured party.”

The injured party in this case is the Carthaginian body-part-harvester, not the dismembered infant.

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, whose theories on eugenics would later inspire the forced-sterilization policies of Nazi Germany, wrote in 1914, “Birth control [now abortion] appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian Churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than Capitalism.”

You know the new religion of Leftism has triumphed when the Roman Pope, the so-called “Vicar of Christ,” sounds like a cross between Che Guevara and Margaret Sanger.

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  • Amadaun

    Good points, Stephen. Marxism-at the very least the variety that currently dominates U.S. politics and government-has evolved into an organized religion with its own doctrines, dogmas and canon laws. Like another organized religion, radical Islam, America’s Marxist religion now seeks to destroy America’s once-dominant Judaeo-Christian religious orientation from within, the better to become the new, established, secular religion in this country with Karl Marx and the leftist elite serving as the new religion’s new gods.

    Which leads us to the question I’ve been wondering about for over 25 years: Does America’s new, organized Marxist religion violate the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution? I think it does. The legal problem that prevents the obvious resolution of this issue is deceptively simple: the left will contend that its effective religious hegemony is secular and therefore not a religion and therefore not subject to the Establishment Clause. And alas, that erroneous viewpoint is likely to be sustained in U.S. Courts, which have been carefully co-opted by the left over the last 50 years and will not rule against its friends.

    Nonetheless, I think it’s high time to start pushing what may be a novel approach to halting the advance of an incredibly damaging false religion that is steadily succeeding in the destruction of the United States, the last, great hope of what’s left of the free world.

  • 4nick8er

    The main things lefties have done are to bust the trusts, start social security and now Obamacare. What have the reactionaries done to improve the country besides howl their disapproval? All they do is react to the left with moaning and wailing. Calling the left a religion is more of the same, what poor pitiful victims the reactionaries are.

    • Amadaun

      Sorry, dude. Liberate yourself from the talking points you’ve memorized. Social Security is becoming insolvent, the lefties are nourishing the high-tech trusts that donate to their PACs, and Obamacare “deductibles” are on their way to negate the premium “savings” that relatively few forced subscribers are getting anyway. How’s that working out for your religion? Grow up, and read something else besides the weekly trolling script.

      • 4nick8er

        What have the reactionaries done to improve the country besides howl their disapproval?” Voodoo (trickle down theory) economics? Tax cuts for the rich? These ‘talking points’ while you are trying to discourage their use, are issues for the country, I served my country honorably to be able to speak to truth and will not be discouraged from doing so by reactionaries who do nothing “dude.”

      • WaaDoo

        Amadaun. Respectfully to you, I’d like to point out that the Social Security Trust was solvent until the Democrat controlled Congress raided the funds to pay bills of debts they ran up. Immediately they created a Ponzi scheme whereby those putting in the money were seeing it go to those who had already invested and were supposed to be paid. As a retirement savings plan Soc.Sec. was working until the funds in the Trust were stolen. Now Congress (Dems and GOP’s alike) call S.S. an entitlement. Damn right it is…..we who put in the money are entitled to get it back !

  • 4nick8er

    (deleted post – duplicate)

  • WaaDoo

    Obviously Mr. Zeno is a gifted writer. His observations sway all over the place but he misses the “real dynamic” occurring in religion – Evangelical/Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity. According to Wikipedia there are over 500 million Believers in the world.
    Dennis Prager is an Evangelical and it surprises me that he would capitulate to the false dynamic of “Leftism”. Certainly “IT AIN’T NEW” ! Same old butchery, smugness, theft from those who have and giving it to those who don’t have, etc as it always was – just with a different label.

    In his book, Barak Obama’s New Rules for Revolution (The Alinsky Model), David Horowitz points out that Alinsky’s book cites the “first revolutionary” in his introduction – Satan. Said that Satan was a successful revolutionary in getting his own kingdom set up. Only problem with it is that it is evil and oppresses human beings and animals – just like the Left. Read the book for yourself then come back at me.

    Snicker or mock as you wish if you “are on the Left”. Recorded history is on the side of the Judeo-Christian ethic. There exists Universal Principles which, if violated, exact payment from those who press on in the rejection of such standards. Planned Parenthood execs would “pull the plug” in a hospital of an individual who was injured or sick, but who “flatlined” on the brain waves, qualifying them as being legally dead. Nevertheless the same Panhandlers of Parenthood will dismember a fetus (baby) that registers active brain waves (and pain) in the early stages of gestation.

    Such relativity of ethics sears the conscience and hardens the heart. Ah the sweet hypocrisy of the Left that comes out in the Harvard study that establishes the psychological damaging of a prostitute each time she engages in sexual activity that violatate her conscience. And yet PP and “the Left” violate their consciences and re-label it with terms that obfuscate the truth….much like PUTZUS calls Islamic Terrorists as “Freedom Fighters”. Such inconsistency and illogical behavior will reap its own reward.

  • 21st Century Pacifist

    Your “fact” that 20 million Christians died from Soviet oppression is a red herring and grossly inaccurate. Tens of millions died because of poor government and the tyranny of Stalinism, not because they were Christians. Muslims could probably make the same claim that you are making. Has everyone stopped reading history?