Giuliani v Obama: Fake controversy and unanswered questions

Giuliani said Obama doesn't love America; Obama called George Bush unpatriotic. Big deal. The world is burning; focus on that.

President Obama | File Image
President Obama | File Image

LOS ANGELES, February 24, 2015 — Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani created a political firestorm with comments sharply critical of President Obama. Giuliani’s comments seemed to question Obama’s patriotism and love of country. Obama supporters said the comments were inappropriate. Some even labeled Giuliani a racist. The media quickly approached Republican presidential candidates in an attempt to link the entire GOP to Giuliani.

Were the comments accurate or out of bounds? Whether one says yes or no, the real question remains unanswered.

Who the hell cares?

That’s the question to ask every time a fake controversy is invented out of thin air. The liberal media are desperate to make this an issue. Republicans suffering from Stockholm Syndrome are often too nervous to treat a stupid question by publicly calling it out as a stupid question. So let us repeat the important question.

Who gives a damn?

This not just “nothing.” It is less than nothing.

Giuliani is a private citizen. A private citizen made remarks that may have hurt the thin-skinned President’s feelings. This same President throws sharp elbows. He can dish it out but should never have to suffer the indignity of even the mildest criticism by anybody.

Forget the racial aspect, because it is too imbecilic to dignify. Conservatives believe that Obama is no different from John Kerry and Al Gore. They see all three of these men — and many other liberals — as insufferable, colossal bores: smug, elitist gasbags who need rhinoplasty to remove their noses from their out-of-joint position high in the sky.

There is not a single attitude conservatives have toward Obama that does not transfer perfectly to Gore and Kerry. Conservatives who refuse to make that point deserve to suffer for refusing to defend themselves against a charge that is this easy to defend.

Liberals say that Giuliani questioned Obama’s patriotism. They often claim that their patriotism is being questioned when the real criticism is of their behavior. Michael Dukakis made the same claim. If liberals like him bothered to look inward, they would know that their own haughty, dismissive attitudes lead to the questions they resent.

Everything from refusing to wear an American flag pin to refusing to cite the Pledge of Allegiance or the words “Under God” opens liberals up to charges of disdain for America.

Liberals make matters worse by loudly and proudly engaging in defiant acts that offend most Americans, then wondering why they are criticized. They deliberately pick what appear to be needless fights.

The secret is that these fights are anything but needless. Liberals desperately need personality conflicts because those are the only arena where they hold an advantage over conservatives. Imagine if liberals were forced to answer policy questions.

Why is ISIS stronger than ever? Isn’t ISIS a direct result of prematurely leaving Iraq? How is the Russian reset working? Why is the Obama Administration sending operatives to interfere with the Israeli election? Why is the administration hell-bent on weakening sanctions on an Iranian regime determined to build nuclear bombs? Is there a single hot spot around the globe that is more stable than it was in 2008?

Why are people who were told they could keep their doctor and their healthcare plans not allowed to do so? Why did the administration focus on universal coverage rather than cost containment? Why is the President unilaterally changing laws when the Constitution forbids this? Why were billions of dollars given to green energy companies with shaky financial statements? Why increase student loan subsidies when those very subsidies are what is driving up costs to begin with?

Who ordered Fast and Furious? Where was the President during the Benghazi siege? What was he doing? Who gave the stand down order? Why was an innocent film-maker thrown in jail? Why is he still in jail? Why is the doctor who led Americans to Osama bin Laden in an overseas jail? Who ordered the IRS to target conservatives for political harassment? Where are Lois Lerner’s emails? Why is Attorney General Eric Holder allowed to engage in selective prosecutions of everybody from Gibson Guitar to Dinesh D’Souza? Why is Holder allowed to refuse to prosecute the New Black Panthers and others caught on tape committing crimes?

Why does Obama inject himself into racial controversies without having the facts? Why did he say the white police officer who arrested Henry Gates “acted stupidly” when this was never true? Why does he allow Al Sharpton to keep coming to the White House? Why is Sharpton not required to pay his back taxes?

From foreign policy to domestic policy to real scandals, Obama has gotten a free ride. Most networks refuse to ask the hard questions. When Fox News does, they are dismissed as being the only network to ask questions that other networks deem unworthy of coverage.

When does this rigged game stop? When does a president who has failed at virtually everything in office get called on his failures?

Giuliani is a hero; Obama is an absolute zero. That is not personal. That is performance. Giuliani helped firefighters, police officers and EMTs go into burning buildings to rescue ordinary Americans. Obama was laughing on the golf course five minutes after an American was beheaded.

Giuliani called out radical Islam. He turned down $10 billion in Saudi Arabian blood money. That is moral fiber.

Obama refers to “workplace violence” and calls attacks against innocent Jews “random” acts rather than anti-semitic. That is moral bankruptcy. Giuliani became America’s Mayor by being one of the most successful chief executives of all time. Obama’s failure is available for everybody to see who is not paid professionally to spin garbage into gold.

The next time somebody asks about Obama’s patriotism, there are two ways to answer the question.

The first is to say, “President Obama loves America for what he wants America to be. I love America for what it already is and always has been. He wants to fundamentally transform America into a European-style social democracy because he believes that will make America stronger.

“European social democracies are collapsing and getting weaker. Obama is making America weaker. He genuinely believes that his approach will make America and the world a better place. He is fundamentally wrong. His approach has failed. His heart is in the right place. His head is up his hide. His intentions are noble. The results are disastrous.”

For those who do not want to offer that soliloquy, the second approach is to answer the question with what it deserves.

Who the hell cares? Who gives a damn? The world is on fire and the economy is a mess. Civilization is crashing. Stop asking stupid questions and focus on something that matters.

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