Giuliani breaks a taboo


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., February 22, 2015—Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani ignited a firestorm of “controversy” this week as he said that Obama doesn’t “love America.” As reported by the New York Post, Giuliani made his comments at a dinner for conservative business leaders at the 21 Club.

Giuliani expanded on his comments in a subsequent appearance on Fox and Friends, explaining that the commander-in-chief has been influenced by communists since his youth. He pointed to Obama’s relationship with communist Frank Marshall Davis, communist and radical organizer Saul Alinsky, and finally by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

These facts themselves are not controversial. They can be found in Obama’s own autobiographies. What the mayor didn’t mention is Obama’s own admission that he sought out all the radical professors at Occidental College. It’s all been documented before—as early as 2008 in Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.

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While none of this is news, it is shocking for the left to hear such comments from a public figure like Giuliani.

What the mayor didn’t add was the president’s oft-repeated comment to followers five days before the 2008 election that they were on the brink of “fundamentally transforming America.” Why transform something you love? Nor did he mention that in February 2009, just days after his inauguration, both Obama and Eric Holder delivered blistering attacks on America as a racist nation. Such a speech early in one’s term of office doesn’t reflect a particular love of country.

Nor have those kinds of attacks abated over the years. Any opposition to Obama or any of his policies is sooner or later termed racist, as was this comment by Giuliani. It is as if the very definition of the word has been changed from a belief about the relative merits of different races to simply opposition to the leftist agenda.

While the left is not afraid to question and even attack the motivations of their opponents, the reverse is rarely the case. That’s what shocked the left. Yet Giuliani didn’t go the extra step and question Obama’s patriotism.

“Well, first of all, I’m not questioning his patriotism. He’s a patriot, I’m sure,” he said on the news program.

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But is he really? If patriotism is generally understood to be cultural attachment to one’s homeland or devotion to one’s country, then by saying that the president doesn’t love his country, Giuliani is in fact questioning his patriotism.

No matter where Obama was born, it is clear that he was not raised in mainstream American culture in Indonesia. It’s pretty difficult to maintain a cultural attachment to a culture you weren’t raised in. One might reasonably say that he was raised in the counter-culture of the radical left, as Giuliani does say by citing examples.

Since the facts are incontrovertible, the White House countered with ad hominem attacks on the mayor.

“There’s no element of schadenfreude that people are feeling around here. What people are feeling is sorry for Rudy Giuliani,” said the always Mr. Earnest.

There’s no need to feel sorry for him or to condescendingly look down on him as Josh apparently does. The mayor, as a public figure, has finally said in a public way what millions of private citizens have been saying for a long time.

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  • TM

    Al Maurer is just another right-wing racist.

    • How. I am not sure he mentioned the President’s race, which is mixed, so how does the article make him racist? Al Maurer is not a republican either. So he is not right wing either. Eight words. Two errors.

      • carmi2

        “So he is not right wing either.” Make no mistake; He is of that ilk.

        • Amadaun

          You don’t know him, so how do you know? You don’t. That’s because you’re another lefty troll. So many of them here.

      • Gregory

        You are right, the President is mistaken for white half the time.

        • litheblondanimal

          Gregory EXACTLY.. I used to live in the South and they referred to a man who was 63/64th Black as White.

  • Cris Cassity


  • mark

    Poor excuse for an article. This is old rhetoric from 2 elections ago.

  • glance

    Why would anyone listen to Giuliani on love. He left two wifes dying of cancer on their deathbeds for younger “healthy” women. He is despicable and someone I would never listen to about anything.

    • ffdsafdsa

      exactly he has no class

  • tiredofstupidty

    Guilani is sad,a horrible husband and dumb.

  • JoeBloe

    only a lowlife would agree with this has been mayor. his time on the stage is over and he refuses to leave.

    The mark of a patriot/1 who loves their country is 1 who will speak up about its shortcomings.

    It’s sad that too many Americans conveniently forget this.

    • DrJLD

      They will not limit themselves to criticism. Boy, you must have had a horrible childhood if this is all that love means to you!!

      • JoeBloe

        and you must be 1 of those privileged people I am always hearing about. :-

  • carmi2

    I’m not sure if Al Maurer is a Nazi sympathizer. He’ll have to answer that question himself.

  • John Blake

    “Why transform something you love?” Rhetoric that lacks understanding of reality. If you want to change certain aspects of a country you live in, for example those who wanted to rid this great nation of slavery during the Civil War, you are suggesting they did not love their country? Sure, in a romantic relationship this can sometimes hold true generally speaking, but what if your husband is an alcoholic? This country is far from perfect, and suggesting that there does not need to be transformation is a joke.

    “It’s pretty difficult to maintain a cultural attachment to a culture you weren’t raised in. One might reasonably say that he was raised in the counter-culture of the radical left”

    Do you know enough about indonesian politics to make such a claim? That is radical left? Also, i believe this is also a ridiculous statement. This country has millions upon millions of immigrants who celebrate the idea of the “American Dream.” What about the sons and daughters of our brave soldiers who are stationed in other countries such as Germany, Japan and elsewhere. Are they less American? Your comment is indirectly making that connection.

    Also, there are a lot of controversial professors at universities who discuss various ideas. So he was an impressionable youth interested in different economic systems…people change their opinions and grow up. Its clear from Obama’s policy decisions he is far from “FAR RADICAL LEFT.” This is an opinion piece for the very fact that you call Giuliani’s comment Taboo. It wasn’t Taboo it was simply rhetoric based in his opinion and not based in Fact. Your article uses a lot of opinionated words and your political bias is clear. Not to mention you haven’t obviously met somebody who actually hates the USA if you think Obama hates this country. or doesn’t love this country. Its reminiscent of Joseph McCarthy accusing people of being communists.

    Its not that questioning Obama is racist, but the way he is questioned is often racist. Calling him Indonesian because he lived there a few years is drawing on the whole “anti foreigner” rhetoric. Saying he is Kenyan, questioning his birth certificate, calling him unpatriotic, communist, whatever, is touching on racist tendencies because its so far fetched its ridiculous. Your logic is flawed and you don’t know what journalism is based on your article.

    • dmarie

      If the author got anything right at all, it would be that the main stream America that Obama grew up in certainly wasn’t the racist one this white girl grew up in, and that’s to Obama’s benefit. Obama didn’t have to sit around my parents’ Thanksgiving dinner table when he was a kid in the 60’s listening to my relatives talk about the Bible and in the next sentence start talking trash about black people. That’s the real mainstream America that I grew up in and what the author of this article is really referring to–this was the Midwest! I’m sure Hawaii was indeed much different than main stream America. How fortunate for America to be blessed with a president who was not exposed to all of that hatred. The Obama that I voted for twice, was a man who was shielded from all that hatred, a man who was elected to office without a racist bone in his body, a man of hopes and dreams and change for the racism he had mostly read about, not what this white girl was forced to listen to. But the Obama I’m seeing now is a man who’s been slapped hard in the face with its reality, a man still in love with America but so beaten down that he wasn’t able to change the pathetic mind-set of these so-called Christians–people of his own faith!! I’m taking bets on who will actually enter those pearly gates.

  • Ron Bockman

    Bravo America’s mayor. Rudy has proven his worth, his is a household name throughout the western world. A patriotic American son who loves his country.

    • Tohmsa Hatrman

      And a draft dodger whose love of country did not extend to serving in the Vietnam War. Yellow stain? I don’t think Giuliani loves his country.

      • Amadaun

        Oh, so Obama served in the military? Or how about Bill Clinton. Get a life.

        • Tohmsa Hatrman

          Neither of them is attacking the patriotism of someone.

    • litheblondanimal

      Ron – What has Rudy ever done that demonstrates patriotism?

      • Ron Bockman

        I’ve had my say, if you need more, study the man.

        • litheblondanimal

          Ron – That’s EXACTLY my point. I’ve studied his history with women, his family background, his failures as a mayor . YOU might study how radios bought, without competitive bidding, on Rudy’s watch failed on 9/11 and has they worked many of the 300+ firemen killed would have known of the pending collapse of the buildings and would have been able to get out on time. My FAVORITE Giuliani lie is about how much time he spent at ground zero. It turns out he apparently spent a total of 29 hours EVER. He claimed to have worked alongside the responders for days on end.and apparently spent fewer hours TOTAL than many first responders spent in TWO days.

          • litheblondanimal

            Ron It is known that Rudy married a second cousin and then 14 years later got the marriage annulled by the Catholic Church because he was confused about their familial ties. This has always struck me as bizarre but I suddenly realized that the TIMING of this marriage was key to understanding it. He graduated in 1968 at the height of Vietnam and was out of deferments. Getting married was the next step to lowering his chance of being drafted. – he married this cousin in 1968.

          • Ron Bockman

            Rudy’s accomplishments show that obama doesn’t make a pimple in Rudy’s derriere.

  • danday1986

    The lefties, as mentioned in this article, are always on the warpath first (in comments). Any one else notice that?

    • acmaurer

      Yup. 🙂

  • jeff B

    Al seek medical attention, your brain dead.

  • LiberalRedneck

    Anytime you start a sentance with “I know this is a horrible thing to say..” you are probably right. And you might want to rethink what you are about to say. And, any time you put a bible verse into an article that cheers hate speech, you are only hurting your credibility and reinforcing the stereotype that many people who claim to be Christian, just can’t seem to accept what Christ actually said to do (i.e. love you neighbor, etc.) And when you cite a verse which involves child rearing as a way to slam someone who did not have the same “normal” childhood you claim Rudy had, you should probably reflect on the fact that Rudy was raised by a draft-dodging felon who did prison time before becoming an enforcer for his brother’s crime family, who, like Rudy, was also a draft-dodger. That is a real American Value loving family all right. Especially the value that begins with “You have the right to remaine silent”, a value Rudy and his supporters really should heed.

  • Donna Hernandez-Helms

    The writer delivers the usually right wing mixture of ignorance, fascist propaganda and racism. Their hatred of a liberal black president who supports worker rights, women’s rights and equal treatment for all people regardless of sex, race, religion or sexual preference enrages those who believe in the superiority of male, white, christian billionaires and their right to rule the world is a flag we should all be familiar with by now. It is a nauseating and relentless obsession that has dangerous repercussions for the majority of the population of the planet. Luckily for them, the majority remains ignorant, apathetic and easily distracted and misdirected.

    • dmarie

      So eloquently stated, and so true. I think the problem is scientifically based in the study of anthropology. Individuals in groups –those who refuse to see the big picture actually block out any other information coming in. It’s a genetic reaction, that fear in losing love of the group, and therefore perishing, a fear of being thrown out in the cold winter with no food to survive. This is what the primitive part of their brains really fear. So how do you get the big picture to come into focus that this –this primitive part of our brains will be the demise of the human race, period? If survival of the fittest means possessing the ability to disable the primitive part of the brain and see the big picture, then it will be that piece of DNA that will ensure the human race survives, not the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, subgroups that exist in it. I think the key to human survival is finding a safe place on the planet that’s immune to all of the subgroup mentality, a place where people who see the big picture can go to to hide, where we can wait out the storm after it finally all comes to a head.

      • Donna Hernandez-Helms

        Let me know if you find that safe place. After reading too many of the other comments posted here, I’m beginning to lose hope in the ability of the majority of the human race to evolve. Then again, it’s just the internet. Many tough talking trolls become reasonable human beings when you converse face to face in the real world. Hope springs eternal.

  • aoril01

    The poor addled writer ends up showing his ignorance with a rhetorical question he thinks makes him look clever when in fact it shows everybody how ignorant he is by asking, “Why transform something you love?” Precisely because you love it, I never stopped trying to transform my kids into better people precisely because I love them. But apparently the writer of this piece does not love America enough to make any effort to improve it. Then again when someone likes to think of themselves as a “journalist” it should be no surprise they avoid any efforts (“please Lord don’t let me have to leave this comfortable office chair and get up to do reporter work”) . How many years do you figure this ‘journalist’s” children are gonna spend in prison after being raised by Mr.”I-don’t-want-to-put-out-any-effort-because-I-love-my-kids-so-much” ?

  • cares about integrity

    If you don’t care about integrity you back Obama–Holder on this issue

  • jeff B

    Rudy did us all a favor. There is a deep current of racism that runs through society, it is often hidden and not obvious. By being as outright racist as Rudy it reminds all that the era of the John Birch Society, Kay, Kay, Kay continues on as the tea party.

  • litheblondanimal

    Fox’s reaction to all this is hilarious. Several years ago there were allegations that Karl Rovve was not a Christian. On FNS this was discussed and Chris Wallace pronounced the matter “SETTLED” say he had gone to the source, Rove, and asked him directly. Rove said he was a christian and that SETTLED the matter as far as Fox was concerned. ( This has to be an indicator of the stupidest reporting philosophy ever. Ask any crook if he’s dishonest and he’ll tell you he’s honest.)
    But let’s suppose that asking someone about his faith or anything for that matter and you take his response as the END of the investigation – THEN – there is no doubt the Rudy G. is lying as Pres Obama has proclaimed his Christian faith on many occasions.
    Giuliani made a big deal about Obama’s supposed upbringing. Wayne Barrett points out in a story in the NY Daily News that Guiliani comes from a family populated by what can only be called (charitably) “small time hoods”

  • DrJLD

    Good lord, so many of your show absolutely NO understanding of how to tell whether someone loves or not. The brain and our facial, voice, and other muscle activity is wired directly to emotion apparati. Thus, when one loves, it shows all over the face, in the voice…pitch (tone), rhythm, and energy. Most people in the world, except for the emotionally damaged, know when someone else loves them. It is nearly impossible, except for narcissists and psychopaths, to hide your feeling about such things. And their fraud is easily discernible by open-minded people who recognize love all of the time.

    Do your children express their love for you with dead-eyes and no enthusiasm? Or do they show it all over their faces and bodies? If it’s the former, something is very wrong at home.

    Yet, Obama provides no cues or clues that he loves anything, other than his wife and daughters. He displays no emotion when he talks to us, unless he is angry or extolling the wonders of Islam.

    So Giuliani has not had perfect grades in loving his wives. That’s his problem to deal with when he dies. But to suggest he didn’t love his wives? That’s a jump if you’ve ever seen him talk about them.

    If you can draw that conclusion, others can very justifiably conclude that Obama has NO love for America or Americans.

    Love is an emotion and it is very difficult to disguise. People who love their countries, all over the world, show love for their countries and people. One can see it on their faces, voices, chants, demonstrations, and in their eyes. They are NOT dead-eyed like Obama, nor do most leaders criticize the ones he/she loves like he constantly does…and he does it with a few facts mixed in with an unworthy understanding of historical fact and how people really feel and function.

    • litheblondanimal

      DrJLD Clearly an ironic username. You peddle NONSENSE pseudoscience about facial expressions, inflection etc. Love is DEMONSTRATED by ACTIONS and Mr. Obama and Mr Giuliani should by JUDGED on actions not empty sloganeering or “facial analysis.”

    • dmarie

      Well now, how do you explain the love that I feel emanating from Obama, the love that over half of America feels, completely opposite of what you’re feeling? What I’m feeling isn’t racially felt. I’m not black. I happen to be middle aged and I’m white. I don’t feel this love coming from him because he’s black. I feel it because it is who he is. I feel Obama’s love for humanity and feel the love he has for America. He is a good and decent man. I FEEL IT with every look in his eyes, in his face, in his voice and in his beliefs and in how he’s led his life. The man is not dead-eyed like you say. Obama has shown me by his actions, by his face, by his voice–that he loves our country. I feel it with every inch of my soul.. Obama had hopes and dreams to make America better, not worse. “Love is an emotion you can feel and is very difficult to disguise.” How true your statement is! I get that from Obama as does over half of America. If he’s dead-eyed as you say, it is only because people like you have beaten the pulp out of him. Your post wreaks opposite of love emanating from you.

      • Amadaun

        I explain your sense of love emanating from Obama by understanding that you’re a low-information voter. Obama is a Marxist and a post-colonialist. His idea of “loving” America is turning it into a Third World country so none of us is any better off than anyone else anywhere despite our best efforts. If that’s love, I wonder what your definition of hate might be.

  • Mimi862

    Giuliani needs to come clean about his father in Sing Sing prison and as a bat wielding enforcer… plus his mother’s D’Avanzo crime family..
    The way you “were brought up” Rudy? God forbid. But God love our intelligent and good president. With cheating on your wife and humiliating her publicly as well as charging the taxpayers in NYC for your forays to see your girlfriend, wow. that alone is enough But your family background?? Hey old man, you never would have made it to a national office fyi.

  • Andy Everett

    Rudy so loved his country he dodged the draft when it was time to serve (like most right wing chicken hawks),

    He so loved his 1st wife, 2nd and 3rd wives,

    Rudy so loves his kids, they hate him.

    Thank goodness God loves the sinner.

  • John Luciano

    It’s disgusting that a comment as stupid as Giuliani’s is even in the news. Have we got nothing better to worry about than whether an offensive personal attack is true or not? How about focus the news on factual issues and events. If there is any “news” here, it is not whether or not these stupid comments are true but the fact that someone as well known and (previously) respected as Rudy would even make them. Looking down on Rudy is the only possible reasonable response. It’s not news that large numbers of ignorant people in this country agree with Rudy’s comments; everyone knows a large percentage of Americans are so dumb that they think Obama is a Muslim or a communist; they reach these judgements as a result of either racism, xenophobia, or because they are so uneducated they don’t know what the words ‘communism’ and ‘Muslim’ mean.

  • Gregory

    Hmmmm. He must have a new book to sell or he is vying for a commentator spot on Fox News. You just can’t lose with the conservative crowd when you spew hatred about all things Obama. It must be miserable for conservatives to have so much hate inside which is stoked daily by “experts” and commentators in order to sell books and improve TV ratings.

  • Bowkie

    This opinion piece is the most despicable sort of filthy right-wing propaganda.

  • Kyle Holland

    Has Al Maurer stopped beating his wife? Hadn’t heard one way or the other.

  • AyePatriot

    Ooooohhh, Al. Did you hit a nerve, or what? As usual, when one dares to criticize the pResident, it’s attack the person, don’t discuss the facts. The paid lapdogs sure got the memo to head over here and attack you personally, too.

    They are terrified that a majority of people are waking up and learning the truth.

    • Amadau

      Yup, just another seminar troll attack. That’s why there are so many negative comments here. This was their current target. Attack, smear, slander, destroy, move on. Robots with pure ignorance programmed into their CPUs.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Al has certainly brought out the liberals foaming at the mouth. Since they do not like what he has to say ( facts are an inconvenient truth to them) they go into rabid attack mode on him personally after they get done attacking Giuliani. This is the only way liberal trolls know what to do when faced with something they cannot argue with logically. The comments truly support the claim that liberalism is a mental disorder.