Gitmo Taliban terrorists are a symptom, Islam is the disease

Guantanamo Captives

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 4, 2014 — President Obama has entered the “presidential silly season,” where any pretense of governing gives way to “checklist politics.” Obama goes down his list of priorities and gives away whatever he thinks will “sell” to the American public.

It’s a sign of desperation when a president begins making politically appealing maneuvers in a drastic attempt to salvage the inevitable Democratic defeats that loom in November.

Such was the case when Obama “negotiated” the release of five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for an American soldier held captive in Afghanistan. The president’s rationale was that “we do not leave our American soldiers behind.”

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That sounds disingenuous after Americans were left to be slaughtered in the streets of Benghazi, Libya. Perhaps as mere diplomats they weren’t worth the risk of saving or the attention of the Commander-in-Chief. Anyway, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

But there are larger problems with the Bergdahl story than those being most discussed in the news media. While the debate about releasing former Taliban leaders back into the world of global terrorism is important, there are far more disturbing factors to consider.

Osama bin Laden has been dead for a couple of years. Do you feel safer because of his demise? By the time bin Laden was killed, he was no longer a factor in the grand scheme of global terror.

Even if Gitmo’s “Taliban Dream Team” does get back into the fray, their presence will add little to the magnitude of terrorist extremism throughout the world. It is impossible for the Islamic world to become more radicalized than it already is. The level of their hatred for all things non-Islamic cannot intensify more than it already is.

The problem is not the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Boko Haram or any other terrorist organization. The problem is Islam. Islam is the root cause of worldwide terrorism today, which means that terrorism will thrive as long as Islam exists in its present form.

Whether or not the “Gitmo Five” swing back into action is moot. Global terrorism will continue with or without them.

What is more troubling is the timing of the events. Was it really necessary to announce the prisoner release within a week of the 70th anniversary of D-Day? In its own subtle way that represents yet another backhanded slap at the military by President Obama.

Thousands who sacrificed and died are, in a sense, given second class status for a single individual who may, in fact, be a deserter.

It was done because everything Obama does is politically calculated. It was his belief that such a tactic combined with his Rose Garden “in-your-face” announcement would bring cheers of support from his political base.

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D-Day be damned. In today’s White House it is always about one thing and one thing only: Barack Hussein Obama.

Even more troublesome than releasing five Taliban extremists is the fact that the father of the American soldier we negotiated for spoke to his son in Pashtu with a direct quote from the Koran, “In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate.” It is a phrase that opens every chapter of the Muslim holy book except one.

The Koran is also a book from which Obama regularly cites passages as well.

Bergdahl’s father said it was because he feared his son, Bowe, was losing his capacity to speak English. Hogwash!

Imagine a White House press conference following World War II with President Truman introducing the parents of an American soldier who then quoted in German from Mein Kampf. That is precisely what Bowe Bergdahl’s father did in the presence of a self-satisfied American president.

Any way you look at it, that was a slap in the face to the soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy seven decades ago.

It is also bothersome that Obama actually negotiated with terrorists to accomplish the swap. We make a deal with terrorists for a potential deserter in order to release five terrorists on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the greatest military invasion in history in order to make political hay during an election year.

Obama promised us we are monitoring the activities of the “Taliban Five.” He also promised to get the people responsible for Benghazi. And the IRS. And the NSA. And the Boko Haram kidnappings. And that “we could keep our healthcare plan” if we liked it.

Adding to the controversy was the president’s now SOP strategy of circumventing congress by making a unilateral decision. When you believe you are the king, you can do that.

It is all part of Barack Obama’s grand tireless sideshow played out on a global scale with the American people as his freaks. Keep the merry-go-round spinning and always keep making us grab for that brass ring.

Whether the Taliban Five becomes active again is a meaningless debate. There are plenty more vigorous terrorists who are ready and willing to take charge.

In the final analysis, Islam is the ultimate culprit and the United States has a complicit head of state who has little regard for the country, the people and the military he supposedly serves.

The exorcism of 2016 cannot happen soon enough.


Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (

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  • Charly Blackston

    I do not believe that Islam is “the root of all evil.” However, I do believe in the Constitution which harbor our Bill of Rights,” particularly the Freedom of Religion. Islam teaches love and respect for others and stresses tolerance. Radical Islam pushes this belief and redefines the Koran to label all who are not Islam to be infidels and must be put to death. In this lies the true issue of what challenges we face when defining the global war on terror. Obama promised “hope and change” if he became President, and while we got “Change,” we ended up with a deeper feeling of hopelessness. I urge Congress to do their job and be the Voice of the American People. To step up and do what is best for America rather than what is best for Party Dominance. This downward spiral should be a bipartisan concern because Freedom from Tyranny is an American ideology paid for in Blood by Patriots throughout History. I fear if Congress does not move to take back our Constitutional Republic, “We the People” will have no choice but to reset the Government. Those who do not think this possible, I encourage you to step outside your bubble and see what is happening in Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Thailand.. etc. The list goes on. If current events are not enough for what is in our future if the Government does not reacquire it’s moral compass, Let me suggest a brief study of the French Revolution. God Bless American and save our Constitution.

    • Darryl Sleeman

      How do you differentiate a “radical” from a “moderate” islamic/muslim? Actions? You may find one to be the other only when its too late. Which quran does either follow? Which hadith’s? Which part of Muhammad’s life or deeds does either follow? Where in the aforementioned doctrines does it show that “Islam teaches love and respect for others and stresses tolerance”?

      • allyt

        They all read the same “holy” book! Some do what it commands & some don’t. “Radicals” do what they’re told & “moderates” don’t. When islam has victory over the unbelievers, all muslims will prosper, though. Better jobs than unbelievers, lower taxes, etc.

    • MrBillinTX

      ANY organization which plots to cold bloodily murder people with whom they have differing theological opinions should be classified as what it is, a CRIMINAL conspiracy!!! How does one differentiate radical and moderate islamists? As the say in west Texas, “You’re either for them or against them!” Moderate islamists, if there are any, would be the ones in active participation to eradicate the radicals!!!

    • allyt

      ” Islam teaches love and respect for others and stresses tolerance. – REALLY?? Where?? The qur’an has over 100 verses commanding muslims to wage war against us unbelievers.

      Show me a single qur’anic verse or hadith where muslims are to love or respect unbelievers? I’m in for a long wait! Where did you get the idea that islam teaches love & respect for others? That statement really is laughable, sorry.

    • mastersoftheobvious

      Claiming that there is anything redeeming in Islam is the epitome of absurd.

      Tell us what other religion was founded by a sexual deviant, murderer, torturer, thief, and practitioner whatever evil one can name.

      What other religion has followers who become “radicalized” and commit every imaginable atrocity because not only was it was commanded that they do so by that religion’s founder but practiced by him as well?

      Perhaps radical Muslims and moderate Muslims can be compared to an NFL game.
      The radical Muslims are like he players on the field hitting and getting hit. The moderate Muslims are like the fans in the stands, in the sports bars and at home watching the action and cheering on the Radicals and supporting them financially.

      The desired outcome for the radical Muslims and the moderate Muslims is EXACTLY the same.

      The truth is this. If moderate Muslims don’t believe this stuff then why are they Muslims??

      Oh i know, they are afraid they will be killed if they leave Islam. What in Hell is redeemable about a religion like that?

      That just might be the first reform we in non Muslim countries should demand of Islam.

      That Muslims be allowed freedom of religion in OUR countries. That they be allowed to leave Islam or they must leave OUR country.

      • Darryl Sleeman

        Nailed it!

  • mastersoftheobvious

    This article is right on. I do have one problem with it however.

    The statement is made: “The problem is Islam. Islam is the root
    cause of worldwide terrorism today, which means that terrorism will
    thrive as long as Islam exists in its present form.”

    There is zero chance of there ever becoming any other form of Islam so that sentence would have been more accurate if it had ended with “… as long as Islam exists.”

  • Bren Pool Vignaroli

    One thing for sure….Obama will go down in history as the absolute worst President this country has ever known. What a dirty little legacy he will be leaving behind when he takes his final steps from the White House to the Air Force One launch pad. I use to say that about Jimmy Carter…but by golly….Obama has far surpassed that shipwreck.

    • Steven Wedig

      Bren Pool Vignaroli…..we can HOPE that the conservative who takes over in 2016 holds Odumbo accountable for all his crimes n treason till they HANG HIM! ! THAT ALSO saves the American taxpayers tons of money! There problem solved

  • F Islam

    Islam is a dangerous ideologue packaged in a religious wrapper. No part of it teaches love or respect. It’s all about murder, hate and control. Next clue—> ahem.

  • MrBillinTX

    Has anyone contemplated the this POW could quite easily be a “Manchurian Candidate”? Particularly after seeing the video of his release!

  • Retired Marine

    To the respondents who wish to comment on the innocence of Islam as it “directs” followers, they should read “God’s War On Terror,” written by a former PLO terrorist who points to the “innocence” as a tactical ploy of mincing words…

    • Retired Marine

      Author, Walid Shoebat.

    • Darryl Sleeman

      Taqiyya = a tactical ploy of mincing words

  • Steven Vogel

    well done, sir

  • Jetdoc

    Great article!