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Get Out! The rallying cry of Americans tired of masks and liberal mandates

Written By | May 10, 2021
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WASHINGTON: Biden has issued so many harmful policies and mandates that America is hard to recognize. But Americans are standing up against the masks and more. This year, May Day, marked more than a communist holiday embraced by Trotsky. It was also the 100th day of the Biden administration’s demand that we comply and mask up. Biden promised, “Just 100 days to mask, not forever. 100 days.”

But it has become forever. If Democrats get their way.

The government demands you toe the line, keeping you and your children silenced by the masks that are a face-fitting analogy for all that is going wrong in America under Biden. The mask silences us and takes away our individual identity. Why do you think bank robbers and thugs, including BLM and ANTIFA, wear masks?

It is not hard to see that the goal of the Democrat party is to silence Americans, destroy individuality, and pander to the lowest denominator.

Promises by Biden to remove mask mandates are just another lie. The leader of the Democrat party ignores America’s promise in order to make promises to illegal border crossers and globalists.  Progressive policies and climate change hysteria.

It does not take a political or economic genius to see what is happening under Biden’s leadership.

Our liberties are in danger, particularly our 1st and 2nd. 

Biden is acquiescing to the teacher’s unions to keep children at home, isolated and in masks.  The plan, of course, is to create a meek and cowed America for the future.  Make those kids wear masks and stand six feet apart today.  Tomorrow they will accept standing in a bread line.

Mask police are so egregious they had a family kicked off a Southwest flight because their three-year-old child, who is autistic, may take off his mask.  Not did, but MAY. (Southwest Airlines boots ANOTHER family from a flight over a young child with a sensory processing disorder who has trouble with face masks – this time because he MIGHT take it off)

This, of course, follows a similar incident with a two-year-old child just last month. And there have been others.

The party that cares about everyone but Americans, is making a forceful statement as to how they feel about children with autism. 

They simply do not care.  About them, you or me.  Remember this is the party thay endorses the slaughter of the unborn. Science says children are not as much of a risk as adults.  Yet, despite Biden letting COVID positive illegals immigrants cross the border, being bused and flown throughout the US in a mass super-spreader event, these children are the risk.  (The Biden Administration Is Releasing COVID Positive Illegal Aliens into the United States).

Yet Biden and his sycophants, from Fuaci to Psaki and everyone in between, refuse to provide clear guidance to our Federal agencies, leading to these parents being harassed.  Family vacations destroyed. Or to our black population, who is among our most vulnerable groups refusing to get the jab. (Why blacks are saying no to Biden’s Last Great Vax Hype)

May Day and the Industrial Revolution 

May Day has its origins in labor rights in the United States during the 1880s. Then the cry of the people was to end inhumane working conditions. Before it ended, over 100,000 workers across the United States were on strike.

Today, over 66 countries officially celebrate May Day, but not here in the United States.  But we are bringing back a May revolution for workers to celebrate.  From restaurants to offices, from employee to employer, to the small business owner to local grocers, more Americans are ripping off their masks and returning to life.

Since last November, the clarion call for many businesses across the US and Canada has been get out of our way. And like those 1886 workers, they are standing up and saying enough. Get out of our way.  Get out of our business.  Take your mandates and policies, and just get out.

The Conservative Revolution 2021

This revolution is not just in America, but also in our North American neighbor, Canada. In Vancouver, a citizen journalist begins filming in a local restaurant, Courdoroy, as health officials walked into the restaurant with an order to close. The COVID Cops are approached by the restaurant owner Rebecca Matthews:

“Get out! Get out! Get out!” the patrons yell in unison, their voices increasing in volume and speed.

The health inspectors leave, and the entire restaurant erupts in cheers and claps. Outside the restaurant Matthews had placed in Corduroy’s windows  a red sign that says “NO TRESPASS.”

Back inside the restaurant, patrons appear ecstatic. “Just trying to make a living … here in Vancouver,” the narrator continues, referring to Matthews, “and it’s just insane what’s happening here.”

No food for body or soul

In ALBERTA, CANADA, police were decisively expelled from a street church in Alberta, Canada, with Pastor Artur Pawlowski denouncing them as “Gestapo Nazi communist fascists” and “psychopaths”.

“Please get out, get out of this property, immediately get out,” Pawlowski told the six police officers who were standing inside the entrance to the church. “Get out of this property immediately.”

Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Cave of Adullam Street Church Alberta escaped soviet communism in Poland to legally immigrate to Canada. He ordered the six officers who descended on the out of the property, accusing them of being Nazi psychopaths.

“I have seen the power of unified Poland during the solidarity and I have seen what we can do as people if we will only unite,” Pawlowski encouraged the crowd. The preacher who escaped communism and made his home in Canada detailed his oppressive life under the Soviet communists in Poland and warned that Canada is rapidly turning into a communist state.”

The Cave of Adullam takes an active role in the political health of the communities, in both outreach to the people, and to the politicians. Their YouTube channel shows videos of their work the police harassment of the church and Pastor Pawlowski.

Buffalo New York businesses tell inspectors to Get Out

In Governor Cuomo’s New York, where over 16,000 elderly needlessly died in nursing homes, the salons, fitness centers, gyms, and other personal care businesses have spent thousands of dollars to make sure customers are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been a large investment,” said Terrie Pozantidis, owner of Terrie’s Workout Center on Hertel. “We’ve spent seven thousand dollars.”

Only to find themselves, once again shut down.

In November of last year, a gathering of small business owners in defiance of coronavirus restrictions in western New York told a health inspector and three police officers to leave.  And, of course, a video emerged of a health inspector and three police officers being turned away by the crowd.

Erie County executives declared these businesses were high risk.

Despite evidence to the contrary. Those same executives simply making it up “Though a portion of our case investigations are able to determine a specific source of COVID infection, many are linked to community spread, with no specific source defined. People are in very close contact with each other for a time. Even though you try to make it as safe as possible there was evidence there was transmission at these locations.”

But owners say the opposite. “We’ve had 11,000 people come through these doors,” Gibson said. “Not one trace of COVID.”

While officials cried to follow the science, chains like Planet Fitness reported that out of the 123 Planet Fitness locations in New York State, zero have had health department violations. Planet Fitness says out of 2,973,826 member check-ins, there have been 45 COVID-19 cases which is .0015%.

The gym franchise says,

“There has not been a single case reported of COVID-19 spreading from one member to another in a New York Planet Fitness.”

Similarly, salons like Chez Ann in Williamsville say they haven’t had any cases either. Over at Terrie’s Workout Center on Hertel, not one case of COVID or trace.

The gathering  COVID Cops attempted to bust up an event hosted by Buffalo’s Athletes Unleashed Gym owner Robby Dinero who said the gathering of about 50 business owners was a protest of New York’s coronavirus restrictions that forced the closure of gyms, salons, and other “nonessential” businesses, according to Buffalo News.

“It absolutely was a protest — inside my building,” Dinero said.

“Get out!” the gathering of people can be heard yelling at a health inspector. “Go get a warrant!”

Parents standing up to the teacher’s unions

And we come back to the children.  Because it is not the boomers, the Gen X’ers, or even the older Gen Y/Millenial generations that will pay the price.  But Generation Z, those born 1997-2012 and the upcoming Alpha Generation, children born (1997-2012), are being threatened by an America that is diving deeper into debt with the Democrat political party pushing America into a globalist, communist world where no borders exist.

These generations will live for the benefit of the government. To empower and enrich the Biden/Clinton/Obama/Pelosi elite class.  Entrepreneurs are being shunned. Gen Z which comprises 32% of the total population, quickly outnumbering the Boomers and Millenials, and the Alpha generation will live under government order.  From the ability to earn a living to where and how you are allowed to live.  The number of children you are able to have.  That will erase the Constitutional protections we have enjoyed and that our founders, and ancestors, fought so hard for.

And these protests do work.

Demanding that America stays the Republic for which it stands

When Business owners and patrons stand up to demand a return to the original normal, not some new liberal, leftist, sanitized normal approved by the Kens and the Karens of the world, we will return to life as we want to know it. But it will require our elected officials, at the state level, to enact the 10th Amendment and take back state rights.

    • Gov. Kevin Stitt (R-OK) has signed a bill banning Critical Race Theory. The bill stating that students will not be taught that “an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment solely or partly because of his or her race or sex.” Other states following suit include, but are not limited to, Tennessee, West Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida.
    • Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed an election bill into law. The bill will require absentee voters to provide more documentation for verification, replacing the previous signature verification process and change early voting from three weeks to one. The bill also subjects county election management to the State Election Board whose chair will be selected by the Georgia General Assembly.  The chief operating officer and chief financial officer in the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office Gabriel Sterling is asking the Biden Administration and Democrats to stop lying about the bill.
      “Among the outrageous parts of this new state law, it ends voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over,” Biden said at a news conference on March 25. “The new legislation does not decrease early voting hours, though President Biden falsely claimed otherwise,” Sterling wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.  (‘Someone Is Going to Get Hurt’: Georgia Official Warns Biden That His ‘Lies’ About Voting Law Are Dangerous)
    • The Arizona Senate is overseeing a recount of the Maricopa County Presidential Election results. Over one million ballots, ballot tabulation equipment, computer servers, and other election-related equipment and a huge trove of information, including its voter database turned over for review.
    • GOP Senators who stand behind a Trump Republican Party want to oust Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney, a virulent anti-Trumper, (R-WY) and daughter to War Hawk Vice President Dick Cheney, in favor of  Elise Stefanik, a pro-Trump congresswoman.(R-NY)
    •  New Bills in North and South Dakota Would Allow the State to Ignore Executive Orders From Biden. The bill states that if Biden issues an executive order, the state’s attorney general may review the order to determine if it complies with the Constitution. From there, the state will determine if they should seek exemption from the order or challenge the order on constitutional grounds.  Of course, the constitutionality of the bill will be challenged by an overreaching federal government.

America will continue to live with COVID and its effects. 

But that is part of the normal we need to return to.  Biden has failed to keep so many of his promises to open schools, restore small businesses, address the border crisis as the crisis it is, protect jobs and decrease unemployment, and more. What he has done is issue mandates to harm more children, create a harbor for drug cartels and coyotes, failed to encourage people to go back to work creating a worker shortage, and opened the wall to allow more COVID into the US via illegal immigrants who increase an already out of control national debt, ignoring Americans in need in favor of non-citizens.  And the list goes on.  (Biden’s border is no safe haven for illegals looking for shortcut to America)

Biden has created racist policies against white farmers, promoted BLM and ANTIFA while demonizing conservatives, and he has declared an all-out war against any individual who used their right to vote for Donald Trump as the candidate of their choice, labeling them as domestic terrorists. While Hunter may approve, I sincerely doubt Beau would have.

We have to demand our states take back their rights, that election integrity is restored, small businesses are not destroyed in favor of corporate Big-Box raiders and chain stores.

We have returned to life as normal in the past – despite horrific life-changing diseases and world wars.  For American to survive, it’s time to rip off the mask,  tell the Democrats and their Gestapo tactics to  #GetOut, and return to life. Including sending people back to work, not paying them to stay home.


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