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Georgia Legislature on vote-fraud: “We have a mess on our hands”

Written By | Dec 4, 2020

Rampant vote tabulation and ballot fraud across Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia has been proved by the hundreds of witnesses, thousands of affidavits, from citizens. Your fellow Americans. While the Trump team in each state has collated this information, the fraud has been uncovered by “We the people.”

What is most telling, if you took hours to watch all the legislative hearings (as I have), the story is always the same. The custody of ballots, a statute law, has been all but ignored. Republican poll watchers and media were pushed away, against the Constitutional laws designed to avoid malfeasance in the counting process.

In each state, each precinct where issues are identified, Dominion vote tabulation machines are playing a role.  This is all proved and no longer a question.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia

When you look at Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia there are masses of late received ballots. Why is this important?  Those late received ballots are the result of the Democrat’s success in pushing mail-in balloting down America’s collective throat. (Americans are Being Scammed: Democrats Pushed Mail-In Voting, Ballot Harvesting, and Foreigners Voting Back in January 2019 — More than a Year before China Coronavirus)

And there are so many questions about these ballots. For example, the massive amount ballots only voting for the presidential race and in favor of Joe Biden. No down-ballot votes are marked. Why is this important? One it is statistically impossible for every ballot to be ONLY for Joe Biden.  By not indicating votes for down-ballot races, allowing a fraudulent ballot to be counted in any state.

Miss Suzy in Georgia testified to ballots that are pristine.

No folds, as would be apparent if mailed. A 20-year veteran election worker, said that she and her team noticed that many of the ballots had an odd “elliptical white mark” on them and the paper “felt different” than other ballots.

She described it as when you pick up a dollar bill that is fake, you can tell by the feel.

Also testified to are the masses of ballots, in each state, that were mailed to the voter, returned, and counted within a 24-hour period.

When you listen to those who spent their time attempting to ensure election integrity, as is outlined in our laws, we hear of bullying. Harassment. Not allowing washroom breaks and if they left the building to find facilities, they would not get back in. Or not providing adequate food and water, but not allowing anyone to leave.

Miss SassyFace

There is Melissa Carone, who came forward to discuss the fraud made possible by the Dominion machines. An IT worker hired by Dominion, Miss Carone spoke of seeking thousands of ballots not only counted once but twice, three times. All the votes being rerun for Joe Biden. She explains that the machines would jam.  That if the jam occurred on ballot 25, the previous 24 ballots successfully run through, should be deleted, and then rerun.  Instead, the entire stack would be rerun, counting those ballots twice.  She also testified to vote switching from Trump to Biden.

As that IT contractor, who is affectionately known on social media as “Sassy Face” for her ability to stand up to Michigan legislators, told Democrat legislators if the situation were reversed and every vote for Biden was counted for Trump what would you do?

Also speaking out is the Virginia truck driver who testified that he transported ballots across state lines, which is against the law. Where these the same ballots, or just like them, that Miss Suzy testified to being on the wrong paper, with the odd mark, and all for Joe Biden? Or was it a whole new batch of illegal ballots, printed in China and shipped to the US to overthrow the election?   (“I Was Driving Completed Ballots from NY to Pennsylvania – So I Decided to Speak Up” — UPDATE: USPS Contract Truck Driver Who Transferred 288,000 FRAUDULENT BALLOTS from NY to PA Speaks at Presser (VIDEO)

There are the immigrants who chose to live in America, leaving behind citizenship in their home country to be an American. One woman, an immigrant, says that she comes from India and she knows corruption when she sees it. But she is not the only immigrant American to come forward.

Democrat’s response is that they are all liars.

That their stories are not believable. That the numbers are not enough to overturn the elections. Buy the stories, because of the consistency from state to state, precinct to precinct are believable, because they are all so similar. There is also the fact the no representative from Dominion will appear to testify.  (Pennsylvania House: Dominion Voting Systems refuses to testify Nov 20, 2020, PA GOP house members press conference, Watch video)

The mass input of fraudulent ballots are provable and have been provided by a series of cybersecurity experts and statistical analysts including:

Army Col Phil Waldon who testifies that he saw Dominion vote and tabulation machines communicate with Frankfurt, where our votes were being tabulated. Furthermore, Col. Waldon testified that the Georgia recount is not forensically viable.

There is Mr. Russell James Ramsland, Jr. who testified before the Georgia and Michigan state legislatures. Ramsland is a manager of Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG). ASOG provides a range of security services, eoyj emphasis on cybersecurity, OSI NT and PEN testing. ASOG employs a wide variety of cyber and cyber forensic analysts. He is an expert who, with his ASOG team have been looking into the ES&S Election Management System (EMS) which includes Dominion/Premier that provides election services.

From Mr. Ramsland’s affidavit:

9. My colleagues and I at ASOG have studied the information that is publicly available concerning the November 3, 2020, election Based on the significant anomalies and red flags that we have observed, we believe there is a significant probability that election results have been manipulated within the Dominion/Premier system in Michigan. Dr. Andrew Appel, Princeton Professor of Computer Science and Election Security Expert has observed, with reference to Dominion Voting machines, “I figured out how to make a slightly different computer program that just before the polls were closed it switches some votes around from one candidate to another. I wrote that computer program into a memory chip and now to hack a voting machine you just need 7 minutes alone with it and a screwdriver.” Some of those red flags are listed below. Until a thorough analysis is conducted, it will be impossible to know for certain.
10. One red flag has been seen in Antium County, Michigan. In Michigan we have seen reports of 6,000 votes in Antium County that were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and were only discoverable through a hand counted manual recount. While the first reports have suggested that it was due to a glitch after an update, it was recanted and later attributed to “clerical ” This change is important because if it was not due to clerical error, but due to a “glitch” emanating from an update, the system would be required to be “re-certified” according to Dominion officials. This was not done.
11. Another statistical red flag is evident in the number of votes cast compared to the number of voters in some precincts. A preliminary analysis using data obtained from the Michigan Secretary of State pinpoints a statistical anomaly so far outside of every statistical norm as to be virtually impossible. There are a stunning 3,276 precincts where the Presidential Votes Cast compared to the Estimated Voters based on Reported Statistics ranges from 84% to 350%. Normalizing the Turnout Percentage of this grouping to 80%, (still way above the national average for turnout percentage), reveals 431,954 excess ballots allegedly processed. There were at least 19 precincts where the Presidential Votes Cast compared to the Estimated Voters based on Reported Statistics exceeded 100%.
Precinct Township Votes/SOS
Est. Voters
OSLO 101%

Mr. Ramsland explains that under “misguided 2002 legislation governing U.S. election systems, called the HAVA Act”, there are no uniform security standards for this “patchwork” of software systems allowing Dominion related hardware and software to be used in targeted areas where Biden was able to overwhelm the vote.

Mr. Ramsland’s security experts, who are veterans of top U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies, discovered over a dozen entry points into these systems where votes “can and are being switched.”

“If Dominion machines counted your votes, Biden got 78% of the wins, compared to 46% using other machines”
“The software is so bad and so porous that anyone wishing to hack this system and change votes can then also change the audit trails.”

Ramsland saying that a highschool hacker could get into the systems, and switch votes, in less than seven minutes. His crew could do the same in just a few.

There are other experts who testified, including Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri and Bobby Piton. Read more of their Arizona testimony here: Revenge of the Nerds: Statistical experts prove Biden loss, Trump win

The Trump campaign, bolstered by American Patriots and cybersecurity experts have proven that the election was stolen by Democrats in the swing states that once upturned, took Donald Trump from a decisive win to a loss.


Now what?

The word patriot is too often bandied about without understanding what a patriot is. In 1776 these were the men and women who put their lives and livelihoods, homes, security, and families on the line for the freedom they so desired. For our right today, 244 years later, to vote for the representative government of the majority choice.

Miss Carone telling Michigan legislatures that her coming forward has resulted in:

“My life has been destroyed because of this. I’ve lost my family, I’ve lost friends, I’ve been threatened, my kids have been threatened, I’ve had to move, I’ve had to change my phone number, I;ve had to get rid of social media – nobody wants to come forward. I can’t even get an actual job anymore, because Democrats like to ruin your lives.”

Ray Smith, the lead counsel in Georgia for Donald J. Trump, reviews some of the provable illegal voting in Georgia including:

2,506 felons that voted
66,248K underage (less than 17-1/2) voted
2,423 votes from unregistered voters
1,043 cast ballots using a PO box to vote
4,926 voted after their voter registration was invalid
10,315 individuals who were deceased before the election
395 who cast ballots in another state, and Georgia
15,700 who filed a national change of address prior to November 3, making them ineligible to vote in Georgia
40,279 who had moved across county lines 30 days prior to election day. Still residing in Georgia, but voting in multiple precincts.
“No one, not the Governor, the Secretary of State or the Legislature can truthfully determine the winner of the 2020 race in Georgia, the legislature there must vacate the election result.”

The response of one legislature in Georgia being

“We have a mess on our hands.”

“Do unto others…” Luke 6:31

This is the question I have for those who say there is no evidence of voting fraud.  That the 2020 election was full of integrity. If the roles were reversed, what would you be saying? Democrats never consider that they may reap what they sow. That Karma backlash is painful.

Democrats are counting on President Trump and his followers, all 75 million of them, to once again be quiet and take it. Only social media has done more than give Democrats one more way to censor the conservative message and news antithetical to Democrats, it has also helped to coalesce the countries silent majority. And they are going to get very, very loud.

The American patriots that have stood up in these legislative hearings have done so at great cost to themselves as they become targets for the vengeful left.  They will not forget Hillary Clinton’s advice to Biden to “…not conceded under any circumstances.”  She is in on the steal, as is all top line Democrats and the DNC.

But if Democrats, Biden, and Harris, are able to steal this election through proven fraud, those 75 million are likely to get stronger. And louder. ( Which spark will ignite a 2021 civil war in America?)

Still don’t believe the election was stolen?

Georgia Attorney Jackie Pick spoke to the Georgia legislature, bringing to light what is being characterized as bombshell evidence. Pick sharing video evidence of tabulation workers counting votes after the “voting ended” on November 3rd. What makes this evidence so overwhelming is the boxes of ballots hidden from view that was pulled out from under a skirted table that had no obvious purpose in the room. Except to hide the ballots. Ballots being pulled in from outside the rooms are also visible.

The video is from the late hours the day before the Georgia legislature hearing.

More of the video will be revealed but what we do see is that Georgia officials told the observers watching the tabulation of military and absentee ballots they had to leave at 10:00 pm.

The excuse, a now proven false water main break.

As everyone clears out including the GOP observers and the press, four people stay and continue counting and tabulating these votes, unobserved, unsupervised. Against Georgia law.

It is important to note that the video was from the Georgia State Farm Arena security tapes

They are not from a recording system managed by either party or the state of Georgia. Furthermore, the alleged water main break affecting this room, causing people to leave, is not observable. Records from the arena show that it was a minor leak, possibly in a washroom, that occurred at 6:00 am on November 4th.

That alleged link fixed within two hours and having no impact on the vote tabulation room.

Yet videotapes show that after everyone did leave, four persons stayed behind, continuing to count the military and absentee ballots. They pull ballots from underneath the table, hidden under tablecloths, coming in through a door, out of suitcases, and from corners. All of these ballots failing to meet the legally prescribed the chain of custody.

The result is that these four people may very well be responsible for 18,000 illegally counted ballots, which the Trump Team feels is beyond the margin of victory. If proven and identified, these individuals have committed felonies, if not treason, against the United States.

Yet the Secretary of State is still staying that allegations of fraud are debunked.

Despite allegations by Attorney Rudy Giuliani that in Georgia, 96,600 votes counted with no record, officials are saying nothing to see here. Again this after-hours vote-counting also happened in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The workers and observed are cleared out, told there would be no more counting. A small team remains behind and two large trucks come in the back, stuffed with thousands of ballots in paper bags, garbage cans, cardboard boxes.

All of which were counted when all vote watchers and press were absent. All votes were for Biden. Alleging from 50-100K votes at this time.

All of this consistent with the affidavits on record. One poll watcher in Georgia reported that the chain of custody of the votes from her small precinct was ignored by Democrat poll supervisors who told her not to worry. But she did. She observed the votes were not placed in securely locked bags and marked as to time and date. And that the supervisor just wanted them put into her personal vehicle despite the broken chain of custody. This would allow those votes to be removed and recounted at their next destination. (2020 Election Chain of Custody: World’s Worst Game of “Telephone” )

The biggest fraud of the elections is the media

Seventeen percent of Biden votes have said that had they been aware of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal (Nearly one out five voters would change their vote for Biden) or the credible allegations by Tara Reed of Biden’s sexual assault, they would not have voted for the Democrat ticket.  (Nolte: Tara Reade Is Joe Biden’s Eighth Accuser)

Democrats voting irregularities reach back decades.  Some say it began when Joe Kennedy listed Chicago Mayor Daley to flip the election to John F. Kennedy.

Millions of voters polled say they believe the election was stolen, that votes were flipped from Trump to Biden, or that ballots were illegally counted in Biden’s favor. So now we must demand State Legislatures use their plenary power to send Republican electors to Washington DC. Professor John Eastman of the Clairemont institute explains how this election can be resolved:

All Americans must demand that the mainstream media honestly report this story, without ideological commentary inserted. Or they must use the tool available to them.  Watch the legislature hearings, as long and boring as they can be at times, and listen to what the Americans bravely standing up for election integrity have to say. Look at the chain of events, from Democrats early in 2019 demanding universal mail-in ballots, to their use of COVID-19 to create a pandemic excuse.

And the only valid newscast available is the OANN network.  This is free to watchers through 2020 by going to


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