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George Soros’ plan to create an Empire and destroy America from within

Written By | Jun 16, 2020
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WASHINGTON: Lockdowns, followed by riots, followed by autonomous zones, followed by more riots, followed by polls stating Biden leads Trump in the race for President. All of this, and we haven’t even had the political conventions yet. This Presidential race is going to be the most tumultuous in this nation’s history, and we have George Soros to thank.

The globalism goals of George Soros

Soros once told an interviewer that he was more powerful than God. And he believes it. He is part of a group of international financial and corporate businessmen who want to control the global economy. We know it as globalism. To accomplish this they have formed organizations throughout the world to undermine governments through bribery, graft, and corruption.

The American effort is run through front organizations like the Open Society Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union, American Institute for Social Justice, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and over 200 more. He also donates to liberal politicians directly, through his sons, his organizations and many employees. Soros also supports liberal judges, funding their quests to get on the bench.

George Soros gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa over $100 Million dollars

Billions of Soros dollars are going to undermine our Constitution. Corrupt our politicians, and turn this nation into one of Soros’  conquests. So far he is winning. He has done this in countries all over Europe, to the point that Hungary has issued a warrant for his arrest for trying to subvert the nation.  (Israel backs Hungary, says financier Soros is a threat)

Soros earned a lion’s share of his billions by forcing the collapse of Great Britain’s economy. When their pound devalued, he earned many billions. He, and his cabal, were instrumental in instituting the euro as the currency of the European Union. In doing so obtaining great control over the currency.

The euro is in free fall right now because of their control. Europe is on the verge of economic collapse. They don’t do everything right. Whether Soros is a frontman or the leader of the cabal isn’t clear, but he is the face of globalization.

Soros intent in America is to destroy our economy and drag us into the unelected global government.

For Starwars fans just think of the “Galatic Empire.”  Soros and his ilk want to be the evil “Empire.” All the turmoil over the past four years has been in their interest. Democrats are firmly under his control, as are never-Trump Republicans.  That includes Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, the late John McCain, Paul Ryan, and etc.

Through Republicans under his control, during the first two years of Trump’s Presidency, the failures, such as rescinding Obamacare, appointing cabinet members, and so much more, was because those turncoats were paying back their campaign donations to Soros. He was their master, not you and me who voted them into office.

AG William Barr and Atty. Durham closing in on the Obama, Brennan coup plotters

It was why we became so frustrated with politicians and elected Trump.

Through Soros owned and controlled media, the tumult against Trump caused Democrats to retake the House in 2018. They continue their assault on him, in spite of the public’s outcry over it. The media doesn’t care because they owe their allegiance to Soros.

Of course, the draconian measures taken by Democrat state politicians during the pandemic crisis was per his marching orders. And the present riots, murder, and mayhem is to his benefit. The continuation of anarchy,  at least until November, is to stroke Soros’ ego. He revels in playing god.

Had Hillary won, Soros would have had complete control of our government already.

But Americans, at least thinking Americans, voted for Trump and foiled Soros’ plans. That explains the organized violence that has erupted sporadically since 2016. It is why we now have such violence in Democrat cities.

Over the coming approximately 150 days before our next election, we will see more riots, looting, unconscionable demands, like defunding police, salacious news attacks on Trump, more Democrat Investigations, and general chaos than could ever be imagined. There is a purpose to all of this. It is to delegitimize President Trump. It is working. Some are already turning against him.

One Trump supporter, who stood firmly behind him from the day he walked down the stairs at Trump tower in 2015, has said that she will no longer vote for him. Why? Because she is tired of defending his every action. The defense is because Democrats and the mainstream media degrade everything he does. It is their plan, to wear down each and every Trump supporter to the point, like this woman, where they will no longer vote for him.

Many people only want the turmoil to stop, at any cost.

They blame Trump because he fights back and doesn’t capitulate to them. Of course, that is why we hired him in the first place. We were tired of Democrats and RINO Republicans working against the best interests of working-class Americans. Yet some are now afraid, or simply fed up, with all the shenanigans and simply want it to stop. They are turning away from Trump.

That, of course, is exactly the plan, to remove Trump at any cost. The turmoil, chaos, and uncertainty for our future is Soros’ plan to remove Trump. It is working. Slowly but surely. Trump supporters are rethinking keeping him in office. They fear what comes after his reelection. So, the fear is that many are changing their support for him.

A tale of two protestors: How our politically fueled media fails America

This observer is seeing it first hand. People are losing hope for the future. Trump can still win in 2020 if he can meet with voters. His rallies are his number one source of obtaining voters. Soros and his minions know this and are doing everything in their power to stop it.

From the media refusing to put him on national television, to promoting new ‘science ‘ to stop large gatherings of voters, they are doing whatever they can to keep Americans in the state of psychological depression we find ourselves in now. Just hearing Trump’s message takes us out of that depression, but the media won’t allow us to hear it.

And no wonder, they know full and well the power of his words.

Luckily for them, they own most of the mass media.

Soros and his associates, the “Empire,” own 90% of all mass media communications conglomerates. It is how the very same far-left radical message comes at us from every source. From Hollywood to television, books, newspapers, blogs, and every other source; except social media.

Social media is a horse of a different color. The owners and employees swallowing the Koolaid of communism in their college days. The effect is the same, but the cause is different. Social media stopped being the billboard where everyone is welcome to post their beliefs immediately after Trump won in 2016.

Since then it has become an editorial platform that skewers conservatives while promoting communism. It needs the same regulation that the press is subjected too. Even though that is next to none, anything is better than the anti-Americanism they spew daily.

Social media alone accounts for much of the depression felt today, as well as the slip in support for Trump. Their impact is as great as was the mainstream media during the Vietnam War.

There is not enough time between now and November to right the wrongs

The only thing we can do is spread the message that we must stay strong for ourselves, families, children, and grandchildren. Even our great-great-great-grandchildren. Because if we falter now, there is no more America as was won through the blood and tears of our founders.

The Empire is striking back to destroy our life, liberty, and freedom. There is still hope as the election is fast approaching. Yet, if Biden is allowed to continue hiding in his basement, and no one hears President Trump speak, the winner is…George Soros.

It is up to each and every one of us to speak up for President Trump between now and November. Doing so will destroy Soros’ plans, and the winner will be…America.


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About the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer,  has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.