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Puppet Master George Soros had Obama investigate enemies; has Zuckerberg in cross hairs

Written By | Feb 18, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC: Billionaire and worldwide political puppet master George Soros reared his head today. In a letter to the Financial Times, Soros is calling for Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg to step down from Facebook. This comes on the heels of the disclosure by Alan Dershowitz that Soros asked President Barack Obama to open FBI investigations on his enemies. And Obama complied.   (Dershowitz: Obama sought FBI probe ‘on behalf of George Soros’ – 2020)

Dershowitz claims to have the FBI 302’s from the victim of the DOJ investigation and is filing a civil suit in the matter:

“I have some information … about how President Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate somebody on behalf of George Soros, who was a close ally of his,” he added without specifying who the target was.
But, he said, “I have in my possession the actual 302 [witness report] form which documents this issue and it will at the right time come out.”

George Soros: The puppet master emerges from the shadows

It is rare for Soros, 89,  to personally speak out. Preferring to use his myriad of interest groups and non-profits to funnel money into his political objectives. Such as the long-standing nationwide effort to elect Soros backed prosecutors at the local level. To pursue a social justice agenda instead of a rule of law agenda. (George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system – 8/3-/2016)

President Trump Coup Plotter Andrew Weissmann resurfaces on MSNBC

The Residents of Fairfax and Loudon County, Virginia are about to enjoy the fruits of what the people of Philadelphia and Chicago have endured in the last few years. A Soros backed prosecutor who refuses to prosecute whole classes of crimes.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Kimm Foxx in Chicago giving preferential treatment to Jessie Smollett. (Jussie Smollett and Chicago Justice: The intersectionality of Obama’s corruption)

Soros wants Facebook to be HIS puppet

Soros is upset that Mark Zuckerberg is accepting political ads for Facebook for the 2020 campaign. He fears that by doing so he is throwing the election to Donald Trump. As if everyone should be allowed to use the internet and Facebook, except Donald Trump.

Or that Trump is so dangerous that no one should be allowed political expression on Facebook.

Really? It is laughable that the man whose Open Society Foundations has been a pernicious presence in the political affairs and elections of dozens of countries. (Connoisseur of Chao – The dystopian vision of George Soros, billionaire funder of the Left – 2017) Ukraine and Hungary come to mind. His numerous activities domestically and internationally have shown an anti-democratic bias based on intimidation and bullying political tactics.

George Soros: Suppression of free speech and popular will

Outraged at Facebook for attempting to be an open platform for multiple opinions, free speech is an anathema to the Soros leftwing attack machines. Suppressing non-compliant or opposing opinion is the operating principle of the modern left.

Did the Coronavirus escape from Wuhan bio-warfare research lab WHCDC

Soros is at the forefront of it. Expressions of popular will that go against what Soros believes, like Donald Trump, or Victor Orban in Hungary, are somehow illegitimate and must be destroyed.

Except who elected George Soros to anything?

Yet there he is, again and again, at the center of political subterfuge at the highest levels of government after government.

Zuckerberg says one thing, Facebook does another, Soros still outraged

Facebook is supposed to be the public square. Where opinions are freely exchanged. It is also, like Google search, an ad platform.  They make a lot of revenue from ads. Trump showed he was very adept at using Facebook in 2016. His campaign promises to be even more effective in 2020.

But then so are many other campaigns. How a candidate uses social media and its targeting potential is a factor in how effective they are as a candidate.

Obama WH corruption: Rampant pay to play by Clinton, Kerry, and Biden

That is ironic, because as most conservatives know, Facebook may take conservative ads at the campaign level, but they constantly suppress conservative content at the user level. But thats not enough for Soros.

Zuckerberg had said that governments were free to try to craft regulations for Facebook, but that he was not going to suppress campaign advertisements. There would be a level playing field for campaigns on Facebook.

Soros was so outraged that he sent a letter to the Financial Times.

“Mark Zuckerberg should stop obfuscating the facts by piously arguing for government regulation (“We need more regulation of Big Tech”, February 17),” Soros wrote.  ” Mr Zuckerberg appears to be engaged in some kind of mutual assistance arrangement with Donald Trump that will help him to get re-elected.”

“Facebook does not need to wait for government regulations to stop accepting any political advertising in 2020 until after the elections on November 4. If there is any doubt whether an ad is political, it should err on the side of caution and refuse to publish. It is unlikely that Facebook will follow this course.”

“Therefore, I repeat my proposal, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg should be removed from control of Facebook. (It goes without saying that I support government regulation of social media platforms.)” George Soros Paris, France

Facebook answers, publicly rebuking the puppet master

Such hubris from a man who thinks that its Facebook’s job to stop Donald Trump. That tells you everything you need to know about the autocratic mindset of the puppet master Soros.

Joe Biden’s Corruption: Ukraine, bribery, and Burisma Holdings

Soros goes further, claiming that Facebook is actively trying to get Trump re-elected. Facebook responded with a scathing press release:

“While we respect Mr. Soros’ right to voice his opinion, he’s wrong. The notion that we are aligned with any one political figure or party runs counter to our values and the facts. We continue making unprecedented investments to keep our platform safe, fight foreign interference in elections around the world, and combat misinformation.”

Soros had Obama investigate his enemies

The shocking thing is Soros coming out of hiding and making his Bolshevik agenda clear for one and all to see. How dare anyone oppose the puppet master. How dare free people elect their own governments.

The implication is that this would never have happened if Barack Obama were still President. Of course not. Because back then the puppet master spoke and the puppet danced.

The claims by Alan Dershowitz about Soros asking Barack Obama to open investigations by the FBI on his enemies are shocking, but not surprising. The fact that Obama then opened those investigations shows how they felt about the rule of law. It didn’t apply to them.

A history of spying on Americans by Obama and Brennan

But then Obama and Brennan had been spying one Americans regularly, from at least 2012. The FISA court stated that at least 34,000 Americans were illegally spied on by Brennan and Clapper using DOJ FISA 702 authority to access NSA systems. They were spying on Donald Trump long before he ran for President. They were spying on Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Antonin Scalia. Their emails.  Everything.

NSA’s Adm. Mike Rogers, American hero, working with Durham probe

So for Soros to ask Obama to have the DOJ or FBI target an enemy was just another name on the list. Another target of the Obama-Soros enemies list. And Alan Dershowitz has the proof. The FBI 302’s of the White House request. The unfortunate victim of the Obama-Soros conspiracy to punish Soros’s enemies.

Dershowitz promises to expound on his disclosure at the time the lawsuits are filed. But it seems clear that the Obama Oval Office was just another wholly-owned subsidiary of George Soros.

And if you were George Soros’s enemy he could sick the FBI and the DOJ on you. All he had to do, apparently, was make a phone call to the Oval.

The waning days of George Soros and the Bolshevik left

Thank God Soros no longer has that kind of direct control of our government. It is still not stopping him from actively seeking the destruction of Donald Trump. His latest broadside against Zuckerberg and Facebook shows he is getting desperate.

The old man doesn’t have long for this world, and while his billions are safely in the hands of his sons, he can’t quite understand the new political order of the world that is emerging before his eyes.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

Free nation-states making their own decisions through the will of the people. Whether its Victor Orban, or  Boris Johnson, or Donald Trump. As Soros makes his last gasp gesture to kneecap Mark Zuckerberg, he reveals both his own agenda and his weakness.

If Soros thinks he is upset today, wait until election night 2020.  Donald Trump will be President until 2025. Donald Trump will still be President of the United States when George Soros is finally in his grave. That’s what kills him.


L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.